The Artwork above is loosely based upon a Seventeenth Century Illustration, which is to be found in the original 'Grand Grimoire;' however, the Illustration featured the Prime Minister of Hell called Lucifuge Rofocale, while the Artwork above depicts the Headmistress Mephistopheilia of the infernal School of the Goetic Succubae being Evoked amidst the Triangle of Art; the Artwork also draws inspiration from the Tarot Card of the High Priestess II. The Artwork is Availible as a Fine Art Poster Print.


The Archetype of a School can be utilised as a trigger symbol within ones Dreams, which one could in turn associate with the Mandala of the Cabbala; whereupon one knows where one is at any given time within ones Dream explorations. A large portion of ones formative years was spent in school, hence the symbol of a school is very much embedded within the depths of ones Subconscious mind along with an assortment of associative memories; whereby it is a potent Archetype, what is more it has a Hierarchal structure, which impresses ones Subconscious mind; for it thrives on order. It is one of the reasons why the Harry Potter books and films have become so successful, which is especially the case since the motif of the school is merged with a Magickal paradigm. Although the world of Harry Potter is primarily fantasy based, whose school enamours many a mind to focus upon its structure, one could otherwise equate Hogwarts with the Hebrew mystical system of the Cabbala; wherefore one will then have a map of Hogwarts; this doesn’t sound as strange as it seems since the Western Occult Tradition upon which Harry Potter’s world is mainly based is primarily influenced by the Cabbala; while the Cabbala its self was originally derived from the ancient World-Tree motif of Shamanism.



The Cabbala can be utilised as a cosmological map to merge with Hogwarts, which can then be fused with St Trinian’s to make as an all Girls School of Succubae, which one can thence access via Lucid Dreams, wherefore the Cabbala becomes as ones Mandala. One can equate the School classes with the pathways, which interlink the (Planetary Spheres) Sephiroth of the Cabbala, which in turn involves the Tarot and other Associative Correspondences. The Sephiroth can then be associated with the Planetary Hierarchies one to find in the Medieval Grimoires, which in the Grimoire of the Goetia are equated with the Marquis, Presidents, Dukes, Kings, Earl, Princes and Knights. However, when reversed of Widdershin-Wise Left-Hand path one has an all Female pantheon of Marchionesses, Presidents, Duchesses, Queens, Countesses, Princesses and Amazons or Knights, who are all Succubae. The Succubae can then be seen as sexy Schoolgirls frequenting an all Girls school of similarity to St Trinian’s merged with Hogwarts. Each Succubus of a Schoolgirl Witch has her own individual characteristics and background history as well as those abilities, powers and knowledge, which she bestows via Lucid Dreams when Evoked. In other words; even though an Evoked Succubus will manifest as a Schoolgirl she will then lead one into other information domains within ones Dreams, which will be particular to her.


Many will obviously say that such Symbolic associations are rather kinky let alone perverse, although one can likewise say the same thing concerning an all Male pantheon of butch Demons and Machismo Angels; however, one will find a Symbolic similarity in regards to the Succubae when one cross-references them with the Hindu/Tantric feminine entities called Dakini's, whom are otherwise known as 'Knowledge/Wisdom Holders' in Tibetan Bon-Po Buddhism. The Dakinis are Infernal/Heavenly Faerie Sorceresses, Witches and Succubae who initiate Yogins into the high Art of Yoga and Tantric Sorcery. One can easily equate the Dakinis with the Modern Archetype of the Schoolgirl motif, which frequent many a Japanese Manga and Anime whose inspiring source is derived from the Geisha complex and in turn that of a Hindu/Buddhist Dakini. The European equivalent of a Dakini is called a Druden. One will find the Druden being described as Faerie Witches in Northern European Mythology and Folklore, who are otherwise called Albs or Elves. The Elves were originally seen to be all female entities in elder folklore who are also associated with the Waelkyrge of the Saxon's that the Norse knew as Valkyries; these female entities were later collectively termed as being Succubae during the Medieval era of Europe as being merely Sexual entities, though they were originally far more than that who bestowed abilities and powers via their Sexual Dream interactions like that of the Arabic Jhinn (Genies) and the Hindu/Tantric Dakinis.



When a Male practitioner Evokes a Succubus he can assume the Alternate Persona of Lucifuge Rofocale who is the Headmaster of the all Girl School of Succubae; the School will then become as his Mandala to focus upon as well as that of a Dream domain of a Harem to thereby visit within Lucid Dreams. The technique is none too different to that of a Tibetan Buddhist assuming the guise of a particular Buddha whom is in sexual congress with his corresponding Dakini; one will find a similar technique utilised by a European Sorcerer called a Truderer whom specialised in Evoking Druden (Succubae) by utilising a similarity of Ritual Magick techniques, which are described in the Goetia and other Grimoires. The Succubae whom frequent the Mandala Heirarchy of the School are the manifold aspects of the Sorcerer's Anima (Headmistress) who are the Symbolic interface with his Subconscious Mind. The School is essentially that of an Art School; for Art and Sorcery are indivisible from the other, one and the same of practice; whereupon, Magick is the practice of Art, Art is the expression of Magick; hence, the Succubae are all as inspiring Art Muses one can collectively call the Leanan Sidhe, or Dearg-due, or Leanashe. The Leanan Sidhe are often considered to be the (Gaelic) Irish version of the Manx Lhiannan Shee, who are a source of inspiration for Artists. The all Girls School of Succubae is provisionally named as St Lillitu’s, which is perceived to frequent the (Subconscious) otherworld whose reality can only be accessed via self-induced Trance and engineered Lucid Dreams.


The Dream domain of St Lillitu's is of a similarity to the land of the Dakinis one to find in Hindu Yoga and Buddhist Meditation practices, which is otherwise called Uddiyana or Shamballah whose realm equates with ones Cerebrum; while the underworld domain is called Agharti, which corresponds with ones Cerebellum as well as the visual cortex. The domain of St Lillitu's can also be equated with what Carlos Castaneda termed as being 'Penumbra' where one finds the 'Inorganic Feminine Intelligence of the Allies,' who are essentially Succubae; whereupon they emanate from the Left-Side of Awareness (Subconscious Mind) of the Nagual. However the Arch-Headmistress of St Lillitu's is the Fallen Angel Diana-Lucifera who Symbolically represents the 'Bio-Photon' Flame, which permeates ones Electron Dreams. The Bio-Photon Flame of Diana-Lucifera emanates from amidst the Mitochondrial 'Serpentine' DNA within the Mitochondria, which one can equate with 'Great Beast' of the (DNA) Dragon, while the Mitochondria can be associated with Babalon; for the Mitochondria is passed down from the Mother to her children.



One could associate the Twenty-One Major Arcana Tarot cards with respective Female ‘Teachers’ otherwise called ‘Mistresses’ to thereby personify the cards in regards to the path lessons one desires to access within ones Lucid Dreams. Some practitioners have equated the Golden Dawn and Aleister Crowley ascriptions of the Elements and Zodiac-Star signs associated with the Minor Arcana of the Tarot, with the Spirits listed in the Goetia; however the characteristics of each tend to conflict with the other; although one could associate the Minor Arcana cards, which are associated with each of the Sephiroth with particular lessons taught in a particular sphere of influence.


The Kings, Queens, Knaves/Princesses and Knights/Princes of the Tarot Minor Arcana can be seen differently; for example: The Kings are the Female Totemic Ghosts of each House, while the Queens are the Head Girls of each House; as for the Knaves/Princesses one could see these cards as the Familiar Animals of Each House to thence be followed by their respective Elemental Spirits. Each of the four houses one can see as being of similarity to those featured in Hogwarts, which are associated with the Tenth sphere of Malkuth in the Cabbala, whereby one also has the Tens of the Minor Arcana.



Cabala Path: 11 and Tarot Card: 0 FOOL: It is here that the Succubae are taught how to inspire a chosen Sorcerer to engage him self in practicing Hyperspatial Translation via his Lucid Dreams, which leads to Phase-Shifting between Alternate Realities existing in Parallel Universes. The Sucubae are instructed in informing a Sorcerer that his 'Consciousness' at a Quantum level is associated with the 'Spermatazoic Seed,' which is able to access a 'mini-wormhole,' symbolised as a Vagina, whereupon he becomes as a Voltigeur (Leaper) of a Slider via his Lucid Dreams. The Succubae are also instructed in informing a Sorcerer that he can Evoke and Invoke the Succubae from out of the Seven spheres whom will appear into a manifest existence of a tangible reality within his Dreams made Lucid of Awareness. A Succubus is taught how to freely travel via the mini-wormholes of the Quantum Dream, which have a natural feminine correlate of a Symbolic Association with her Vagina; whereby a mini-wormhole is that of her power; hence they are indivisible from each other. When a Sorcerer Dreams of a normal doorway or that of some other portal of ingress or egress such as a window, cave, hallway or a tunnel etc, they are Symbolic expressions of mini-wormholes, whose primary manifestation is that of a Vesica-Pisces of a Vaginal (Stargate or Jump-Gate) portal; whereby the mini-wormholes are governed over by the Succubae.


Cabala Path: 12 and Tarot Card: I MAGICIAN: It is here that the Succubae practice their art of Teleportation as well as generating Poltergeist phenomena, whose abillity can be directed by the Sorcerer's conscious will, whence one has PSYCHOKINESIS. The Succubae also learn how to assume other 'APPARITION' forms as well as to appear and disappear at will who can teleport themselves from one locale to another instantaneously; whereupon they can visit a Sorcerer whenever they please or when Evoked by him. A Sorcerer likewise learns via Lucid Dream interactions with the Succubae that he can access other Dream locales by merely thinking about them, which could be that of other countries or time periods as well as that of other worlds. The Succubae are taught how to inform a chosen Sorcerer via Lucid Dreaming that he can manipulate small or large items by his thoughts alone and with continued practice will externalise its self of an ability. The Succubae also learn how to manipulate material objects from within the informational reality of the Dream, which leads to Poltergeist phenomena; whence they can set up Synchronistic situations for their Master of a Sorcerer, should he desire them to do so.


Cabala Path: 13 and Tarot Card: II: PRIESTESS: It is here that the Succubae are taught how to inspire a chosen Sorcerer to engage him self in the arcane art of CHARMS and Spell Casting, Programming Dreams, Creating Mind Doll Tulpas as well as Synchronicity Engineering via Consciously Engineered Lucid Dreams. The path of the High Priestess enables a Sorcerer to cross over the Abyss of Daath in order to converse with his Holy Guardian Angel of a Succubus within fully conscious Lucid Dreams. The crossing of the Abyss is when a Sorcerer accesses deep Trance or that of conscious Dreaming where he will sense an initial pressure around his throat, which could increase in intensity should he become afraid, whereupon the Sorcerer will feel as if he is being strangled by an invisible entity. The Sorcerer can negate his Fear by focussing upon the 'Sexual Impulse' in order to unite with the Succubus, this is empowered by Mantric (Charms) Spell formulae, which he repetitively intones. The experience of the pressure will then give way to an Erotic sensation, which goes way beyond an Orgasm when he senses female hands stroking his throat to the back of his head; this experience is otherwise called 'The Death of the Kiss.' The Sorcerer will then have the sensation of falling backwards into an Abyss (Void) to then find him self in another World where the Succubae exist. The Succubae likewise make this transition in order to access the reality of the Sorcerer, whereby the Tantric practitioners and Bon-Po Tibetan Buddhist's call the Succubae by the name of Dakinis who are known as Void-Going-Women.


