Wednesday, 27 June 2012


Budapest is a vibrant cultured historic city waiting to be explored, so it would only be right to stay in a hotel that matches its style.

Four star boutique hotel Hotel Bristol is perfect if you're looking for high quality accomodation that oozes elegance, offers various entertainment and cultural activities as well as being set in a fantastic downtown central location that's near the best sightseeing points and railway station links.

All the designer bedrooms come in different catergories to suit business or pleasure travellers. There are special packages for weddings, conferences, meeting rooms, catering options for events, business breakfasts and more.

If its style you want and special introductory offers Hotel Bristol will have something to suit most budgets and its probably more affordable than you think if you've never considered a luxury boutique hotel before. For instance the conference packages start from as little as 39 euros per person that includes a bedroom, use of the conference room, two coffee breaks with special snacks, unlimited wi-fi and a three course dinner. If thats not a bargain I'm not sure what is!

You can also make the most of your time there by using the sauna and fitness area facilities for free and take in the happy hour specials at the hotels Bar.

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Tuesday, 26 June 2012


Unfortunately the weather controls most things we do, and its not something we can do anything about. But we can try and work our way around it when we can!

This can be things like planning our holiday destinations when we know its a warmer season or setting out on a car journey when we know there isn't going to be a huge down pour. The weather is always an important aspect too if you take out your own boat or take part in yacht races etc. The wind in particular is one of those weathers that can either be with us or against us.

That's why its great to use grib files which are weather charts that help predict the forecast in detail. And is especially good for predicting the wind by how much is expected, speed, direction and more. By using's weather tool you will be able to see what is the safest and quickest route, calculate the fastest and most comfortable route, plan the best day to take your next trip and amongst other things.

All the complicated methods of using different physics, setting up parameters, calculating equations, pressure, temperature and meteorological data are all worked out for you without you having to do anything at all.

Thursday, 21 June 2012


I'm always up for new experiences, learning about different things and getting involved in the practical side if I can. Its especially good if I can do this on my travels too. For example visiting a vineyard.

There are so many fantastic vineyards around the world making the wine that you drink all time. You probably don't realise what work goes into making that delicious liquid you're sipping effortlessly. And gulped down in the time it takes just to pick the grapes you need to make one glass!

I do think its fascinating to know how the process works and how much time and effort goes into making it and the way it is preserved. Remember wine can last for years and years. Actually my grandmother had a bottle that she had tucked away for 50 years. I'm not sure I could be that patient. Maybe 50 minutes it would last in my possession!

There is one place in particular where you can do Sonoma wine tasting at Benziger. You can have a exclusive tour and wine tasting session. Get access to behind the scenes and see how everything comes together. Explore the barrel caves, take in the wonder of the fermentation facility, be amazed by the crush pad and get taken in by the Biodynamic vineyards.

It makes a great day out for any group get togethers too, such as work outings or even just a day out with like minded friends. And if you don't fancy mingling in with the general public you can book a private event too.

Tuesday, 5 June 2012


The Best British Beaches

Talacre Beach
Situated on the west bank of the Dee estuary as it enters the Irish Sea in North Wales, Talacre Beach is a place of big sky and seemingly endless sands. It's the sort of beach that sees visitors all the year round, as it's warm and inviting in the summer and empty and elemental in the winter.

The Point of Ayr lighthouse, originally built in 1776, still stands guard over the expanse of sand, although at high tide it's nearly forty yards out to sea. The sand dunes that enclose the beach are home to a colony of natterjack toads, one of Britain's most rare creatures, whilst the estuary itself plays host to thousands of wintering seabirds.

Frequently called the prettiest seaside town in Wales, Tenby boasts three popular stretches of sand, named North Beach, Castle Beach and South Beach. North Beach is a stretch of soft sand that runs up to the harbour and has the famous Goskar Rock at its centre. It's overlooked by cliff-top hotels and guesthouses.

The South Beach is two miles of picture postcard sand overlooking Caldey Island and backed by dunes, whilst the smaller Castle Beach lies in a cove between Castle Hill and the East Cliff. It's popular with canoeists, swimmers and even surfers when the breakers are rolling! Tenby is also proud of the numerous awards and accolades it has received for both clean beaches and excellent bathing water.

This famous South Coast resort combines the best of the traditional seaside town with beautiful scenery and views. There are seven miles of beaches here below a striking line of cliffs. Bournemouth's natural bay has its own microclimate that delivers some of the warmest seawater anywhere on the shores of the UK. It also offers marvellous views of the Isle of Wight and the Purbecks.

Whilst it can cater for sophisticated tastes, the town has never forgotten that its fame and fortune were founded on its sun, sand and sea air. The length of Bournemouth's beach and its cliff-top vantage points make it a natural theatre for the popular Bournemouth Air Show staged each August.

Possibly the most famous seaside resort in the UK and even known overseas, Blackpool has been playing host to seaside holidaymakers and trippers for well over a century. But for all the wealth of attractions, illuminations, trams and towers, this Lancashire town's popularity still centres on its glorious expanse of sand. Whether you visit for a bracing morning dip, an afternoon in a deckchair or to see the stunning sunsets over the Irish Sea, Blackpool really is the 'pleasure beach'.

There are few places like Cornwall for blending beautiful beaches with dramatic coastlines and scenery. A perfect combination of all three can be found at Porthcurno Beach, in the west of the county, between Penzance and Land's End.

With rugged hills to the rear, fine sand and beaches sloping down to clear blue-green waters, Porthcurno is a must for the serious sea swimmer, whilst the stream at the top of the beach provides ideal paddling for youngsters.

This guest post was written by Francesca on behalf of North Wales Borderlands.
Image sources
Talacre Beach and Lighthouse - gluemoon
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Wednesday, 16 May 2012


In general you would think that smoking in Amsterdam hotels would carry the same rules as most hotels non smoking policy.

But if you're a traveller where its important you can smoke in your room there are some near Dam Square that offer this in their vicinity, rooms or both.


Self Check Out

Hello Kitty fans will be flocking to fly out on EVA Air's A330-300 aircraft where they can enjoy themed self check ins, in flight meals, seat head rest covers, boarding cards and tickets.

Meals fit for a kitty!

And of course the look wouldn't be complete without having the aereplane decorated Hello Kitty style too. Currently you can get flights out to the cities Hong Kong, Incheon, Guam, Narita, Fukuoka and Taipei.
The idea behind is was to try and boost the interest in visiting Taiwan. The Hello Kitty brand and Japan's ambassador of tourism is massive and has literally took the world by storm with the amount of products and fashion items you can get.
I'm not sure the Hello Kitty flight experience won't be to everyones taste, but at least you can say its different and something to remember!

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You always have the excitement of going away on a short break or holiday, but after a few days we can get home sick. Especially if you're stuck in a stuffy hotel room with nothing but the TV and kettle to occupy you!

Going away to Paris? You can imagine there would be quite a few hotels in that tourist hot spot wouldn't you? How about considering apartment rentals in Paris instead?

This way you get the whole apartment to hang out in and the space you need to go about your day when you're not venturing out site seeing.

With hotels you will always pay a daily rate and hire out by the day. But if you know you're going to be in Paris for a few weeks or even months in can get quite costly paying out for just a bedroom. The apartments give you to opportunity to rent out short term.

They are owned by people who actually live in the property when its not being rented out so is constantly looked after and maintained. Plus the majority of the apartments will be right in the heart with the Parisians, so you will be able to mingle in with the community effortlessly.
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