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Kamal Khan is the Winner of Saregamapa Singing Superstar 2010

Written on December 25, 2010 – 7:10 pm | by admin |

Winner of saregamapa super star singer is kamal khan… Abilasha is announced 1st runner up..Here are videos of Saregamapa Singing Superstar 2010 finale

Saregamapa Singing Superstar – 25th Dec 2010 Video Update – part 1

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  • At 2010.12.25 22:05, Seema said:

    From the remaining candidates Abhilasha was a real star, Most of the time Kamal has sang Punjabi songs or Hindi /sufi song with Punjabi folk Music all the time the same type if Saregamapa is thinking of versatile singer there were more good singers there,but this is how the reality shows work. It is very unlikely that the right person wins. I also think that Vishal-Shekhar’s strategy has worked to speak about their team person to win.

    • At 2010.12.27 00:44, Renuka Kulkarni said:

      Seema, this pretty much sums up my feelings. Although Kamal has a good voice quality, he is not versatile. Vishal Shekhar have always given him more credit than he deserves. Kamal has always sung sufiana songs and has been praised inspite of that. Abhilasha was more deserving , but that’s how everything is politicized in India. I had expected Vishal-Shekhar to do better than that. But even they can’t get over their ego and support the right candidate.

      • At 2010.12.27 08:59, Vijay said:

        “Naach na jaane aangan Tedha” The public which supported kamal is Foolish as claimed by seema & Renuka. It seems that public had shattered their dreams of Abhilasha as winner. That’s why they are feeling being insulted in their own eyes.

    • At 2010.12.26 10:04, Sam said:

      Well, they all were very good singers but Kamal was for better than anyone out there. I am glad he won. Abhilasha is vey good but no competition with Kamal. I wish all of them good luck.,,

      • At 2010.12.26 10:31, yogita said:

        kamal is d best of all that is why he is d winner

        • At 2010.12.26 10:33, yogita said:

          kamal is d best that is why he is d winner

          • At 2010.12.26 10:34, yogita said:

            kamal you r the best in the world .

            • At 2010.12.26 10:35, yogita said:

              kamal is d best that is why he is winner

              • At 2010.12.26 15:20, sanjeev said:

                yes, kamal u will soon find ur self among the singer like rahat,nusrat,shankar mahajan and many more…..u r unique and the best ihope.

                • At 2010.12.28 02:13, Ravinder Kaur said:

                  We all have our own arguments and belief that this person is good or this person is not that good. Also certain people feel that singer should be verstaile ( thats like jack of all tardes and master of none ) . Well Kamal did choose punjabi or sufi but question is , can Ablisha sing those songs . If i remember he did sing commercial songs . Each person is unique in his own way . Abhilasha is a good singer and so was sungandha mishra and suniti . Infact lot of good male voices also left the show in b/w . That does not mean they are not good singers . Each of them were different . But yes reg Kamal , very few times he miss SUR and in that way no other singer can be compared with him .

                  Well win or lose does not mean much ; its the spirit of participating that mattes .

                  If something actually came out of thsi competition is SUNITI MISHRA , girl is amazing and one in million in terms of original voice . With little more trg , she will go miles and miles ahead in race .

                  • At 2010.12.29 07:42, vinay said:

                    hi buddy,

                    everybody have its own opinion. but d thing is that which contested hv a good sur,taal,lai that person deserve. so kamal khan is one of them. he is d best among all the participate.

                  • At 2010.12.28 03:33, subhsh moudgil said:

                    i am Dr professionaly but heartly a lyricist
                    i don agree with the final results of sare ga ma….with reasons that…whenever a singer is performing…gahazl(ranjeet) in that case every other singer would perform ghazal…not any other song like punjabi or folk or classical or thumri or thappa…b’coz every contestant should be judged on same base….
                    e.g. all audience dont knw the depth of ghazal…so they cast their max vote to the punjabi folk….

                    • At 2010.12.29 06:32, rejina said:

                      hi kamal you are rocking, you are rockstar i am yous A/C not fan good luck…… love uuuu

                    • At 2010.12.29 14:14, sam said:

                      I believe from the begining of the show that khurram is the best singer among all. It was a great loss that he was eliminated earlier.

                      • At 2010.12.30 10:58, Shruti said:

                        What i don’t get is just because its a reality competition contestants have to be versatile…kamal is brilliant in the genre he sings and thats what ultimately counts cos when u get into the industry they arent gonna make you sing songs that don’t necessarily suit your voice.. they need someone who can sing keeping their sur and taal in place and with feel the last one which i strongly feel abhilasha lacks.. she pays too much attn to her sur nd in the process misses out on the feel of the songs and it sounds mechanical.. Kamals performaces endear the heart.. We all know that if ranjeet would have gotten to the finals he would become big in ghazal industry similarly Kamal will in the Sufiana industry..

                        • At 2010.12.31 11:20, happy said:

                          kamal voice is natural n touch deep of heart…

                        • At 2011.01.03 02:56, sushant said:

                          I’d predicted Kamal as the winner for several reasons. He has a natural voice and he’s true to himself. When he sings he connects to the power above. Among contenstants, he’s the only one who comes from a humble background; he desereved the crown. Everyone is a great singer in their capacity, but sadly there’s only one who walks away with the trophy. Mature audiences demonstrate true spirit and accept the results with humility. I’m from Odisha but I don’t agree that Sniti was smart enough for a final spot. She surely has an amazing voice, but at national level you need much more than that. Kamal has to work on his X factor attributes. Zee only offers a platform; if you can’t improve yourself, your a has-been a year after. How many songs Kunal Ganjewalla is being offered these days? Look at how Sonu Nigam has worked on his himself. This is how Kamal should approach his career else he might end up being just another Abhijit Sawant :) But I’ve been a fan of Kamal’s sufi songs and I’d like him stay humble and become a better singer. Congrats & All the best to him!

                          • At 2011.01.21 15:58, supriya said:

                            Good saying no doubt U R true but till todate the voted winner are not still established singer in bollywood. I would like to repeat our Lata didi’s word that ” when you sing a new song then you can find ur real position” so god bless them, all top five are good singers. and this time no fight of judgefor roti. so thanks to saregama pa

                          • At 2011.01.03 02:57, sushant said:

                            And, Happy New Year to all my fellow commentators out here :)

                            • At 2011.01.25 13:33, ramanjeet maan said:

                              kamal is best singer .ramanjeet maan mansa punjab