foto friday 18 {curacao beaches}

HAPPY FRIDAY, Y’ALL!  Said in an exuberant tone with a sigh of relief .  :)

If you’ve been reading along you know we’ve had a stressful week in real life.  And, because I am a moron crazy, I have also decided to tackle a living room overhaul throughout the next 8 weeks.  I am definitely still looking for you to share your living room inspiration here if you have any.  Please!

Soooo, I thought it only fitting that we relax at the virtual beach this foto friday.  These are all pictures from our 2 1/2 years here, as I have not seen a beach up close and in person, other than the dog beach, in quite awhile.  But, I’ve got my umbrella drink ready and we’re settling into the beach chair now.  :)

I went back to the very beginning to find this one.  We got married shortly before we moved here and I had bought these flip flops from The Nest that said JUST MARRIED on the bottom when I walked in the sand.  Awwww.  ;)
Ok, now we’re settled in.


I never realized I liked taking pictures of my feet at the beach.  :)

And, how about a picture of the beach from a boat?

Ahhhh, now I’m relaxed.  You?

See you next week!!  :)

fourth of july {105 ideas for your celebration}

Newsflash:  We don’t live in the US.  :)  If this is news to you,  Welcome!  You’ve probably never been here before.  :)

We haven’t been privy to a 4th of July celebration for a few years now but, I have seen some seriously fun 4th of July party decorations, recipes and ideas all around.  And, yes, I know I am a day late, and usually a dollar short.  But, I thought it would be fun to put these great ideas together as a resource for next year or next weekend.  For whenever you need a little red, white and blue in your celebration, really.  A round-up of round-ups, of sorts.

But, before we get started I am thrilled, and pretty giddy, to be guest posting over at Primitive & Proper today, divulging a little secret about my feelings.  So, stop over and check it out … but you may want to pin this page first.  :)

105 Fourth of July Celebration Ideas

21 Last Minute Fourth of July ideas put together by Tatertots and Jello.

22 Great ways to decorate using the American Flag by Home Stories A to Z.
I love this bandana table runner idea from Martha Stewart.  Rustic and thrifty, two of my favorite things.

How about this, watermelon and crumbled blue cheese makes an easy side dish with all of the right colors.  Well, it’s called ‘blue’ cheese, from Good Housekeeping.

Love these sparklers in cool bottles as a centerpiece by Southern Living.

20 DIY ideas as collected by I heart Naptime.  Including this awesome pallet flag by Mom 4 Real.

18 Recipes, Decor, Printables and more from Domestically Speaking.

22 Fourth of July Wreath ideas collected by Brightness.  Including this felt masterpiece by Capital B.

fourth-of-july-wreath21 fabulous fourth recipes compiled by none other than The Food Network.  And you know this Mainah loves a Lobstah Roll.

Wow, this definitely makes me miss having a little gathering with friends and family on a holiday weekend.  I hope you are doing exactly what makes you happy this weekend.

And tell me, do you have a favorite Fourth of July decor item, tablescape or recipe I need to check out?  Please let me know in the comments, I’d love to check it out.

function over form {the bedroom}

Happy Fourth of July everyone!  It has been a crazy week around here, to say the least.

Warning:  This is not at all about a project, decor idea, tip, tutorial or other DIY relevant topic.  This is about when real life happens and the desire for a space to be beautiful doesn’t even remotely exist.  When a room’s one and only purpose is to function in real life.

When it doesn’t bother you in the least when your ‘master bedroom’ looks like this.
When you get some very tough news and one of your first thoughts is ‘we should put the bed on the floor’.

Even though you live in a breadbox, and use the space under the bed as storage and that decision means the items ‘in storage’, and even your box spring, end up here.

And it doesn’t even occur to you that a weeks worth of clothes are piled up on a chair, and sheets and a blanket are strewn on the nightstand who’s drawers aren’t even pretending to be closed, until you take pictures with an entirely different focus in mind.

When you can’t help but think of the days when your 90 pound puppy slept above your head on your pillow every. single. night.

Well, other than the nights she cuddled under the covers at our feet.  And growled whenever we crowded her.  :)

That sweet puppy of ours is now 9 years and 327 days old, and not as nimble, or agile and cannot leap onto the bed tall buildings in a single bound.

And we found out last week that she had a tumor on her spleen the size of a small melon.  :(

So, we spent most of the weekend doing stuff like this and this.

And most of Monday like this.

And this.
That’s Mico still hooked up to her iv post surgery, a daddy looking lovingly on with our cooler of beverages propping up our laptop playing the movie “Crazy Stupid Love”.

If I’m gonna spend the day in a 3 x 4 foot concrete kennel, there’s no one else I’d rather do it with, that is for sure.

And I am so incredibly thankful that we take too many bad pictures, go to the beach in the rain and let her eat steak and eggs every once in a while.

She has always been the life of the party, in the ”Oh no, look who’s causing trouble again” kind of way.

She doesn’t make dog friends easy, but she never met a person with food she didn’t like.

She could not love us more if she tried. And the feeling is absolutely mutual.

I do apologize to all of you who have left unanswered comments, and whose emails I have not replied and whose blogs I have not visited.  I appreciate it all and apologize for not reciprocating right now.  Real life is happening, and I’m slumber partying on a mattress on the floor soaking it all in.  :)

For those of you who are interested to see the one DIY project in the bedroom that does still look awesome, even though it is surrounded by the madness about please click here.