Cabala Path: 14 and Tarot Card: III EMPRESS: It is here that the Succubae are taught to inspire a chosen Sorcerer to engage him self in the study of HERBOLOGY and Plant Lore who will then discover that the differing qualities of the Succubae are very much associated with plants, more so that of Hallucinogenic power plants. This will then lead to the Sorcerer engaging his interest in Ecological Symbiosis, Fertility Magick as well as exploring the Feminine Principle of the Predatory Female; whereupon leading him to the Gaia Hypothesis and engaging his Receptive States of Mind in regards to exercising his intuitive capabilities. Within this class the Succubae are taught how to inform a a chosen Sorcerer about their Femininty whose power is Sex, which makes the Serpent to arise erect at their beckoning. It is this power, all Women to have, which gave birth to the ancient Matriarchal cultures, but only because Men worshipped them as sacred Sex-Objects; whereupon one to find many an artistic Venus figurine within a cave along with cave paintings of Horned Shamans sporting erections; hence the Goddesses of the prehistoric Matriarchal societies was that of the 'Anima' residing within the psyches of Male Shamans of many a proto-Hugh Hefner whom forged the worship of the divine Feminine. The Feminine principle was perceived to have a close kinship with nature since all things are born of Woman, whence the Earth and that of the cosmos its self was seen as the Womb of the Great Mother. The first life-forms, which took to the land were that of plants whose evolution enabled them to establish a psychedelic chemical communication with other life-forms, which the 'Inorganic-Intelligence' of the Succubae utilise in order to communicate with a Sorcerer, should he partake of a sacred Herb for such a purpose. Hence, the Succubae are associated with particular plants; this is especially the case if the plant contains large amounts of DMT, which is the most potent Hallucinogen upon the planet. DMT is contained in many life-forms; but more so in certain plants. However, DMT is also produced by the vestigial Amphibian eye of the Pineal Gland, which duly influences ones Dream states.


Cabala Path: 15 and Tarot Card: IV EMPEROR: It is here that the Succubae are taught to inspire a chosen Sorcerer to engage himself in a study of ARITHMANCY, Sacred Mathematics, Gemetria and Numerology, whereby empowering the Emotive Charge of the Masculine Principle residing within the Sorcerer, which excites his Active State of Mind in regards to conceptualising his 'Internal Self Image' as a Master of the Succubae. The Succubae are also taught to inform a chosen Sorcerer that it had been their ongoing Genetic imperative when corporeal to have a liking for shacking up with Bad-Boys rather than Good-Guys, which has in turn moulded Human society throughout the ages, whereby the Patriarchal Religious focus upon the Male principle is actually that of the 'Animus' residing within the psyche of all Women; hence the Devil has all the Fucks, while a Christ gets duly Crucified. The Genetic imperative is merely an expression of Energy, which in its self is Information and thereby that of pure Mathematics. A Succubus by nature is still driven by the Energy and thereby that of the Information, which had once encoded her corporeal Genetic makeup; whereby a Predatory Succubus stalks Sorcerers as her prey via the Dream whose underlying quality can be determined by Symbolic Mathematics. For example, the Philosopher and writer Robert Anton Wilson had noted a number of Synchronicities pertaing to the number Twenty-Three cropping up all over the place, which others had also observed, this led to him writing the book 'Cosmic Trigger.' In essence, what one focuses upon of an 'Abstract Symbol,' such as a Number has Associative Correspondences with other Symbolic stimuli, which manifest as Synchronicities. The Succubae are instructed in informing a Sorcerer that these Synchronicities essentially reflect back his 'Internal Self Image;' hence, when a Sorcerer transforms his 'Internal Self Image,' via the aid of a Succubus he is then enabled to engineer consciously wrought Synchronicities.


Cabala Path: 16 and Taort Card: V HIEROPHANT: It is here that a Succubus is taught how to influence a chosen Sorcerer to engage him self in exploring the HISTORY OF MAGIC in order to acquire Lost and Secret Knowledge, as well as Conceptualising the Abstract to thereby create Sorcerers Models of Perception; this will then lead to the Sorcerer to formulate Transmundane Spiritual Cosmologies to thence utilise as Maps of Consciousness in order to 'Program' his Dreams. The Succubus is instructed in inspiring a Sorcerer to utilise differing Symbolic reality tunnels of varying Mind construct paradigms, which are essentially that of his beliefs; whether they be Religious or not of Politics and Science whose Archetypal themes stir his Dreams into generating Informational Associative Fractal Dream Domains, which will give him an insight into the nature of Language and the Magickal Correspondences; suffice to say, the Schoolgirl Succubae indulge in a lot of reading during this class as well as investigating the popular culture and media, which subliminally imprints the Subconscious Mind of a prospective Sorcerer whom they seek to serve as his most loving Genies.


Cabala Path: 17 and Taort Card: VI LOVERS: It is here that the Succubae are instructed in influencing a chosen Sorcerer to engage in Sex Magick, which involves him studying Tantra, the Kamasutra, as well as the Arabic Rose Garden and Chinese Sex texts, to thereby engage in Dream Sexuality with the Succubae; this then enables the Succubae to Procure the Love of Women through Magick as well as to inform the Sorcerer about potential mates via Erotic Dream Divination. The Sorcerer is also informed by a Succubus that the Succubae are Sexual Predators, whose existence is sustaned by the Sexual Emotive Charge of a Sorcerer upon which they feast upon; whereby a Succubus will induce highly Erotic Dreams when her Master Evokes her. She will only fulfil the desires and wishes of her Master until she has been fed his ejaculated focus. A Succubus is unable to set up external Synchronistic situations until she has been fed the neccessary energy to do so. The energy, which the Succubus requires is usually that of a potent emotional focus, which can either be that of Fear or that of Sex, but it is far more preferable that it is Sexual. The Medieval Grimoires have a tendency to indulge in Fear, but such an emotional state generates a continuence of Fear, which constrains ones Consciousness from not expanding into other arenas of Awareness, while the Sexual emotive charge leads to an expansion of Consciousness. Should a Sorcerer not utilise the Sexual emotiive state to dish out to an Evoked Succubus, she will then initiate a state of Fear instead; whereby a Sorcerer has to keep in mind that when Kitten's are not given any cream to lap up they become most irate for their very sharp feline claws to show.


Cabala Path: 18 and Taort Card: VII CHARIOT: It is here that the Succubae are taught how to empower the FLYING Dreams of a Sorcerer, who will then experience Astral Projection, and Out Of Body Experiences, which he will become enabled to do when a Succubus unites with him when becoming fully Lucid within a Dream who will sense a form of Levitation taking place. It is one of the many abilities, which the Succubae have; whereupon in Tantric and Buddhist lore their Succubae who are called Dakinis are also known as Sky-Walkers or Void-Going-Women. Whereby when a Sorcerer steps into a Car driven by a Dakini within his Lucid Dreams, the Car can fly, let alone that of an Iron Horse of a Motorcycle to Levitate or even a 'Vimana' flying saucer, which will thence travel over the Dream paths of the Ley line Wyrd Web; but usually it is a 'Hobbyhorse' of a Broomstick to ride, alongside a Schoolgirl Witch of an Evoked Succubus whom inspires the Orgasmic Ecstasy of the Orgiastic Great Sabbat. The Flying Dreams, which the Succubae to empower are often indicative of an expansion of Consciousness when the Awareness of the Sorcerer overcomes limiting barriers to his perceptions.


Cabala Path: 19 and Tarot Card: VIII JUSTICE: It is here that the Succubae are instructed in how to influence a Sorcerer to engage him self in Vengence Magick, which is essentially the Science of Karma and Dharma, whose practice involves overcoming Repeating Patterns. The Succubae are taught to not tolerate the Sorcerer's habitual patterns of thought, which are merely addictions leading to repeating Actions whose Karmic residue builds up within him, whereby negating the further expansion of his Consciousness, which will then negate the evolutionary growth of the Succubae; whereby, the Succubae are instructed in informing the Sorcerer via his Lucid Dreams that the more beneficial path to follow is that of Dharma, where a Succubus inspires a Sorcerer to astutely observe his repetitive thought processes in order to cut away, which leads to an expansion of his Consciousness. Should a Sorcerer be repetitive of Thought and thereby that of Action the Succubae will invariably revert into mere automatons of Ghostly shells; hence the Mistresses are quite severe in their punishments when they observe any of the Succubae becoming slack in informing a chosen Sorcerer about the neccessity of constant Self-Analysis. The Succubae are instructed in influencing a Sorcerer to observe his habitual mode of thought in order to transform via in depth Self-Analysis, which is Symbolically represented as a Sword, this in turn leads to a 'balanced' transmutation of his Dreams and thereby that of an expansion of his Consciousness, which in turn enables the Succubae to evolve their own incorporeal sentience.


Cabala Path: 20 and Tarot Card: VIIII HERMIT: It is here that the Succubae are instructed in inspiring a chosen Sorcerer to engage him self in 'lone' Meditation practice, as well as practicing Trance Induction Techniques, this also involves the utilisation of vivid Visualisation, which is otherwise termed as the Active Imagination. The Succubae are taught how to influence a Sorcerer to utilise Meditation so that he can greater understand his Internal-Self-Image, which will thence lead to him Constructing Alternative-Self-Images of an Active Imagination technique, whereby he can then assume them as his Alternate Magickal Personas wthin his Lucid Dreams in order re-imprint his own neural-net. In other words, the Succubae are instructed to inform a chosen Sorcerer how to re-program his Internal Microcosmic Self-Image to thereby set up Associative Synchronistic phenomena around his Macrocosmic self, which is verily empowered by the interaction with a Succubus within his Lucid Dreams whom is sexually coupled to his assumed Microcosmic internal Magickal Persona. The Sorcerer is then enabled to bring about external Macrocosmic events by re-programming his Internal-Self-Image via Microcosmic Lucid Dreaming. The power of the Dream is a necessity in this process, which is personified as a Succubus.

Cabala Path: 21 and Tarot Card: X WHEEL OF FORTUNE: It is here that the Succubae are instructed in influencing a chosen Sorcerer to engage him self in Wealth Magick, which also involves Psychic Gambling, Foretelling of Future Events as well as Creating his own Luck via Lucid Dream interactions with the Succubae. The Wheel also Symbolically represents the 'Magick Circle' amidst which the Sorcerer to stand, whose circular enclosure is that of his Womb Universe, whose mirrored sphere of Maya reflects back the Sorcerer's Internal-Self-Image. The Succubae are taught how to inspire a Sorcerer to perceive him self differently in order to thence generate alternate possibilities of a Maya reflection; hence generating his own Luck, which the Succubae empower; however, the Succubae are further instructed to inform the Sorcerer that he must observe certain Key-Times in order to utilise his acquired Luck to its fullest to thereby attain his desired Fortune. These Key-Times often coincide with the Moon Phases around the Wheel of the Zodiac.

