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The 3 Biggest Poker Tournaments in the World

There are a lot of poker tournaments that you can play in; many of them offer very large sums of money to the winners. That being said there are three events that stand out and which are much larger than any of the other events. The main reason that these events are bigger than the others is that they are able to attract all of the top players.

The biggest poker tournament in the world by far is the World Series of Poker. This is the tournament that made poker famous and it is the one that still attracts the most attention. The World Series of Poker actually involves several different tournaments but one of them is far bigger than all of the others, that is the Main Event. This is the event that everybody wants to win, mainly because it has a prize that currently approaches ten million dollars. It is also the most prestigious event in the world so winners know that they will become well known as poker stars.

The next biggest poker tournament in the world is the World Poker Tour final. The World Poker Tour is a series of events that attract many of the best players in the world. While all of the events are a big deal the final one of the season is the biggest. The prize money available in the final event is usually about twice what it would be at the other events. This means that all of the top players enter the final event which makes winning it a much bigger deal than winning one of the regular events would be.

The third biggest event in the world of poker is the European Poker Tour final event. The European Poker Tour was set up following the huge success of the WPT and it operates on the same model. There are a series of events with one final event at the end of the season that is worth a lot more. The EPT tends to attract the top players from all around Europe although a lot of the best younger players also go since they are able to start playing before they are twenty one.

While the big three poker tournaments are the ones that everybody wants to win they are far from the only big events. There are in fact lots of great events out there. In large part the more prize money that is offered the bigger the event will be. This is because it can easily attract the best players. As a result it is very possible that over the next few years a new event will come along that will unseat one of the big three events and become one of the biggest poker tournaments in the world.

Knowing the difference between online and live poker

Poker enthusiasts have two options if you want to win some money using your poker skills. You can walk in to a real casino or enjoy a round of poker from the comforts of your own home. Whether you play online poker or prefer testing your skills at other great casino games, the thrill and challenges are there but you can expect some differences.

The obvious difference is the setting of the game. In a live poker game, you see the other players and interact with them. You are able to talk to them and read their poker tells. During an online poker session, the only way you can interact with the other players is thru the online poker room’s chat box.

There is a ton of information you can get when you play live. You will be able to observe mannerisms, body language, faces, hear their comments and rants. With online poker, you have simple hits with how fast or slow they play, how they chat, and you can also play on multiple poker tables.

Live poker means you will have the chance to read the other poker players. Reading poker tells gives you a big advantage for those who still cannot and you can really pounce on them. The social interaction also makes one take care of his or her bank roll with more care.

Online poker gives you a ton of choices when it comes to choosing the money table you want to join. You will have your choice of poker variations, stakes, and level of skills. There are also heads up cash tables which you can only find on online poker. For those who want to play simultaneously, you can also play on multiple tables.

Being aggressive with drawing hands

Usually poker analysts will tell you to try and play a drawing hand as cheaply as you can. You can do this by calling or checking as you try to make a straight, flush or other drawing hands. This can be profitable but if you want a chance to rake in more money, then you have to play these drawing hands with some aggression.

You can play drawing hands aggressively by betting out or raising. This move goes against making some money the cheapest way possible with drawing hands but there are also advantages to this move. Being aggressive with drawing hands is a move advisable for advanced poker players who have a good grasp of reading the other players and reading situations.

Being aggressive can win you chips if you end up getting the best hand or when your opponents fold. Aggression can also open some doors for you in case you do not have the best cards. Aggression also makes your opponents less concerned that you are playing drawing cards which plays to your advantage.

Betting on a draw also puts in money to the pot which may force other players to help you the correct pot odds for some raises and totally have control of round.


5 Tips for gaining some success in Poker Tournaments

If you are thinking of stepping up into the next level of your poker game and contemplating on joining a tournament, you might find our tips below useful so you will be successful in poker tournaments.

