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wo5: Groups

Posted by iredylan1 on the 9th of September 2011 at 3:28 PM in Gaming News.   27 Comments


The groups are now over.

Group A:

1st. uk Free Agents (kurtis zaK aaron suffz archie)
2nd. uk myRevenge.uk (karma linken crash shenk gaiserB)
3rd. uk MEGA CHETSMODE (dudley forsaken sowie krucial mitch)
4th. uk ROWYCO (arke tony racno entail rusH)

uk Free Agents [16:06] MCM uk
uk myRevenge [15:15] ROWYCO uk

uk Free Agents [16:06] ROWYCO uk
uk myRevenge [16:10] MCM uk

uk Free Agents [16:04] myRevenge uk
uk ROWYCO [14:16] MCM uk

Group B:

1st. uke Infused.Tt (suntouch symple cruddi adr blacky)
2nd. uk core gaming (suo smc danceMag Rain harr1s)
3rd. uke vitalsigns (irish zak matzz neil_m faken)
4th. uk soL (jmarsh reama mikee graphix 5)

uk Infused.Tt [16:01] soL uk
uke vitalsigns [13:16] core gaming uk

uk Infused.Tt [01:00] core gaming uk (default)
uke vitalsigns [16:02] soL uk

uk Infused.Tt [16:07] vitalsigns uke
uk soL [05:16] core gaming uk

Group C:

1st. uk TLR (sharpe robbs hugzoo(lol gay name) kenjinn rampage)
2nd. uk strOng (spK chiquita 101 THEVOHMACHINEEEEE murdy)
3rd. uk THREAT (jamie sully geonix necro cruel)
4th. uk BEARS (raid rascalz btk lucas ryflyx jabz?)

uk TLR [16:03] BEARS uk
uk strOng [16:07] THREAT uk

uk TLR [16:02] THREAT uk
uk strOng [16:08] BEARS uk

uk TLR [15:15] strOng uk
uk THREAT [16:05] BEARS uk

We now move on to the elimination round.

Modified by ukblubs on September 12, 2011, 5:59 pm.

wo5: Details

Posted by iredylan1 on the 8th of August 2011 at 11:19 AM in Gaming News.   11 Comments


A UK CS 1.6 non-BYOC LAN tournament to be held on the weekend of the 10th and 11th September 2011. (Possibly 3rd and 4th with dates to be confirmed asap)

16 teams. Prize pot as usual depends on this number.


Kyoto Lounge
131 Grosvenor Street
Manchester M1 7HE

Picadilly Station is a 5 minute walk from the venue.

Signup and Deposit

£175 (Possibly £150) per team. £75 payable in advance directly to Kyoto Lounge. Email dylan@4000@iol.ie for details. All teams must pay their deposit at least 10 days before the event date. Acceptable methods of payment include BACS, credit card, paypal (preferred but fees must be covered by players) and cash.

Please email dylan4000@iol.ie with your team name, expected roster of players and their individual locations. I will accept and update signups immediately on this post. There is not much time so get a move on please.


Contact me via email; dylan4000@iol.ie or info@kyotolounge.com or via ventrilo (email me for details).

Get signing up!


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