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BREAKING NEWS:Supreme Court Upholds Core Of Obama Health Care Reform

ObamaCare Facts: Facts on the Obama Health Care Plan

Obama Care Health Care Reform

We have all heard of ObamaCare but what is ObamaCare?
What is "Obama Care"; President Obama has taken on health care reform through a series of health care reform proposals since he was sworn into office. In a way we could say that any move toward health care reform by the Obama administration is "ObamaCare". Like "Hillary Care" in the 90's, Obama Care is just a name. Obama's major healthcare reform plans can be broken down into two phases Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act and The Health Care For America Plan (which we refer to today as ObamaCare).

Obama Care FactsObamaCare Facts is run by private citizens who are interested in presenting the facts on Obama's health care reform. We don't have any funding or agenda, we lean toward the truth not a party line. Of course if you would like to donate we're happy to spend it. - ObamaCareFacts.com

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act

The first phase of Obama health care reform began in 2009 included The Affordable Health Care for America Act, followed by The Patient Protection Act, which culminated into Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act 2010 also known as the "Affordable Care Act" (this is what you should call it). After going through several changes the "Affordable Care Act" was signed into law by President Barack Obama on March 23, 2010. This Act reformed certain aspects of the American Health Care system, but there was still more work to do.

ObamaCare: The Health Care For America Plan

The Next phase of ObamaCare (this is what Obama Care Means today) is the current Health Care For America Plan.

ObamaCare or the Health Care For America Plan is focused on health care funding, reducing the cost of healthcare for Americans, increasing coverage and removing the burden that health care has become on the average American.

Wrap Text around Image In the two years since it's become a law the Affordable Health Care Act, has already made a big difference in our country. In our home state of CT, health insurance companies are now required to provide health insurance for sick Americans.

No system is perfect, but Obama Care Health Care Reform aims to reform the American medical system towards the favor of the people and away from the monopoly of the medical industry.

ObamaCare Update

The latest meme from the Obama administration, congressional Democrats, and much of the media is that if the Supreme Court were to strike down all or part of Obamacare, it would place the Court’s legitimacy itself at risk. After all, since only 28 state attorneys general, at least two District Court Judges and five Circuit Court Judges (including a Clinton appointee), numerous law professors, the 52 organizations and hundreds of state legislators who filed briefs in support of the plaintiffs, and 72 percent of the American public believe that Obamacare’s attempt to force every American to buy a specific commercial product is unconstitutional, it would obviously be an unprecedented act of judicial activism for the Court to agree.”

News of The Day: Can ObamaCare Save Medicare

There has been a lot of talk from supporters of Obamacare saying that if Obamacare isn't allowed Medicare may be heading for disaster.

Obamacare supporters say Medicare's payment system which handles over 100 million monthly claims is in jeopardy if health care reform does not "fix" this issue. Get the Facts on Obamacare and Medicare.

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Obama Care: National Health Care For Everyone

Obama Care or Health Care for America, is a universal health care reform plan that will grant affordable health insurance to all Americans. This means that Americans who have the means to pay for private health insurance will still do it, while those who don't make enough will provided aid. This system of health care will work similar to Medicare and existing employer-provided healthcare plans.

The aim of Obama Care is not to take away things from people or to give handouts to people who don't deserve it. It is only to provide affordable health insurance to all Americans so they can continue in their pursuit of life, liberty and happiness without the American Health Insurance companies standing in their way.

ObamaCares LogoObama Care Health Care Reform: Health Care For America

Under the Health Care for America Act, every legal resident of the United States of America who is not already covered under Medicare or an employer-provided health care plan will be eligible to purchase coverage through "Health Care for America".

Americans will be presented with the choice between affordable and free health care choices and more expensive private health care choices. It will be up to every American to look at the situations of themselves and their families and pick the right health care option for them.

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What does ObamaCare Cover?

ObamaCare Healthcare for America Plan provides complete and comprehensive medical coverage for all Americans. Health care for America when combined with private insurance and current Medicare plans will cover every aspect of necessary healthcare including mental heath, child health and woman's health. It will also provide drug coverage and free preventative care and check ups for children.