The Coryton Refinery

The Coryton Refinery is located on a 586 acre site in southeast England, approximately 40 kilometers east of London, on the Thames Estuary. The site was originally commissioned in 1953 by the Vacuum Oil Company, a subsidiary of Mobil, and was purchased by Petroplus in 2007. It is an integrated atmospheric-vacuum distillation, fluid catalytic cracking refinery with a total throughput capacity of 220,000 barrels per day.

Product Supply and Distribution

The crude oil supply arrives at one of the five jetties located on site. Products are distributed primarily in the south east of England and some gasoline and fuel oil, portions are exported outside of the U.K. We typically sell the majority of our output to oil majors, resellers, industry and retail petrol stations. Products are shipped from the on-site truck-loading rack, oil product pipeline and marine facilities, enabling stable distribution into the local markets.

Technical aspects

Coryton has a crude oil throughput capacity of 175,000 barrels per day and up to an additional 65,000 bpd of other feedstocks. The refinery is a fully integrated catalytic cracking/alkylation refinery with substantial naphtha upgrading capabilities including a Continuous Catalytic Reformer and an isomerisation unit. The refinery is also a major producer of bitumen for the UK market. The Coryton Refinery is the most complex of Petroplus' sites with a Nelson Complexity of 12.0.

Coryton Refinery contact details

Petroplus Coryton Refinery

The Manorway


Essex SS17 9LL


Hotline for safety issues: +44 (0) 1375 673310

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