Cabala Path: 22 and Tarot Card: XI STRENGTH: It is here that the Succubae are instructed in informing a chosen Sorcerer in the CARE OF MAGICKAL CREATURES, which is invariably that of themselves; whereby a Sorcerer is informed how to care for his loving and most servile Succubae who have ever hungering sexual needs whom seek to ride his erect Dragon spurting flame upon which they to feast upon. The Succubae are also instructed in indicating to a chosen Sorcerer that he has to employ the hypnotic seduction skills of COERCION in order to get them to serve his true will, which also overlaps into Interspecies Communication, Mind Reading and Mind Control of other organisms, whether Human or non-Human.

Cabala Path: 23 and Tarot Card: XII HANGED MAN: It is here that the Succubae are taught to inspire a chosen Sorcerer to engage him self in exploring the 'Trance' usage of the ANCIENT RUNES in order to engineer his amniotic watery astral Dreams, this also includes Bind-Runes and Rune-Casting of Sigilic formulae so that he will be enabled to project his intended desires into his Lucid Dreams more clearly. The Runes are activated via his Lucid Dreams, which the Succubae will thereby empower; for each Rune is associated with a partiular quality of a Succubus; whence such Runes can then be utilised for Divination purposes as well as for Runic Reiki. The Succubae are also instructed in informing a Sorcerer in the Construction of personal Alphabets-Sigils-of-Desire so that he can strengthen his Dream bond with them of a Sexual pact.

Cabala Path: 24 and Tarot Card: XIII DEATH: It is here that the Succubae are instructed in influencing a chosen Sorcerer to engage him self in exploring Death Magick, which involves the inducement of 'little-deaths' via deep Lucid Dream ingress; this technique is none too different to the Tibetan Buddhist Chod ritual, which can be utilised in order to cut away negative personality influences, such as varying emotional traumas, whose painful memories assail the Sorcerer; however, the Succubae empower this process by inducing heightened Orgasmic states, which takes the Sorcerer to the brink of an ecstatic Ego death via Orgasm. The Succubae are taught to inform a chosen Sorcerer that he can utilise this technique in order to induce Serial-Reincarntions while alive, as well as to utilise it for Immortality Engineering, whereby the death program can be negated. The practice of Death Magick leads the Sorcerer to Mediumship contact with his Alternate Selves whom ccupy Alternate Realities existing within Parallel Universes. The Succubae are also instructed in informing a chosen Sorcerer that he can Possess an Alternate Self as well as to Channel them to thereby access their abilities should he desire to do so.

Cabala Path: 25 and Tarot Card: XIV TEMPERANCE: It is here that the Succubae are instructed in POTIONS, which is otherwise that of the natural Psychedelics produced by the Endocrine Glandular Alchemy of a Sorcerer's physical body of a Hologram that a Succubus is taught to Sexually influence by manipulating the underlying Holographic template Dream body of a Sorcerer; whereby the Erotic Dream manipulation of a Sorcerer's Microcosmic Implicate-Ordered Dream body will thereby affect his Macrocosmic Explicate-Ordered physical body, which will go through almost imperceptible changes, such as the healing of certain maladies or that of slowing the aging process for example; in other words, a Sorcerer can Evoke a Succubus into his Lucid Dreams in order to bring about a desired healing process to take place, or otherwise that of re-imprinting his neural-net so that his nervous system can tune into other realities.

Cabala Path: 26 and Tarot Card: XV DEVIL: It is here that the Succubae are taught how to inspire a chosen Sorcerer to engage him self in practicing DEFENCE AGAINST THE DARK ARTS, which involves Battle Magick, Psychic Protection and Psychic Warfare. The Succubae are instructed in informing a chosen Sorcerer that it is his own uncontrolled thoughts, which are his greatest enemy; whatever he to think determines his incorporeal experiences of the Dream realms within which the Succubae to reside whose Dream domains can become either that of Hell or Heaven. The Succubae are taught how to inform a Sorcerer that if he only seeks out the Light it will only attract Darkness; whereupon the Succubae are instructed to inform a chosen Sorcerer that he has to work with his own Darkness of a Shadow to thereby transform, which will then attract the Light; hence a Sorcerer learns not to fear the Darkest and most Perverse parts of him self to thence transmute into another form. Whatever he is afraid of will invariably attract what he fears the most; whereby the Succubae are taught to inform a Sorcerer that he should not run away from his own Darkness, but instead to utilise the Shadow side of him self as his Ally.


Cabala Path: 27 and Tarot Card: XVI LIGHTNING STRUCK TOWER: It is here that the Succubae are instructed in informing a chosen Sorcerer about CREATION engineering, which will enable him to Create Lucid Dreams of his choosing, like that of designing 'Virtual Realities.' The Succubae are also taught how to inspire a chosen Sorcerer to engage him self in the Creation of 'Mind-Doll Tulpas,' which are in essence none too different to Programs; these Mind Dolls will evolve at a Superluminal rate to become Sentient Succubae in their own right. The construction of Tulpa Mind Dolls enables the Sorcerer to acquire an an insight into the underlying nature of his world, which in its self is an illusion of a Tulpa, or otherwise that of a Maya Simulation; such an understanding will initially shatter his prior worldview of a 'towering' perception, and that of a 'Lightning' streak of an illumination; whence the stuff of his Dreams, whether perceived as that of mere Mind conjured Illusions or Glamours are not any differenty to experienced Physical forms; all are of Maya. The Succubae are instructed in informing the Sorcerer that his Consciousness is not constrained by the forms of his Dreams, whereby he has the ability to walk across Water, through Walls or any other object blocking his path while within his Dreams; whereby he can also practice TRANSFIGURATION by becoming Heavy or immoveable as well as to become as light as a feather, let alone that of consciously transfiguring the 'matter' of his Lucid Dreams into any form that he desires.

Cabala Path: 28 and Tarot Card: XVII THE STAR: It is here that the Succubae are instructed to influence a Sorcerer to engage him self in a study of ASTRONOMY as well as Astrology in league with Planetary influences upon Circadian Rhythms; such studies invariably leads the Sorcerer to explore Astrological Eras of Zodiac Ages; these Zodiac Ages or otherwise called Aeons are associated with particular Succubae who can be Evoked via the Sorcerer's Lucid Dreams whereby he can consciously engage him self in Time-Travel explorations as well as exploring the intelligence network interconnecting other sentient extraterrestrial races occupying other planetary systems. The Succubae are also taught to inform a chosen Sorcerer that he can explore such possibilities at certain Key-Times around the Star Clock when conducting these types of Rituals.

Cabala Path: 29 and Tarot Card: XVIII THE MOON: It is here that the Succubae are taught to influence a chosen Sorcerer to engage him self in DIVINATION via Lucid Dreaming, which involves the practice of FARSENSING or otherwise termed Remote-Viewing. The Sorcerer is then enabled by the empowerment of he Succubae to Remote-View the Past, Present and Future; however, the ability of Remote-Viewing is affected by the phases of the Moon, which is very much tied up with the Circadian Rhythms of the Sorcerer; whence he has to learn about those Key-Times when it is best to conduct the practice of Divination. The Succubae are also instructed to inform a chosen Sorcerer that what he focuses upon will often determine the type of information he accesses, whereby what he to have thought was Precognitive or Retrocognitive of nature is actually that of him tuning into Alternate possibilities, which become fixed by his focus to thereby become his reality; if however, he loses his focus he will then become enmeshed amidst a phantasmagorical chaos of confusing information. The Sorcerer is also informed by the Succubae that the ability of Precognition is really that of him remembering a previous round of an Ouroboros Eternal-Recurrence; for Time is that of a Self-Enclosed-Time-Loop of a Circle.

Cabala Path: 30 and Tarot Card: XVIIII THE SUN: It is here that the Succubae are instructed in MUGGLE STUDIES, which the Succubae learn in order to understand the Subconscious Sexual desires of a chosen Sorcerer and how to fully fulfil his wishes; such studies are otherwise called Meta-Psychology. In other words, the Succubae know the Sorcerer far better than he knows him self; such knowledge is utilised for Healing: REDACTION. There are numerous cases of Alien Abductions where the Abductees feel as if the Alien entities knew them far better than the Abductees knew their own selves, which also involved Sexual interactions talking place between an Alien entity and an Abductee as well as genetic studies being conducted upon the Abductees along hereditary family lines. These genetic studies probably involve the Mitochondrial DNA from which the Bio-Photon emanates; one could Symbolically equate the Bio-Photon with the Diana-Lucifera Light/Fire of an inner 'Sun,' which 'illuminates' ones Electron Dreams. The inner Sun is otherwise termed as the 'Glow of Awareness,' which attracts Succubae like Moths to a 'Flame' who are primarily attracted to the 'Glow' of Sorcerers, or those who have the potential to become a Sorcerer to thereby abduct into their Quantum realm of the Lucid Dream. The Succubae are taught to influence a chosen Sorcerer to engage him self in increasing his 'Glow of Awareness' via constant Dream practice, which in turn sustains the continued existence of the Succubae; this being the reason why the Succubae seek out Sorcerers to thence interact with. Should the Sorcerer be so inclined he can set about increasing his 'Glow of Awareness' in order to entice Succubae to him of a Harem to acquire, which he can then bind to his will.

Cabala Path: 31 and Tarot Card: XX JUDGEMENT: It is here that the Succubae are instructed in informing a chosen Sorcerer about Serial Reincarnation while still alive; whereby he acquires the ability of Rejuvenation, which is the ability to recreate his physical body to look younger again by manipulating the memory of his Energy body via conscious Dreaming, which the Succubae are highly versed in to thereby empower when inducing Erotic Dreams; whence the Sorcerer can become viirtually Immortal, whereby defeating the grave. However, should the Sorcerer become incorporeal of physical demise he is enabled by a Succubus to translate the entirety of his personality into another incarnation of a physical vessel to thereby remember his previous existence or that of remembering a prior round of an Ouroboros Eternal-Recurrence. The Succubae are also instructed in informing a chosen Sorcerer that whatever the Sorcerer to experience in his present incarnation is determined by his own Self 'Judgement' in regards to what he had experienced in a previous existence.

Cabala Path: 32 and Tarot Card: XXI THE UNIVERSE/WORLD: It is here that the Succubae are taught to inspire a chosen Sorcerer to engage him self in Multiverse Magick, which explores Many World Theory, whereby he becomes aware that there are innumerable Alternate Worlds existing within Parallel Universes. The Succubae are instructed to inform a Sorcerer about the Eleven Dimensions, wherein which they to exist whom will empower the Sorcerer to thereby access the Multiverse-World-Soul of the Anima-Mundi via the internal Yoni Stargate of his Lucid Dreams. The Succubae indicate to the Sorcerer that they are all aspects of the Anima-Mundi whose Soul is that of the Bio-Photon Wyrd Web, which interlinks all Life-Forms into a vast Matrix spanning many Worlds.



