Imagine Dil Se ceases broadcast in UK

6th July 2012    23:51

Imagine Dil Se leaves UK digital platform

Imagine Dil Se leaves UK digital platform

Imagine Dil Se has bid adieu to UK viewers after it was pulled off from the Sky Digital EPG.

It was announced in April that parent company Turner Broadcasting System Asia Pacific (TAVP) was closing down the loss making channel.

Imagine TV, which was known as NDTV Imagine before Turner Asia Pacific Ventures (a wholly owned subsidiary Turner Broadcasting System) bought the channel in 2009, has struggled in the ratings. Turner completely acquired NDTV Imagine in February 2010 and renamed it as Imagine TV.

Imagine Dil Se, the name as it was known as in the UK, was relying on rerun programmes for the past few months as original shows were axed.

The channel went off air earlier this evening before being removed by Sky from EPG channel 831.


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  • Nas

    OMG! i don’t get it, what was so wrong with that channel. I WANT IT BACK!

  • Haven

    I enjoyed watching imagine dil se. I am missing it very much.

    How can I continue to watch the programmes

  • Asif

    ndtv should have replace it with ndtv lifystyle or sumthing ,,,

  • Jkl

    Thanks its gone

  • Punjabi Kingzzz

    missing KMH 3 :(

  • Parmjit

    The channel won’t be coming back it’s history now but it was a great channel not only will the channel be missed but also its programming such as ‘Dwarkadheesh’ hope they bring this programme back onto a new channel.

  • Pri V

    Channel will be missed

  • Kajolthebabe

    How can I watch imagine dil se now?

  • Kajolthebabe

    I’m not happy at all. It’s like there is something missing in my life with out imagine dil se channel. & all the episodes I’m missing out on. If it’s possible could u put the channel back on please. Thanks in advance.

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