Annual turnover rate is 90% in TDCJ's private prisons

Amongst the interesting statistics in the Texas Senate Criminal Justice Committee's interim report on private prisons (PDF), was the shocking statistic that TDCJ-contracted private prisons have a 90% annual staff turnover rate.  The report also presented numbers on differences in guard pay between public and private facilities.

"The wages and benefits paid to employees of private contractors are generally lower than that paid to employees of state-operated facilities... Correctional officer salaries in the private prisons vary among facilities, with the highest peaking at slightly more than $24,000 annually."

For comparison to this figure, TDCJ Director Brad Livingston told the Austin American Statesman ("Big raises sought for prison workers," August 14) that starting pay for correctional officers in public facilities is $26,016, and the maximum salaries range from $34,624 to $42,242. This means the lowest-paid TDCJ guard's annual salary is $2,000 more than the highest-paid guard at TDCJ-contracted private prisons.

This probably contributes to the high turnover at private facilities noted in the report:           

During FY 2008 the correctional officer turnover rate at the seven private prisons was 90 percent (60 percent for the five privately-operated state jails), which in either case is higher than the 24 percent turnover rate for TDCJ correctional officers during FY 2008.

It's hard to understand how ANY organization can operate with 90% staff turnover.


90% turnover

It's easy to understand how these people can run an organization with a 90% turnover, as long as as the public continues to ignore the problem, which is inadequate pay to experienced prison guards, the prisons will continue to hire poorly trained and a lower class of employee at a lower rate of pay. After all who cares? It's just our safety that's at stake. The Public in general is at fault for this dilemma. We the people give no thought to the care and management of offenders after the convictions and therefore cannot justify adequate pay to the officers who are entrusted to carry out the courts orders.

I dont think most people

I dont think most people realise how difficult and dangerous the job is before they sign up. They are not prepared properly through the training period and then simply cannot handle it once they are assigned to a unit to work. Corrections is possibly one of the most dangerous jobs available. This article looks at the reasons why:

Corrections is a joke

I work at pvt jail  . I had to take a 2 week  TDCJ pre service class ( it was a joke ) and now im on the  floor . The management is a joke where i work . A county jail does not need a warden ( tdcj inmates housed there or not )

I am fed up with the bullshit tactics and SOME of the part time tdcj bosses .  My captain is a retired tdc boss ( 30 years ) and he thinks this way " If you don't do it my way , you won't make it in corrections ANYWHERE " .  I am so tierd of this bullshit . This job is a bullshit job but , i can't quit .

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