One could also utilise the descriptions of the "Metapsychic" powers, which the author Julian May describes in her Pliocene Exile series of Science Fiction books, which one can utilise in regards to the Harry Potter universe in order to take it somewhere else to fuse with the Goetia and the Succubae. There are 'Five' (Pentagram) categories of Metapsychic powers, which are: Creation, Coercion, Psychokinesis, Farsensing and Redaction. Each of these 'Five' powers is associated with a colour, as originally described in Julian May’s the Saga of Pliocene Exile. Creativity is the ability to create illusions and manipulate energy. In its strongest form, it can involve permanent changes of matter from one kind to another, as when the character Jack creates flowers from waste. The same level of power can also be used to create Mental Lasers, and the "Metapsychic Rebellion" causes considerable damage with such mental weapons, produced by brains amplified with Cerebroenergetic (CE) equipment. Another character called Rogi possesses creative abilities, though unreliable ones and these occasionally help him in moments of need. Coercion is the ability of Metapsychic Mind Control over other people. For example, in Julian May’s book Magnificat, Denis uses Metapsychic Coercion to manipulate Rogi to climb Mt. Washington.



Psychokinesis (PK) is the ability to move physical objects through space Metapsychically, while Farsensing is the ability to communicate with others and to sense remotely via Metapsychic means, much like Telepathy, Clairvoyance, or Remote Viewing. In May's continued Pliocene saga entitled Intervention, the ability of Farsensing (initially called "Ultrasensing") to locate hidden weapons becomes geopolitically important. Finally, Redaction provides the ability for Mental Healing. Another character in Julian May’s books called Dorothea MacDonald has very strong Redactive powers. These five mental powers can be latent, meaning that, while present, they cannot be consciously used. On the other hand, operant powers are available for conscious, controlled use. Higher capabilities within Operancy include Master, Grand Master, and Paramount Grand Master levels. The principle characters of Julian May’s books, such as Jack, Marc, and Dorothea are all (eventually) Paramounts. Julian May describes collaborative as well as individual mental powers. A Metaconcert is a synchronised use of mental powers by more than one person, as when Jack and Dorothea tackle the geological problems of of a land called Caledonia. The ultimate extension of such collaboration is the Mental Unity which the extraterrestrial race known as the Lylmik are fostering in the galaxy, which one can of course equate with Spirits, Angels or Daemons; but more so that of the Succubae.



The Planetary Spheres of the Sephiroth described below have been allocated to the scholastic Hierarchy of years one to find utilised in schools and of course Hogwarts, let alone St Trinian’s. The planetary spheres of the years have in turn been fused with Timothy Leary’s description of the The 8-Circuit Model of Consciousness, which is a theory in Psychology, first proposed by Leary. It consists of several Quantum Psychological systems that unify the various interpretations of the main ‘Altered States of Consciousness’ into one coherent Meta-Theory. The most basic part describes, in a simple outline, eight-brains of information that operate within the human nervous system. Several different people (Leary, Robert Anton Wilson, and Antero Alli) have written about each circuit in depth and how they operate in the lives of human beings (both individually and collectively). The 8-Circuit model provides a conglomerate model of a series of preceding and interconnecting models within some of the human and medical sciences such as Psychology, Neurology, Sociology, Anthropology, etc. and other more "hard sciences", i.e., Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Mathematics.


Although Timothy Leary greatly expanded upon the basic premise of Eight Brains, he had been inspired by ancient sources such as the Hindu descriptions of the Chakra system. However, the most direct transmission occurred when Leary received a document from a student of Yoga. This pamphlet contained Twenty-Four different pages, (which one can also equate with the Twenty-Four Runes of the Elder Futhark) with every three pages (subdivisions) corresponding to particular level of energy. Leary then translated and elaborated this into the Twenty-Four-stage (Rune) model of evolution as well as eventually streamlining it into the Eight circuit model of consciousness. With this, Leary created his umbrella model upon which numerous others have expanded and philosophized upon.


As mentioned, the Eight different Neurological circuits (each one pertaining to a specific state of consciousness) exist in each human being but the later four have only recently evolved. Only a small to moderate amount of human beings use the later four circuits. Leary presumed the first four to reside in the left lobe or hemisphere of the brain or the cerebrum, and described them as basic survival functions needed for existence on a terrestrial planet. The later four, which reside in the right hemisphere, exist for future usage by humans who might someday migrate into outer-space and live extra-terrestrially (i.e. living in a zero gravity environment). Although, Robert Anton Wilson wrote about the distinction between terrestrial and extraterrestrial life as well, he gave each circuit a much more specific location in various regions of the brain. The term "circuits" came from the first wave of Cybernetics research and development in the United States in the 1970s. (Others have proposed that the terms 'systems' should substitute 'circuits' to reflect both a systems theory approach and also the changing Anatomy of an entity as it goes through a Neurological change).


According to the discussions and documentation by Robert Anton Wilson, Antero Alli, Christopher S. Hyatt, and Timothy Leary himself, each circuit available to an individual represents a more complex phase of evolution. The circuits activate in ascending order, providing an evolutionary link between the evolution of an individual human as well as the genetic history of the species and the entire gene pool. In other words, each Neurological Circuit, which is activated provides an additional cognitive function within the entity that has activated it (whether or not they have awareness of the circumstances that lead to its activation). Leary theorized that until recently in human development these higher circuits have remained dormant within the brain. However, he believed, that one could activate and experience the higher circuits with the use of some brain change technologies and techniques. Some of these include Psychedelic and Psychoactive drugs, Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) or Design Human Engineering (DHE), Light And Sound or Mind machines, Crowleyan Magick, Meditation, and Yoga; as for the associations of the Spirits of the Goetia in league with the planetary spheres and hence that of the circuits; Aleister Crowley had once remarked that the Spirits listed in the Goetia are associated with parts of ones brain; one can thereby make an analogy between ones brain and that of a computer, while the Spirits are 'Programs,' which one can engage ones self with via ones 'Virtual-Reality' Lucid Dreams. However, in this context the Spirits are primarily seen as Succubae via whose Evocation within Lucid Dreams one can activate ones Subconscious mind when utilising certain types of Archetypal symbols such as the symbolic motifs of 'Hogwarts-St Trinian’s' and thereby the associated Icon of a Schoolgirl Witch of a Succubus Genie to spank into shape; to thence bind her to ones Metaprogrammer Will of a Spirit-Chain.



The Head Girls of each year govern over the Legions of Succubae students under their care; to each Head Girl there a number of Succubae who are given alloted tasks to perform when the principal Head Girls are Evoked by Sorcerers. The tasks, which are performed is part of the training of a Succubus student. Should a Succubus not do her duty she is promptly punished by the Head Girl who governs over them; whereupon the naughty student Succubus will sojourn within the bowels of the school dungeon where there are a number of rather nasty torture instruments of varying kinds. Such punishments are meted out when a Sorcerer punishes a Head Girl for not accomplishing his desires. Some of the student Succubae, should they become adept enough may be gifted to a Sorcerer as his personal familiars, which many of the Succubae avidly aspire to; this will lead to them becoming Head Girls in their own right to thence be listed within the Sorcerer Grimoires; wherupon their names will be remembered.







OLYMPIC SUCCUBUS MISTRESS: PHULIA: Lady of the powers of the Moon and supreme Mistress of the waters and Lucid Dreaming. She rules over 7 Educational Departments involved in engineering consciously orchestrated Lucid Dreams.

The First Year Succubae of the Harem School under the Head Girls are known as 'Odalisques' who are otherwise called "Playettes." The year is made up of the Newbies; although at the bottom there is a 90% chance they won't stay there for long;' should they seduce the right Sorcerers they could very well climb to the top of the Grimoire hierarchy in no time.



16: GOETIA HEAD GIRLS: First Year: Samigina, Amona, Barbatosi, Leraikha, Naberiusi, Forneusi, Marchosiasi, Phenexi, Sabnocki, Shaxi, Oriaxi, Vapula, Andrasi, Andrealphusi, Kimaris, Decarabia,

A First Year Succubus is a student at St Lillitu’s School of Witchcraft and Sorcery who is new to St Lillitu’s and in her first year of Magickal education; it is here that she is introduced to her intrinsic nature of being a salacious and most wanton Succubus. There are usually Eighteen first-years per one of the four houses (Eighteen Girls), leaving a total of Seventy-Two students per year. First years are typically Eleven to Twelve years of age who are all little Lost dead Girls whose respective discarnate Spirits are those of a predatory Succubus. When passing over into the otherworld the discarnate Spirit of a female reverts to said age group to thereby begin her education. First years arrive at the infernal castle of the underworld by crossing a vast lake of menstrual blood within bat wing sailed boats separate from the older students. They are not allowed on their phallic headed broomsticks unless they are attending Night-Gaunt Flying classes.

The First year classes consist of an in depth investigation into Multiverse theory, which communicates that a Sorcerer, whom a Succubus seeks to serve is inter-dimensional of nature whose soul intersects innumerable Alternate Realities in which he has Alternate Selves. The Succubae also observe the Astronomical clock and that of Astrology in order to note the Circadian Rhythm Key-Times when to affect a Sorcerers Dreams. The Succubae are also taught Coercion skills and Meta-Psychology so as to influence the deep psyche and Dreams of a Sorcerer. The first year Succubae also study Endocrine System Potions and Psychedelics, which are created by the internal biological Alchemy of a Sorcerer; a Succubus is trained to influence such Endocrine substances via the Quantum Dream to thereby affect the biomolecular makeup of a Sorcerer. The first year is associated with understanding the Neurosomatic Circuit Zen-Yoga Mind-Body-Connexion between a Succubus and a Sorcerer, which is concerned with the Succubus inducing Neurological-Somatic feedbacks via the Sorcerers Dreams in order to make him feel high, whereby leading to Somatic Reprogramming etc. The fifth circuit, according to Timothy Leary, is the sensuous consciousness of the Sorcerers energy body. In regards to the first year Succubae they become aware of their own Dream-Body and how to use it to thereby influence the Dream-Body of a Sorcerer. When a Succubus lovingly engages her self with a Sorcerer he will experience a marked shift from linear visual space to an all-encompassing aesthetic sensory space, whereupon he experiences a Hedonic turn-on and that of a rapturous amusement; this then leads to a detachment from the previously compulsive mechanism of the first four circuits. This circuit is also stimulated by ecstatic experiences brought on by the physiological effects of Marijuana, Hatha Yoga and Tantra (Leary's name for Tantra was Hedonic engineering), as well as Zen meditation, and free fall. Leary had conjectured that an experiential understanding of this circuit first appeared in the upper classes in league with the development of leisure-class civilizations around 2000 BC.

