Claim Forms/Certificates

The Bona Vacantia Division does not use claim forms such as the one that was referred to him recently by a concerned person(click here to view the form). Any communication which includes this form or similar will be a scam – do not reply to it.


Bogus unsolicited e-mails are circulating claiming to be from this office.

Please note that the Bona Vacantia Division does not send out unsolicited e-mails. Any unsolicited e-mails will be a scam – do not reply to them.

We will always use official written correspondence. We will only use e-mail communication after a customer indicates to us that they wish to communicate in this way.

We will only seek personal information when you have already corresponded with a member of the Division. We do not seek money from members of the public.

The Division has only one e-mail address dealing with new cases:


The Bona Vacantia Division does not communicate via Skype or any other similar electronic media under the name of Paul Jenkins QC or any other named member of the Division or Treasury Solicitor’s Department. If you receive any official communication in this way it will be a scam – do not reply to it.

If you have any doubt as to the validity of any communication purporting to be from this office then please contact:

Reporting crime

You can obtain further information and advice about frauds and scams, and how to report such crime to the police, at