And, if you haven’t seen the DIY canvas silhouettes I made with our beautiful girls as models check them out here.  No vinyl cutting machine or fancy tools required.

And, if you didn’t hear about Blogging without Borders and my plea for inspiration help, pretty please click here.

Here’s to everyone letting a little real life get in the way every once in a while.  :)

taco seasoning {tip}

It’s that time again.  The first Monday of the month where we share an easy peasy, super simple, somewhat silly to post about project or tip.

And today marks a milestone on this here blog.  The first ever and, if you’re lucky, the last cooking tip.

Now, you really can’t even call it a cooking tip.  It’s much more, something-random-I-discovered-last-week-while-making-tacos.

And, by ‘making tacos‘ I totally mean using a packaged mix to season hamburg to taste like taco meat. :)

Here’s what happened.  I couldn’t find my measuring cup so … wait for it … I just used the seasoning mix packet for my water. Have you ever done that before?  Please tell me this is monumental to at least one of you.  Please!  :)
Clearly, I found the measuring cup.  I was really curious how close I was to the suggested* amount. I couldn’t have gotten closer if I tried!

*Tell me I’m not the only one who considers all amounts and instructions on a recipe to be mere suggestions.  :)

So, the tip is – fill the seasoning packet to about 1 inch from the top and you have 2/3 of a cup AND you get the last bits of seasoning out of the packet which makes for gross looking water pictures.  And you don’t dirty a measuring cup. Bonus!

What do you think, am I taking our ‘it’s a cinch’ theme too far with this one? It really seemed brilliant to me upon discovery … however, somewhat silly upon typing up the post.

Now, don’t forget to check out these other cinchy ideas that are sure to not disappoint.  :)

July It's A cinch AndreaJuly _its-a-cinch-Painting_Project_Thumbnail (2) Kari

July It's A cinch Kelly

room inspiration {living room ideas}

Calling all readers!  I NEED help!  Like, serious help.  Like, I almost backed out of doing this little series because I am shakin’ in my flip flops.  (Take a second to picture that … it’s funny.) :)

What series, you say?
Blogging without Borders we’re calling it, and along with 13 of some of my favorite blogs we have committed to stretching our DIY limits and working on projects we’ve never tried before.  And I am more than a teensy bit nervous about said commitment.

I am not going to scare you all off with a ton of before pictures, instead, I’m going to scare you off with show you my plan.  ;)
Here we go, over the next 8 weeks I’m going to try to:
1. Build floating shelving  - I am still in love with my one screw gallery wall, but I have limited space to work with in this breadbox and I’ve got the fiddling bug so I’m excited to create a space I can accessorize, re-accessorize, scooch, shift and adjust at random. :)
2. Make a new piece of wall art – I have a few ideas, but we’ll see what happens.
3. Build a coffee tableRemember that 16 foot long piece of beautifully distressed wood I found at the beach? Who wants to make her into a coffee table for me? ;)
4. Give the side tables a new look - Think of the swaggiest swag bag items.
5. Make these same couches unrecognizable – Cross your fingers!

My hope is to end up with a much more cohesive look with beach and rustic elements.  But, where to start?  Seriously, who has made shelves before?  Do you have any tips for building them, hanging them, styling them, buying them?  I NEED to know.

So, you know what I did?  I asked for help.  Have you ever heard of

It is an incredible resource for all the things you’re talking about your home.  Get it? :)  Hometalk is starting to become my go-to for sharing my DIY, home improvement and outdoor living projects, as well as finding tips for projects I’d like to accomplish.  Do you want a place you can ask the advice of industry professionals?
So, here’s what I want to do, instead of hosting a link party on this lil’ blog, I’m thinking it’d be cool if you all head over to Hometalk and share your projects that you’ve completed that will help me with my living room makeover.  What do you say?!?

AND, you don’t have to be a blogger to join.  Like DIY?  Have a project or yard you’d like to share?  Want to e-mingle with fellow DIYers and industry professionals?  Hometalk is the place.

But, if you are a blogger, I have to say … your projects will get some great exposure.  The Hometalk people behind the scenes regularly share inspiring ideas to their Facebook page that has over 382,000 followers!  Look what I found over there one day …
So, do you think you can help me by posting your shelving ideas to Hometalk?  And then maybe booking a flight to Curacao for a little vacation hands on DIY help.  :)

Like any normal link party, I will be pulling inspiration from all of your links and posting features here on my blog because I, too, have 382,000 followers so please let me know if you get in on the fun and post your projects to Hometalk!

AND, you have got to check out what my fellow bloggers in crime are doing to stretch their own DIY limits.  Beach schmeach … we’re Blogging without Borders this summer!  ;)

Amy @ Buffalo Roam, Dana @ Crafted Niche, Jaime @ Crafty Scrappy Happy, Heidi @ Décor & More, Tisha @ Delectable Home, Shannon @ Fox Hollow Cottage, Kirby @ Kirb Appeal, Holly @ Life as a Thrifter, Cassie @ Primitive & Proper, Debbie @ ReFresh ReStyle, Jessica @ Stay At Home-ista, Karah @ the space between, Laura @ Top This Top That and Kelly @ View Along the Way.

So … let the inspiration sharing begin!!  Thank you all in advance for all of your ideas.  :)

*I am one of the bloggers working as a Hometalk Ambassador. I have been compensated for my time and commitment to the program. However, my opinions are entirely my own and I have not been paid to publish positive comments.*