PRESIDENTS: Second years: Eighth Sphere: HOD – MERCURY: Key-Words: THE SOCIAL BUTTERFLY

OLYMPIC SUCCUBUS MISTRESS: OPHIELIA: She governs over One Hundred Thousand Legions of Succubae. She rules over 14 Educational Departments involved in Metaprogramming Psi Technologies of Mental manipulation.

The Second Year Succubae of the Harem School under the Head Girls are known as 'Cariye,' who are otherwise called "Social Butterflies." The year is made up of Computer Geeks/Nerds, who are the infamous intellectual nerds and technological computer geeks; they have been considered being at the bottom of the school hierarchy since the dawn of time when alive, but in the spirit world they are the Intelligence gathering Cyber Witches who are in a sophisticated Psychic league of their own.



13: GOETIA HEAD GIRLS: Second Year: Marbasi, Bueri, Botisi, Glasya-Labolasi, Ronovea, Forasi, Gaapa, Malphasi, Haaganti, Camio, Osea, Amy, Valuna

A Second Year is a Succubus student at St Lillitu’s School of Witchcraft and Sorcery who is in her second year of Magickal education is taught the technical Erotic Art of subliminally hypnotising the Sorcerer via Ritualistic body gestures and arcane hand-sign Mudras within his Lucid Dreams to thereby influence. Second years are typically Twelve to Thirteen years of age, unless a student had to repeat the second form. The second year is the first year in which students are allowed, when arriving, to go with the rest of the school in the school carriages pulled by Shuggoths up to the castle. Second year classes consist of Rejuvenation of a Socerers physical body via influencing the underlying energy template of his Holographic Dream Body, which requires an in depth Psychological understanding of a Sorcerers psyche in order to negate underlying emotional traumas. This then leads to classes concerning the Defence Against the Dark Arts, in which a Succubus is taught how to transmute a Sorcerers negativity via the Psychocybernetic Transfiguration of his Internal-Self-Image. The Succubae are also shown how to influence a Sorcerer via his Dreams to thereby engage him self in constructing Self-Analytical Alphabets-Of-Desire and that of Rune studies in order to strengthen the energetic bond between a him self and a Succubus. Unlike first years', the second-years' timetable does not include Night-Gaunt Flying, although they are allowed to bring in their own phallic headed broomsticks; however, the Succubae fly around when playing truant.

DUCHESSES: Third years: Seventh Sphere: NETZACH – VENUS: Key Words: THE HOPEFUL ROMANTIC

OLYMPIC SUCCUBUS MISTRESS: HAGITHA: She transmutes all metals, which pertain to Emotional states and the associated Endocrine System of the Chakras; she governs over Four Thousand Legions of Succubae". She rules over 21 Educational Departments involved in engineering Erotic Sensory Raptures and Retinal Delights.

The Third Year Succubae of the Harem School under the Head Girls are known as 'Gediks,' who are otherwise called "Hopeful Romantics." The year is made up of the Drama crew; these budding Femme Fatale Juliet's spend countless hours acting, singing and seductively dancing within Sorcerers Dreams as well inspiring Automatic writing and great Artistic works of Surrealist Automatism; they have an erotic Muse preference in contacting those Sorcerers with similar Artistic interests to their own.



21: GOETIA HEAD GIRLS: Third Year: Agaresi, Valefora, Gusioni, Eligosi, Zepara, Bathini, Sallosi, Aimi, Bunea, Berithi, Astarota, Focalora, Vepara, Uvalli, Crocella, Allocesi, Murmura, Gamari, Hauresi, Amdusiasi, Dantalioni

A Third Year Succubus student at St Lillitu’s School of Witchcraft and Sorcery is in her third year of Magickal education whom is taught the high Arts of Love and Sexual Seduction in order to seduce Sorcerers via their Lucid Dreams to thereby make highly Erotic. Third years are typically Thirteen to Fourteen years of age. The third year is an important one for Succubae students, as it is the first year that they are permitted to sit elective courses. Third year classes consist of teaching a Succubus to affect a Sorcerer to experience Erotic Dream Divination, which requires an observation of Astronomy whose Star-Clock marks out those Key-Times when a Succubus can freely enter the Dreams of a Sorcerer. There are also further classes concerning the Transfiguration of a Sorcerers internal Self-Image, which a Succubus is taught to transfigure via highly vivid Erotic Dreams; this also includes influencing a Sorcerer to engage him self in the investigation of the History of Magic in order for him to explore further Shamanic techniques of Trance and Dream ingress. The Succubae also attend classes about Death Magick where they are taught to induce Orgasmic raptures via the Dreams of a Sorcerer within which he experiences total Ego loss; this then leads to Fortune Magick; whence a Sorcerers transfigured Self-Image can allow for new opportunities to flow into his life when guided by the loving influence of an Evoked Succubus. The Succubae students also engage themselves in two or more electives that they had chosen the previous year. Third years are permitted to go to Orgiastic Sabbats during certain weekends if they have a psychic permission form from their still living parent/guardian who has been respectively contacted through Séances or otherwise via Mediums, while discarnate families can be contacted directly for permission.  


OLYMPIC SUCCUBUS MISTRESS: OCHIA: She is an Alchemist, Physician, and a most powerful Sorceress". She rules 28 Educational Departments involved in engineering consciously orchestrated Macrocosmic Synchronicities, which are nigh indivisible to that of Miracles.

The Fourth Year Succubae of the Harem School under the Head Girls are known as 'Ikbals,' who are otherwise called "Cinderella's." The year is made up of the Multi-Taskers; these Girls run everything from the Vamp school paper, to Bat Home comings they're extremely social Poltergeists but they run a tight Graveyard shift. Some of whom are ingratiating Pet Slaves of the Mistresses whom seek to attain rapid Grimoire hierarchy status; hence highly competitive with the other Succubae over those Sorcerers they seek to seduce; whereby a Sorcerer may find him self being fought over by such Succubae.



9: GOETIA HEAD GIRLS: Fourth Year: Baela, Paimona, Belethi, Pursoni, Asmodaya, Vinea, Balama, Zagana, Beliala

A Fourth Year is a Succubus student at St Lillitu’s School of Witchcraft and Sorcery who is in her fourth year of Magickal education, whom is taught how to influence the belief systems of a Sorcerer in order for him to perceive other possibilities to thereby expand his consciousness. However many of the fourth years will often find themselves being severely punished by Mistress Ochia or by one of the Head Girls if they become slack in their studies. Fourth years are typically Fourteen to Fifteen years of age. The fourth form is almost identical in its structure to the third; although far more strict; students sit two or more elective courses in addition to the core classes, and are allowed to attend Orgiastic Sabbats during selected weekends. Fourth year classes consist of influencing the Endocrine System Potions and Psychedelics of a Sorcerer, which requires that his Internal-Self-Image is healed first via the initiation of Death Magick, where the Sorcerer experiences total Ego-Loss via an internal Orgasm that a Succubus can induce. This then leads to those classes concerning the Defence Against the Dark Arts, which involves the Succubus learning how to negate a Sorcerers harmful Self-Beliefs as well as the negative Beliefs of others and that of his society on a whole. The Succubus is also taught how to influence a Sorcerer to engage him self in Vengeance Magick in order to return back the negative Karma belonging to others to thereby establish the balance of Dharma; this also involves the Succubus influencing the Sorcerer to engage him self in deep Meditation upon her as well as her most loving Succubae sisters; whereupon Charms are utilised as a technique to aid in this process in league with internalised Sex Magick. The Succubae are also taught how to influence a Sorcerer to observe Symbolic patterns of belief whose underlying structures have a mathematical orchestration; whence leading to him studying Arithmancy.

The Succubae students also chose two or more electives during the fourth year. Although, fourth years typically get more work than third years, to prepare for their B.A.T.s. (Basic Aptitude Test). The fourth year is associated with the Neuroelectric (Metaprogramming) Circuit (Psionic Electronic-Interface Mind), which is concerned with a Succubus re-imprinting and re-programming all the earlier circuits of a Sorcerer. It is here that the Succubus is taught how to influence a Sorcerer to perceive the relativity of “realities” for him to thereby perceive innumerable alternate possibilities. This state of Neuroelectric awareness, which a Succubus is taught to influence via the Eroticised Dreams of a Sorcerer leads to him attaining Cybernetic Consciousness as well as so-called PSI/Magickal powers, etc. The sixth Neuroelectric circuit consists of the Sorcerers nervous system becoming aware of its self. Leary relates that this circuit enables Telepathic communication, which Shamans had become aware of by utilising Peyote (Mescaline) and Psilocybin Mushrooms (Psilocybin); however this sixth circuit can also be affected by the use of Erotic computer games upon which a Sorcerer can focus as a Meditation aid to thereby affect the neural-net of his Central-Nervous-System and in turn induce vivid Lucid Dreams concerning the Succubae. This circuit is traced by Leary back to 500 BC, which he had associated with the influence of the ancient Silk Road whose woven thread connected the far-East with the West like that of Hemi-Synch uniting the two hemispheres of the brain.


OLYMPIC SUCCUBUS MISTRESS: PHALECIA: The Dominatrix War-Mistress of competitive Martial spirit. She rules over 35 Educational Departments involved in empowering the true Will and that of the Dream body.

The Fifth Year Succubae of the Harem School under the Head Girls are known as 'Hassaki Kadin,' who are otherwise called "Private Dancers." The year is made up of Roller-ball Amazons and Astral-Razor Surfer Babes, who are the school sports players along with the groupie Sex Siren Cheerleaders, as well as any Hollister Ghost or Abercromie wearing Graveyard Gang Girls.




9: GOETIA HEAD GIRLS: Fifth Year: Maraxi, Glasya-Labolasi, Furfura, Halphasi, Rauma, Vinea, Bifronsi, Murmura, Andromaliusi

A Fifth Year is a Succubus student at St Lillitu’s School of Witchcraft and Sorcery who is in her fifth year of Magickal education who is often involved in vigorous Martial Arts activities, such as violent Rollerball Quiddicth matches and Mara Manhunt Mara-thon's, which involves the Succubae students hunting down the Bio-Photon glow of Awareness belonging to a Sorcerers Dream body. Fifth years are typically Fifteen to Sixteen years of age. The fifth year is enormously important for Succubae students, due to the fact that it is the year in which they must sit their B.A.T. exams, which will determine what V.A.M.P. courses they will be permitted to take later on in their education. V.A.M.P.s. (Verified Advanced Metapsychic Powers) determines the type of jobs the Succubae can apply for in their future careers as Genies when they are Evoked by Sorcerers. However fixed classes include the Succubae learning how to affect Sorcerers to experience Astral Travel via the Erotic Orgasmic bliss, which a passionate Succubus can induce. The Succubae are also taught how to influence a Sorcerer to engage him self in Self-Analytical Rune studies in order to cut away any negative influences in his life, which requires the Martial perspective of Vengeance Magick to thereby return the Karma of others. The Succubae are also shown how to influence a Sorcerer to take Care of Magickal Creatures such as themselves, at a highly advanced level; whereupon the Succubae become as the Sorcerers most loving pets.

