Friday, July 6, 2012

Birdbath Makeover Tutorial

Happy Friday Everyone! I hope the week has been good to you and that you have great things planned for your weekend.
 Remember when I told you how my birds were not very happy with this here
Come on, would you be?
So, I decided to give the ole birdbath a makeover, this was a first and won't be a last based on the beautiful results.
Supplies Needed for this project:
  • Nasty bird bath that needs some TLC
  • Old plates or tiles for inset- for this project I used 6-8 small plates
  • Hammer to break up tile or ceramic plates
  • Non-Toxic spray paint for stone birdbath. I used some left over White Ultra Hard Enamel Appliance Epoxy from Rust-oleum since it is moisture resistant
  • quick set concrete to secure tiles or ceramic
  • Safety glasses to eliminate flying debris in your eyes
  • Work gloves to help minimize sharp pieces piercing your skin
  • Small bucket for your pieces
First step is to clean and sand down your birdbath. Remove any dirt,water or loose paint
Spray the inside and outside edge of the birdbath with your spray paint. You do not need to cover the inside of the birdbath since your concrete will be covering it. Let dry
Next you will want to begin smashing your tile or plate pieces with a hammer. Safety glasses are suggested so you don't get flying debris in your eyes.
Do NOT smash your plates from the front side or this will happen
Smashing from the back side reduces sharp pieces from flying and cutting body parts - yes that's blood from a cut on my finger.
This is the proper way to smash the plate
Gather your pieces with your gloves on and place them in a bucket
Prepare your concrete mixture according to directions. I used Quick Set for this project. Pour a small to medium layer on the bottom of your birdbath.
Smooth out the concrete on the bottom of your birdbath making sure to not cover up your sides. Your painted sides should be exposed.
Place your tile or broken plate pieces in the concrete with any sharp edges submerged in the concrete, as we don't want to hurt the birds
Let dry. Paint the remainder of the birdbath base, being careful not to paint the inside of your birdbath.
Last thing, fill with water and watch your birds enjoy there amazing space!
Perhaps this will be your weekend project. If so, let me know how it turned out!

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Birdbath Makeover (No more Angry Birds)

Talk about Angry Birds. For months those things have been bathing in this-well,not so pretty birdbath
Didn't seem right since I was enjoying my book and my bubbly
and bathing here
So to rid myself of the guilt from watching those poor birds suffer
 (and suffer they did), I decided to give the birdbath a bit of a makeover the other day and did this
 And this- turned out lovely, don't ya think?
And I am happy to say that the birds are happy and will not be flying South any longer! Now if only I can get that Angry Bird song out of my head
If you have bird guilt (and I know some of you do), click here and I will help you get rid of it and show you how I did this makeover.
Have a wonderful 4th of July Holiday!
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