Play to grab a win, not simply to cash

Poker tournaments feature a top heavy payout structure where the final table give out about 10 times the lowest of payouts. So your mindset should really be reaching the final table, and succeeding several times to get to that point is really profitable than just cashing out.

Be the Agressor, not simply the caller

In all forms of poker, being aggressive and positive is a good attitude. When you are playing medium or small stack, the attitude of being aggressive is very important. Remember that you don’t want to be the one making the hard decisions.

Target inexperienced opponents and take their chips

There is still some risk playing with inexperienced players but you have to make sure that you take the chips from the fish. If you don’t take advantage of them, someone else at the table will. Once the chips are on a more experienced player’s stack, they will be harder to get.


Tips on How to play on a Tight Table

Ace King SuitedPoker tables with tight poker players can spell a profitable game for someone who knows how to adjust his strategy properly. Some adjustments must be done so you can avoid tricks played by your opponents post flop.

A tight table features players that play very few poker hands and they also tend to just stick to the best cards they get before entering a pot. The number of hands they play can be as low as 10%. When they play their card expect that they will raise since the cards are most likely strong ones. They will not likely let go of the strong hand since they have waited for sometime to play.

It will be a lot easier to read tight players compared to loose poker players. Take note that it will be wiser not to call a raise from a tight player but be open to raise yourself when you want to build the pot. Most likely tight players will re-raise but also has a high chance of folding when shown enough strength.

You also need to consider your position on the table when playing with tight players. Study your position from the dealer button and the pre-flop raiser. A late position may be beneficial, allowing you to study your opponents more and see if they really have strong hands.


Free Poker Lesson from The Professor

Full Tilt Poker GOD and high limit Hold’em Poker Player Howard Lederer.

I love the drama he’s giving in the first part of the video. SOUNDS PROFESSIONAL, HOWARD.

Funny detail: Howard himself is uberdonk when it comes to No Limit (I guess he could beat the free games, though). :D

YouTube Preview Image

As a true online gamer and online poker player I rarely visit the real online casino sites simply because I am looking for EV+ spots -- but every once in a while I might just go ahead and play a couple hands of Pai Gow -- just because I love it -- and when I do: I use Maple Casino because their interface is "the bomb".

Ylon Schwartz with a HUGE laydown

Keep in mind, this is a FINAL TABLE of a WORLD SERIES OF POKER MAIN EVENT. This is a monster, but Ivan Demidov fails to get paid off by Ylon Schwartz on this 4M river bet. I’m hugely impressed by Ylon, and I’m sure we’ll see way more of him in the future!

YouTube Preview Image

Team Full Tilt now with online genius Tom Dwan

Probably the best ever online poker player Tom “durrr” Dwan is joining Team Full Tilt, the famous collection of name pros that travel the circuit and play in the high visibility games on television (which includes players like Mike Matusow and Erick Lindgren)

YouTube Preview Image

Carbon poker room

Playing poker on the internet has revolutionized the online gaming business. Millions are minted because of this lucrative business. The tradition of playing poker in a casino has undergone a sea change with the launch of online poker games.Carbon Poker Online Poker Room The world has now become a global village thanks to the internet. Players from different corners of the world can log onto the internet and play poker. Poker sites have become a great meeting ground for players where they display their diverse playing styles and make money.

One such online poker room is the carbon poke room which was incepted in 2005 under the primary domain name of and the name was transformed to its current name in 2007. This is one of the best rooms for all the low limit poker players and one of the significant highlights is that it functions as an independent poker room.

The player traffic is satisfactory as per the industry standards. The peak hour witnesses a decent traffic of 2000 players which is growing in stable manner. The rapid increase in tournament traffic owes its number increase to the excellent free rolls offered to players.

The quality of players is not very great but it does have its share of seasoned players. A lot of nascent poker players are registered hence the chances of winning are high for the veterans.


Sammy Farha busts Oliver Hudson in the first hand of WSOP Main Event

Live poker is awesome. Sam Farha is such a genius – I just love it. :D

YouTube Preview Image

“I had to win the first hand, though.” :D