The fifth year is also the year in which Succubae students receive career counselling from their Head Girls of House. It is during this meeting that they will be advised as to what B.A.T.-level classes they should take in order to qualify for their desired career as a Succubus of a Genie. Fifth year classes consist of influencing the Alchemical Endocrine System Potions of Sorcerers as well as influencing a Sorcerer to take an interest in Herbology; for the differing energetic qualities of the Succubae are associated with plants, which in turn affect the Endocrine System of the Sorcerer. The Succubae also engage themselves in a far more Martial focus concerning the Defence Against the Dark Arts; whereupon a Succubus is taught how to aggressively protect a Sorcerer from negative influences; whether they be internal or external of source. The fifth year Succubae also take a more Martial attitude towards the Transfiguration of a Sorcerers Internal-Self-Image, which if too ingrained of a negative imprint, the Succubae are shown how to tear it apart via Nightmares in order for the Sorcerer to then rebuild his Internal-Self-Image anew in a positive way. The Succube also engage themselves in influencing a Sorcerer to take an avid interest in the History of Magick concerning the Martial Arts in order for him to become more disciplined in his arcane Art; whereupon he observes the Star-Clock of Astronomy, which to point out those Key-Times when to construct Mantric Charms so as to Evoke and hypnotically enamour the Succubae. The Succubae also choose two or more electives during the fifth year. Before the beginning of the year, one Girl is selected by the Arch-Headmistress Diana-Lucifera from each House to become Prefects.


OLYMPIC SUCCUBUS MISTRESS: BETHERIA: She governs over Twenty-Nine Thousand Legions of Succubae". She rules over 42 Educational Departments involved in building Informational-Associative-Fractals all as Virtual Reality Dreams.

The Sixth Year Succubae of the Harem School under the Head Girls are known as 'Hasseki Sultan,' who are otherwise called 'The Seductresses.' (The term of 'Sultan' refers to the Sorcerer whom the 'Hasseki' serve as his most loving servants.) The year is made up of the school Heyokha Clowns; although they aren't generally considered being number one of Grimoire status they associate with the crème de la crème of the Spirit world on a nightly basis, whom keep the school in constant fits of Esoteric laughter since they have the ability to fluidly shape-shift into any Occult clique.



6: GOETIA HEAD GIRLS: Sixth Year: Vassagora, Sitri, Iposi, Stolasi, Orobasi, Seerie, Gaapa

A Sixth Year is a Succubus student who is in her or her sixth year of Magickal education at St Lillitu’s School of Witchcraft and Sorcery is taught in depth how to set up an Informational-Associative-Fractal world of a Dream domain around her self; such a Mind construct of a World will thereby become as her respective Dream domain into which she can 'Abduct' Sorcerers. Sixth years are typically Sixteen to Seventeen years of age, although some may be older, if they have had to repeat a year like Hermione did. The sixth year is the first year in which students sit B.A.T.-level classes. Based on their V.A.M.P. scores, and depending on the minimum requirements of the Mistress teaching the subject at that time, students are allowed to sit any number of classes as long as they meet said requirements. If a Succubus student doesn't meet those requirements, she cannot attend the B.A.T.-level classes, having to repeat the B.A.T. -level classes and the fifth-year exams. Fixed sixth year classes include Wealth Magick, in which a Succubus is taught to influence a Sorcerer to see him self as being financially rich in order to attract wealth to him; this involves the Succubus weaving a Dream domain of a virtual reality around the Sorcerer; the Dream domain reflects back the new Internal-Self-Image of her Master with whom she is in sexual congress with to thereby empower his Microcosmic desire to thence Macrocosmic manifest into his experiential reality.

The Succubae also engage in Death Magick in order to negate any negative imprints of varying false Egos belonging to a Sorcerer, which block the evolutionary progression of his true will. The Succubae are taught how to influence a Sorcerer to practice Meditation for him to then come to an understanding of how his own personality is constructed; this invariably leads to the Sorcerer taking an interest in the History of Magick to thereby gauge how he can construct alternative Magickal Personas. The Succubae also influence the Sorcerer to take Care of Magickal Creatures such as themselves at an advanced level; whereupon the Succubae become as his most loving familiars. While Succubae students do have the opportunity to choose whether they wish to continue in particular subjects, those who begin studying B.A.T.-level subjects in their sixth year are expected to carry on with the subject into the seventh year, and sit the B.A.T. exam in that subject. Sixth year students are initially excited to have more free time, but this extra time is intended to help them study Sorcerers and do their homework, as many, if not all, Mistresses assign more homework and give more difficult lessons in their B.A.T.-level classes. Sixth years may also elect to take part in initiatory Apparition lessons for a fee of thirteen Witches coins, which are acquired when they are Evoked by Sorcerers; whereupon the Succubae sometimes ask the Sorcerers via their Dreams for the Witches coins in exchange for their Sexual services. The Sorcerer is then required to deposit the coins in a small red silk bag sealed with black thread of seven knots, which is then buried in a graveyard at midnight during a full moon. (Witches coins have seven sides.)


OLYMPIC SUCCUBUS MISTRESS: ARATRONIA: She is an Alchemist who governs over Seventeen Million Six Hundred and Forty Thousand Succubae. She rules over 49 Educational Departments involved with affecting the Explicate-Order of Macrocosmic Matter via the Implicate-Ordered Microcosmic realm of the Quantum Dream.

The Seventh Year Succubae of the Harem School under the Head Girl are known as 'Valide,' who are otherwise called "Connoisseurs." (The term 'Valide' refers to a certain experience a Sorcerer can attain when interacting with a Succubus, via whom he can be reborn through.) The year is made up of the Anime-Goth Lolita's, who are very closely related to the Drama Crew most of whom still work in that Coven but after winning their Vamp independence they invariably form their own Coven led by Bat winged Anime loving Gothic Girls.



1: GOETIA HEAD GIRL: Seventh Year: Furcasa

A Seventh Year is a Succubus student at St Lillitu’s School of Witchcraft and Sorcery who is in her seventh and final year of formal Magickal education where she learns how to not only affect Macrocosmic reality but also to physically manifest fer self. Seventh years are typically Seventeen to Eighteen years of age, although some may be older if they have had to repeat a year. Specialised classes include engaging in Sex Magick influence of Sorcerers Lucid Dreams to make highly Erotic; whereupon the Succubae can also practice their Art of Apparition to thereby physically manifest for short durations. The Succubae also learn how to loosen the Dream Body of a Sorcerer via inducing Erotic ecstasy, which the Succubae to initiate for their Master; whereupon he will then experience Astral Travel into the Surreal Erotic worlds of the Succubae. The Succubae are also taught how to influence the Sorcerer to take an interest in Herbology at a highly advanced level since the energetic qualities of the Succubae are associated with plants.

The seventh year contains the most important exams given at St Lillitu’s, the B.A.T.s. Students conclude their B.A.T.-level studies in the seventh year, at the end of which they sit the B.A.T. exam pertaining to each of their subjects. A student in the seventh year would have the same schedule she had in the sixth year, and would sit only those classes in which she received B.A.T.s meeting the minimum requirement of the Mistress for that subject. However, not all students take B.A.T.s, as some Succubus occupations require only V.A.M.P.s. The seventh year involves the Succubae influencing the Neurogenetic (Morphogenetic) Circuit (Buddha-Monad 'Mind') of a Sorcerer, which is concerned with evolutionary consciousness (past and future), DNA-RNA-brain feedbacks (Ancestral, Societal and Scientific). The first Shaman to achieve this mutation spoke of “memories of Past Lives”, “Reincarnation”, “Immortality” etc. This circuit is also stimulated by LSD, higher doses of Peyote or Psilocybin Mushrooms, Raja Yoga, and years of dedicated Meditative practice in general. The circuit is documented among the Hindus in the early first millennium and later reappeared among the Sufi sects of a continued thread. A seventh year Succubus has the ability to manipulate matter as well as to physically manifest for short durations at Key-Times when she desires to do so, whether it be for the Sorcerer who has Evoked her as his personal Night-Gaunt or for other mortals to see her.


A Succubus who has the astute ability to physically manifest as well as having the neccessary power to manipulate physical matter to thereby generate Synchronistic phenomena whom is acting outside of the precincts of the Harem School is known as a "MODERN WOMAN."

One then has the Seven Planetary spheres of the Succubae pointed out around Seven points of a Babalon Star. while at the centre of the Seven pointed Star one has the Eighth Succubus of a Babalon who is otherwise called a "Modern Woman;" whereupon one has Eight types of Succubae whom correlate with the Eight personality types of Women who be their temporal counterparts.

When to read the Key-Words associated with each of the Planetary Spheres, such as Playette, Social Butterfly and the Hopeful Romantic etc, one will , I’m sure Evoke different Women amidst ones Triangle-Of-Art Imagination. But each of the names and that of their Associative Symbolism and Corresponding Memories are just the beginning. Each 'type' of a Succubus and that of her temporal counterpart has such a unique view of the world, that almost every decision she makes is based according to her world view. Going by Vin DiCarlo in his work entitled Pandora’s Box, there are three main world views, which come into play of a Holy Female Trinity.


When one fuses these three world views, with the intricacies of individual personalities belonging to the eight types of females, it is easy to see how one could develop a specific Sorcerers strategy for each of the different types of a Female (Babalon) personality.

As for Vin DiCarlo, he is a dating advisor and coach from Connecticut who appeared upon the world stage of the pick-up-artist in 2006, whose year of a numeralogical association is that of the number Eight; one to thereby wonder if Vin DiCarlo wears an Ordo-Templi-Orientis 'Silver' Babalon 'Star' around his DAATH throat.

Should the Sorcerer enquire as to how a Succubus can achieve such a feat of manifesting physically of Apparition, she to winsomely smile at her Master to relate that everything he to experience through his five Pentagram senses is interpreted by his own brain of a Genies bottle; wherefore all she has to do is to break through his barriers of perception in order to Sixth sense manifest along with everything else he to experience of Seven fold Rainbow veiled Maya.


DAATH: CHAPEL PERILOUS or otherwise called the WOMB CHAMBER OF SECRETS: Chapel Perilous is an Occult term referring to a Psychological state in which an individual cannot be certain if he has been aided or hindered by some force outside the realm of the natural world, or if what appeared to be Supernatural interference was a product of his own imagination. The term first appeared in Sir Thomas Malory's Le Morte d'Arthur as the setting for an adventure in which Sorceress Hellawes unsuccessfully attempts to seduce Sir Lancelot, and was first used as an Occult term by the late writer and Philosopher Robert Anton Wilson (b. 1932 - d. 2007) in his book Cosmic Trigger. According to Wilson, being in this state leads the subject into becoming either stone paranoid or an agnostic. In his opinion there is no third way. However, there is indeed a third way; DAATH is very much associated with the Neurogenetic circuit, which is governed over by the Reptilian-Brain-Stem; the Reptilian-Brain-Stem determines ones depth of Trance and Dream ingress into the Quantum realm of the Dream; although, in order to attain conscious ingress into the Dream one has to capture the Hypnagogic Hymen veil between the pylons of agnostic sleep and paranoid waking to thence penetrate the Vaginal door into the Womb Dream to thereby make Lucid of Awareness.


