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A patch you may need if you use XP

Several people on the team have been tracking down an error reported by a customer that is reported from C# Express.           It took some time but they found that there is... read more

New .NET Gadgeteer board from the Mountaineer Group

2 weeks ago I talked about a new port from the newly formed Mountaineer Group.  Last week they were back.  They announced that they have created a new open source hardware platform on that... read more

New Contributions from the Mountaineer Group

Today the first public Beta of the NETMF port to the STM32 F4 was announced by the Mountaineer Group . The Mountaineer group is a neat collaboration that is just being announced between Oberon... read more

A Surprise from Secret Labs

Getting a surprise from Secret Labs is, well, no surprise but this is one that I wouldn’t have predicted.  Today Chris announced that they are selling a new Netduino board – the Netduino... read more

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Showing Off

 NETMF Codeplex Link

A really great presentation by Pete Brown

     Pete Brown at the P&P Symposium

Pete gives a really good overview of the NETMF and Gadgeteer landscape here.

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