As for ‘The Womb Chamber of Secrets’ it is set deep under St Lillitu's school, which is the home of an ancient Basilisk, intended to be used to purge the school of those discarnate Girls who still have limited human perceptions. Satana, one of the founders of St Lillitu’s, originally built the Womb Chamber. In this case the Womb Chamber of Secrets purges one of all Human Fear. The Chamber is well-hidden and its entrance is in Melusine’s bathroom on the second floor, which leads down into a dark, slimy Vaginal barrelled uterine shaped stone tunnel. There are many skeletons of animals littering the floor, which mark out Evolutionary time back into prehistory, and even a gigantic skin shed by the Basilisk. The Vaginal tunnel leads to a solid wall, carved with two entwined Serpents with emeralds for eyes. When 'Pythontongue' is spoken of a Charm a Vaginal shaped door opens up into the long, dim corridor of the Vaginal tunnel, lined with monumental statues of Snakes, including two towering stone pillars with more carved Serpents that brace the ceiling. A colossal statue of Satana, looking ancient and most sensual, is at the centre. The Basilisk rests inside the statue and emerges from between its lips like that of a tongue, such as when the Heir of Slytherin, Valuna, had prior summoned it; however another Schoolgirl who was a born again Christian called Mary Mundane discovered Valuna’s secret. In her second year at St Lilitu’s, Hermione uses Pythontongue to open the Womb chamber and destroys the diary containing the embodied memory of Mary Mundane who desired to destroy the school. It is later revealed that the diary was a 'Whorecrux.' Hermione enters the Chamber when opening the Vaginal door by imitating the sounds that she had heard Valuna utilising in order to open Slytherin's Grand Grimoire. Hermione finds a Basilisk fang, which she uses to destroy the Whorecrux made from Helga Utagan's flayed skin.


Melusine’s bathroom contains the entrance to the Womb Chamber of Secrets. The entrance is a sink with a Snake scratched onto the tap, opened by speaking Pythontongue. This causes the sink to open into a Vaginal barrelled uterine pipe large enough for a person to slide down it. At the bottom of this chute is a Vaginal shaped tunnel leading to the Chamber of Secrets. When Mary Mundane opened the Womb Chamber, Melusine was hiding in a stall. When she heard her, she opened the door, saw the Basilisk, and died a second death immediately, becoming as a Serpentine Ghost, which forever repeats its self. Her bathroom remains operational, but is rarely used by students because of Melusine’s disagreeable premenstrual presence and her cyclic habit of flooding it to nigh flood the school when she becomes distraught every full Moon.


CHOKMAH: THE PHILOSOPHERS STONE: The hiding place of the Philosopher's Stone Accessed by entering a Vaginal shaped Vesica Pisces trapdoor in the forbidden corridor on the third floor, and protected by a gauntlet of Seven 'Seal' Magickal challenges set up by the Mistresses. The challenges involve a giant three-headed Bitch of a dog named Cerebusi placed specially to guard the Yoni trapdoor by Mistress Phulia as well as Devil Snare Mandrake's all as astral flesh eating Triffid's, grown by Mistress Ophielia; a Womb room containing dozens of Ankh-Keys, charmed by Mistress Hagitha, which to spawn Bat wings, to thence fly near the ceiling. One of these Ankh-Keys will unlock the Vaginal door to the next section. However, the Ankh-Keys attack the seeker of the Stone. Another challange is that of a large chessboard with a salacious femme-fatale army of large chess-pieces; transfigured by Mistress Ochia; to continue to the Vaginal door on the opposite side, a Succubus or that of a Sorcerer in question must beat the chess-pieces at an orgy game of Witches’ chess where the player must risk her or his life should they lose. A Succubus will thence die a second death to become as a Ghost while a Sorcerer will awaken from out of his vivid Lucid Dream of the School; but he will not be able to ever return, who might just become so drained that he might even die within his sleep. A Succubus will seek the Philosophers Stone in order to physically manifest for however long she desires as well as acquiring great power; as for a Sorcerer, he can attain Immortality; however, a Succubus or a Sorcerer cannot achieve the Stone by themselves alone, both have to work together; hence a Succubus seeks out a Sorcerer to thereby attain her desire and likewise a Sorcerer Evokes a Succubus in order to know the Secret of the Stone. The Sorcerer Faustus Crow and the Succubus Hermione are the only ones to have won the game of Witches’ chess; whose Womb room also has a large and rather perverse Troll Woman inside of it. The Troll woman is Mistress Phalecia's martial challenge. Hermione had knocked out the Troll Woman to get to the last Womb room, whereby Hermione and Faustus Crow did not have to wrestle with it. In the last Womb room there are a series of potions, brewed by Mistress Betheria. A logical riddle, not Magick, has to be solved. There are two Vaginal doors, blocked by Diana-Lucifera-Fire. One potion will allow the person to exit the way he or she arrived, another will allow him or her to continue to the next Womb chamber, two are of Nettle Wine, and the other three are Poison. The Obsidian Mirror of Seers can be found in the final Womb chamber, further enchanted by Mistress Aratronia to bestow the Philosopher's Stone of the Pineal Gland upon a seeker who only desires to acquire the Third-Eye of a Seers stone for self-empowerment but not to use its Secrets for selfish means.


KETHER: THE WOMB ROOM OF REQUIREMENT: NEURO-ATOMIC CIRCUIT:The Womb Room of Requirement is located on the seventh floor opposite an enormous tapestry depicting an image, which is somewhat akin to H.R Giger's painting of Baphomet, betwixt whose spiralling horns Babalon is seen to be sitting astride his bregma crown, whereupon her womb is verily penetrated by Baphomet's third horn of a phallus. The Womb Room of Requirement appears only when a Succubus is in need of it. To make it appear, she must walk past its hidden Vaginal entrance three times while concentrating on what is needed. The Womb room will then appear, outfitted with whatever is required. To the St Lillitu House-Nymphets, it is also known as the Scarlet Whore's Womb.


Diana-Lucifera was first to mention the Womb room, noting that she discovered it at 'Two-Thirty' in the morning, filled with chamber pots when she was trying to find a toilet. However, Diana-Lucifera did not appear to know the Womb room's secrets; but then again she wasn’t telling and no doubt knew about the Womb room all along. A House Nymphet called Desirae later told Hermione of the Womb room in detail and admitted to frequently bringing Winkie to the room to cure her bouts of Henbane Beer-induced drunkenness, finding it full of antidotes and a "nice nymphet-sized bed." Francine Fellatio the French Maid was said to find cleaning supplies here when she had run out; when Fredrica and Georgina Weesley needed a place to hide, it would appear as a broom cupboard. Trellawney also makes a habit of using it to hide her empty sherry bottles after she is sacked. It would seem that when one wishes to hide something the Womb room produces the same abode for everyone, which reflects back ones desires; the Womb room of Hidden Things, is full of many centuries worth of abandoned objects, where on to find broken furniture, ancient Grimiores, such as varying copies of the Necronomicon, arcane treasures and in one case a dead Quintapad, which were presumably forgotten by their owners. It is said that the Womb room allows one to gain ingress into other alternate realities.


Hermione learned of the Womb room's abilities from Desirae, finding it the perfect location for her Diana-Lucifera Army meetings, during which it would be filled with bookcases full of Defence Against the Dark Arts volumes, many different kinds of Dark Detectors, and a plethora of floor cushions for practicing defensive spells. When the school was betrayed by Mary Mundane, the Womb room provided Pansie Parkenson with a list, which listed the members of the Torquemada (Witch Finder) organisation. Hermione also used the Womb room of Hidden Things to stash her copy of Advanced Potion-Making, describing it as the size of a large cathedral and packed to overflowing with items hidden by the St Lillitu inhabitants over the years, such as old potions, clothing, ruined furniture, an old tiara (which happened to be one of Toquemada’s Whorcruxes), or Necronomicon's, which were "no doubt banned, copied or stolen." Hermione later realised that Mary Mundane had been using the Womb room in that state to hide and repair the Vanishing Cabinet to use it to smuggle patriarchal Torquemada Death Eaters into St Lillitu’s. Ironically, the Christian Witch Finders utilise Magick too. While Hermione tries many times to get into the Womb room of Requirement to see what Mary Mundane is doing, the only time she succeeds in getting into the room is when she is 'Not Thinking' about Mary, whereby gaining access into the room where Mary has been working; hence one has a technique to thereby utilise. The power of Silencing ones thoughts allows one to access the hidden Womb room of Babalon betwixt ones horns to verily penetrate into.


The Womb room was also utilised by the student Succubae who needed a place to hide from the Carrions; the Carrions were two shape-shifting Torquemada Death Eaters who had assumed the guises of Mistresses. It is also revealed that the Womb Room of Requirement's current version can change while still occupied, though should a completely different version be required (e.g. the Room of Hidden Things instead of a Luciferic Headquarters) the Womb room must be empty. The Womb room can also answer to the desire of a Sorcerer who accesses the Womb room via his Lucid Dreams; whereupon a Sorcerer can then Evoke one of the Succubae into his presence amidst his Triangle-Of-Art, or that of creating a passage into St Lillitu’s. The Tarot card of the Fool and that of its associated Cabbalistic path is equated with the Womb Room of Requirement, whose card describes the ability of phase shifting between realities, whereupon Succubae can be Evoked from their domain into the world of a Sorcerer or for a Sorcerer to gain access into St Lillitu’s. When a Sorcerer gains Lucid Dream access into St Lillitu's via the Womb Room of Requirement he will find, when stepping out of its Vaginal door that he will either be within the classroom of Charms, to be met by the fourth former Succubae, or the classroom dealing in Apparition, to be greeted by the seventh form Succubae or that of finding him self falling amidst the sixth former Succubae.


The Womb Room of Requirement is associated with the Psychoatomic (Quantum Non-Local) Circuit (Overmind) above ones head, which is concerned with Quantum Consciousness, Non-Local Awareness (information from beyond ordinary Space-Time awareness, which is not limited by the speed of light), Illumination, Out-Of-Body-Experiences, Astral Projection, Contact with Alien entities (which does not necessarily specifically refer to only materially based creatures from outer space, but rather all beings, including e.g. Inter-dimensional beings such as Succubae Angels) or with a Galactic Overmind etc. Some of the ways this circuit can get activated are, the awakening of the Kundalini, Shock, Near-Death-Experiences, intense Orgasm etc. This circuit has even been compared to the Buddhist concept of Indra's net from the Avatamsaka Sutra. Leary associated DMT/Ayahuasca, Ketamine, and high doses of LSD (1,000 mcg) with awakening this circuit.



FIRE: Gryffindor: DOMESTIC-SOCIO-SEXUAL CIRCUIT: House PANDARA is well known for bravery, daring, nerve, and chivalry. The house colours are scarlet and gold, and the house is symbolized by a Snow Leopard. The entrance to the common room is on the seventh floor hidden behind a portrait of the Jaguar Woman. In order to get in to the common room Pandaran students must say the right password.  Gudrun Pandara is the founder of the house, while the house Ghost is Lady Nichola de Mimsie-Porpongton, also known as Nearly Headless Nicky. Some of the students are Harriet Potter, Georgina Weasley, Hermione Granger, Diana-Lucifera, Minerva McGonagull, Rubeus Artemisa, Jenny Flirt and Lilly Potter, Sothis Black, Remmy Lupin, Petra Pettigrew, Ginny Weasley, Lavender Brown, Parvati Patil, Nadine Longbottom, Caren McLaggen, Selene Finnigan, Debbie Thomas, Leanna Jordan, Fredrica Weasley, Gertrude Weasley, Beverly Weasley, Charlotte Weasley, and Patricia Weasley. House Pandara is associated with the Domestic (Socio-Sexual) Circuit (The "Adult" Personality) Imprinted by the first Orgasm-Mating experiences and tribal “morals;” The House Pandara is concerned with Sexual Pleasure, (instead of Sexual reproduction) local definitions of “moral” and “immoral”, reproduction, nurture of the young etc. This circuit is basically concerned with operating within social networks and the transmission of culture across time. This circuit is said to have first appeared with the development of tribes. Leary never associated a drug with it, but some have pointed out that Androgens for males, Estrogens for females and Empathogen-entactogens such as MDEA, MDMA and MDA. Seem to meet some of the requirements needed to activate this circuit.

EARTH: Hufflepuff: BIO-SURVIVAL CIRCUIT: House UTAGAN is well known for loyalty, fair play, honesty, and tolerance. The house is symbolized by a Cave Bear, and the house colours are yellow and black. Its common room is near the kitchens. Helga Utagan is the founder of the house, while the house Ghost is the wacky Waitress. Some of the students are Nymphodora Tonks, Pomona Sprout, Chamomile Diggory, Justina Finch-Fletchley, Zaza Gabor Smith, Hannah Abbotts and Emily Macmillan. The Biosurvival Circuit (The Breath of Consciousness) Imprinted in infancy, concerned with suckling, nourishment, cuddling, bio-security, etc. The imprinting of this circuit sets up the basic attitude of trust or suspicion which will last for life. First activated when a human being is born, and programs perception onto an either-or grid, divided into nurturing-helpful and noxious-dangerous (approach/accept vs. flight/flee). Leary thinks that this circuit is stimulated in adults by Opiate drugs. This circuit is said to have appeared in the earliest evolution of invertebrate brain. This circuit begins with one spatial dimension, forward/back.

AIR: Ravenclaw: LARYNGEAL-MANUAL CIRCUIT: House STRIGAE values wit, creativity, and wisdom. The house is symbolized by a half Woman and half Raven and the house colours are blue and bronze. The Strigae common room is located on a high tower. To enter, rather than give a password, one must answer a riddle from a Raven door knocker, such as "Where do vanished objects go?" or "Which came first, the Phoenix or the flame?"  The house founder is Rowena Strigae; as for The house Ghost she is Helena Strigae, also known as the Grey Pilot. Some of the students are Luna Lovegood, Marjorie Shuttle, Cho Chiang, Roberta Davies, Michelle Cummings, Padima Patil, Trixie Boot and Fiona Flitwick. The House Strigae represents the Symbolic (Neuro-Semantic-Dexterity) Circuit (The Rational Mind) Imprinted by human artefacts and symbol systems; concerned with handling the environment, Invention, Calculation, Prediction, building a “map” of the universe etc. It is associated with physical dexterity and Caffeine, Speed, Cocaine and a high-protein diet activate this circuit. This circuit supposedly appeared first when hominids started differentiating from the rest of the primates.

WATER: Slytherin: EMOTIONAL-TERRITORIAL CIRCUIT: House SLITHERIN values ambition, cleverness, cunning, resourcefulness, and pure blood Witch heritage. The house is symbolized by a Serpent, and the house colours are green and silver. Its common room is in the dungeons through three stones. The password for the 1992–1993 school years was "Pureblood Bitch". Many people believe Succubae sorted into this house often get involved in the Dark Arts. The house founder is Samedhi Slitherin, while the house Ghost is the Bloody Baroness. Some of the students are Mary Mundane, Demona Malfoy, Loba Malfoy, Belladonna Lestrange, Stilba Crabbe, Gertie Goyle, Theresa Nott, Narcissa Malfoy, Andromeda Tonks, Regina Black, Hyacinth Slughorn, Selena Snapper, most of the Black family. Another Ghost associated with this house is Mistress Sheila-na-gig who is often followed by a large group of Orgiastic spectral students. The House Slitherin represents the Emotional-Territorial Circuit (Freud's Ego) Imprinted in the toddling stage, concerned with emotions, domination and submission strategies, territory etc. The first imprint on this circuit identifies the stimuli which will automatically trigger dominant, aggressive behaviour or submissive, co-operative behaviour. This circuit is activated with abundant quantities of Alcohol. This circuit appeared first in territorial vertebrate animals. This circuit introduces a second dimension; up/down.


There are ‘Eight’ known secret Vaginal passages in and out of the school ringed around four quartered Malkuth, and in addition there is the use of twin vanishing cabinets to create a ‘Ninth.’ Francine Fellatio knows just four of these while the Marauders (Remmy Lupin, Petra Pettrigrew, Sothis Black and Jenny Flirt) and the Weasley twins know of seven who discovered the Succubus Hog-Tied Strip Club Vaginal passage, though where some of these Vaginal passges lead is yet unknown. The others are:

1: A Vaginal passage beneath the giant Witches Hanging tree of a sprawling Willow, leading to the Shriek-Owl Shack.

2: A Vaginal passage behind a mirror on the fourth floor, which is caved in. It leads to Hogsmeaden where the Orgiastic Sabbats are conducted, but where in Hogsmeaden it leads to is unknown.

3: A Vaginal passage beneath an Ayin one-eyed Witch statue by the stairs to the Defence Against the Dark Arts classroom, leading to the cellar of the 'Arcane Pornographic Grimoire Bookshop.' Speaking aloud the word ‘Dissendium’ to the Witch allows access to this passage; the legs of the Witch statue then opens up revealing the hidden uterine passageway when entering her Vaginal maw.

4: A Vaginal passage in the Room of Requirement, leading to the Succubus Hog-Tied Strip Club, however due to the nature of the Room of Requirement, it is possible that several passages to different locations could be accessed from it. This Vaginal passage is situated in the Room of Requirement, which cannot be plotted and is therefore not shown on the Cabbala Marauder's Map. There are numerous 'short-cuts' that lead from one part of the castle to another. These are often concealed in such fashions as a tapestry which hides a Yoni Wormhole in the wall. A further link between the two vanishing cabinets, one in the school and the other in 'B' and 'J' in Knock-up Alley presumably worked until the Chamber of Secrets was accessed by Aliese Wilder who had been persuaded by Nearly Headless Nicky to smash the Hogwarts cabinet. The passage was reopened when Demona Malfoy fixed the cabinet. This passage is not shown on the Marauder's Map as it is not part of the castle itself. However, should a Sorcerer acquire the Marauders Map he will then be able to gain entry into St Lillitu’s whenever he desires to do so.


The Forbidden Forest is a large, dark forest around the boundaries of the school grounds. It is usually referred to simply as "The Dark Forest". It is strictly forbidden to all students, except during Care of Magickal Creatures lessons and, on rare occasions, detentions from which the students do not usually return from, unless they are very lucky. Among the recognisable plant species within the Forest are trees looking like beech, oak, pine, sycamore, yew and knotgrass and thorn undergrowth, while in the main the species of plants are quite unknown of ancient origins, many of which can move around as well as feasting upon the life-force of other entities, this is especially the case concerning those unfortunate Succubae who are caught. Though the Forest is vastly dense and wild of a singular organism, there are a few spirit paths and faerie clearings like that of spreading veins penetrating the forest. Artemisa, who frequently travels into the Forest for various reasons, mostly makes these trails. The Forest is also home to an assortment of terrifying predatory creatures whose preferred delicacy is that of Succubae; these creatures are governed over by infernal entities called the Great-Old-Ones whose names are listed in the Grimoire of Abdul Alhazared called the Necronmicon. The individual names of the Great-Old-Ones are often placed around the points of a Druden-Star Hexagram, which in its self is a map, at the midst of the Hexagram is the school of Succubae; the Great-Old-Ones and that of the Dark Forest acts as a barrier from outside intrusions. Only Sorcerers who are versed in the arcane arts can gain access to the school.  


The GWR 666 Class 777 is the St Lillitu Express Ghost train, which is a Magickal train that carries Succubae non-stop from Platform 9¾ at King's Cross station in London to Hogsmeaden Station, near St Lillitu’s. Prefects of the school ride in a separate carriage near the front of the train. The train is utilised by the Succubae Schoolgirls during their Holy-Days at which time they can go and visit those they had left behind, when becoming incorporeal for whatever reason. Their first stop is usually that of contacting various eccentric Mediums via whom the Succubae can contact loved ones or that of haunting their previous abodes causing Poltergeist mischief. However, it is at such times that certain unscrupulous Sorcerers can capture unaware Succubae, should the Sorcerer know where the Succubae frequent; this tends to happen to first years much of the time, who are still learning the ropes of their Spectral existence.


The above tongue in cheek Surrealist merger of Harry Potter's Hogwarts with other Occult elements to fuse together into a Symbolic focus upon Succubae, although done of an imaginative exploration; it does have a serious side in regards to an investigation into Archetypal Symbolism as well as to be utilised as a practical Sorcery application in regards to Dreaming practice.

The practice of conscious Dreaming can bring about a state of 'Morbidity,' whereupon one has an ingrained fixation upon Gothic Symbolism in the Magickal Arts, which is especially the case concerning the Western Occult tradition; however, Morbidity invariably leads to 'depression' and ensuing mental disorders; this can be negated when one utilises humor in league with Erotic Symbolism.

The description of Hogwarts hasn't been changed too much; whereupon the fans of Harry Potter will recognise its integral structure; as for those purists who desire to stick to the Mythology of Harry Potter as described in the books one wil probably notice that Harry Potter's Hogwarts is based upon the Cabbala; but then again the whole school system is based upon the same hierarchal structure of the Cabbala; whereupon the Archetypal Cabbalistic foundation of Hogwarts is that of the educational establishment within which one has unkowingly spent most of ones formative years being educated; hence the Cabbala has made a subliminal imprint upon ones neural-net of a Nervous System, which one was no doubt totally unaware of, whose Hierarchal Symbolism has influenced ones Subconscious Mind. As the saying goes: "have a Child to Teach for Seven years and one controls the Adult."