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File 133418983383.jpg - (161.32KB , 441x331 , b.jpg ) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
35675 No. 35675
I've had enough! This Anthony "A-log Six inch Foxdick Super Hacker" LoGatto guy has got to stop. He steals credit cards and beats up trannies. He fucked up my $2000 laptop, that misogynist prick. He keeps on sending out viruses! Virus after virus, when will it end?!

We need to band together and tell A-log and his nakama to BACK THE FUCK OFFF! Goddammit he makes me so angry!
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>> No. 35676
Hi Chris-Chan
>> No. 35677
>A-Log and his nakama
What nakama? SpaceScreaminJohn, MsUmlaut and NeuGristle87 betrayed him, Wacky Ben ran away and it turns out that Pikachu0Z wasn't even A-Log's friend to begin with.

There's only ISLAVERDE29 left.
>> No. 35679
The fuck is going on in this thread?
>> No. 35681
alog's a hacker?
>> No. 35682
What is OP talking about? A-Log beats up trannies?
>> No. 35683
  We need more people to get on webcam and stand up to this sick man! Everyone thinks underage girls are at least somewhat attractive! Right, Dae?
>> No. 35685
A lot of the humor on A-Log's ED page comes from his videos and related links. I think most of it'll be lost in printout form.

It WOULD be interesting to see what Dad-Log makes of his son's desire to screw his mother, though.
>> No. 35686
Does anyone ever prank call A-log?
>> No. 35687
a-log supposedly gets prank called on his radio show all the time
>> No. 35688
I wish A-log could get a hooker like Chris, but I know he won't. He's too afraid of viruses.
>> No. 35689
Which is odd because I'm sure A-Log's sex drive is about 1000x times higher then Chris with all the hentai/cartoon porn. You would think he would grab the hooker first.

You know, sweating one night, he looks at the words he types and thinks about a milf fantasy coming true.
>> No. 35690
File 133427408761.jpg - (98.01KB , 640x802 , granma-hooker-old-hooker-depends-your-mom-demotiva.jpg ) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

>> No. 35691
Tits are not big enough.
>> No. 35692
You'll take what we're generous enough to send you, Anthony.
>> No. 35693
Fuck you, it's my money.
>> No. 35694
File 133428162075.jpg - (11.52KB , 599x122 , a.jpg ) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
>> No. 35695
A-log is a fucking badass. Don't fuck with him you speds; you'll regret it. I was like you guys once. One day I tried to troll A-log at his doorstep. BIG FUCKING MISTAKE. As soon as he saw me, he beat the ever-loving shit out of me and I had to wear a full-body cast for months, I still walk with a limp and I will walk in a limp for the rest of my life because of that beast. I'm just lucky he let me live. Anon, heed the advice of an experienced troll wh hard way: don't fuck with A-log. He assured me he wouldn't be so merciful to any of my "buddies" that crossed his path.
>> No. 35696
Hi JenkinsJinkies
>> No. 35697
That's nothin' man, the spirit of his late childhood dog, Lady, came and tore at my soul... EMOTIONALLY.

She'll be in my dreams, in my nightmares.
>> No. 35698
File 133443531254.jpg - (58.55KB , 1400x400 , John.jpg ) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Fresh SpaceScreaminJohn cocks
>> No. 35699

How do you know he hasn't?

Maybe he did and just hasn't told anyone about it.
>> No. 35700
From May 2011. Real fresh, brah.
Also, lame as fuck.
>> No. 35701
Bare in mind, A-Log still lives with his mom. As supposedly liberal as she is, I think she'd object to her son bringing sex workers to her home.
>> No. 35702
Has he said anything about Chris getting laid yet?
>> No. 35703
The phrase is "bear in mind" as in to "bear arms". Not "bare" as in someone being naked.
>> No. 35704
>> No. 35705
Well, going by his internet activities, A-Log is probably more genuinely interested in cartoon women than real ones. If he had enough money, I guarantee you he would commission cartoon porn before he would ever pay for a hooker.

Though, to be honest, he'd probably be hard pressed to find a MILF hooker that in any way lived up to the "ILF" part. He's probably better off fapping to drawn females.
>> No. 35706
File 133457133548.gif - (4.96KB , 250x250 , virgin_logo_2387.gif ) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Given how A-Log acted when Anonymous was changed to Krapple as the default name on /cwc/, I like to imagine the newest name change has him thinking that the charismatic English adventurer and billionaire Richard Branson now has some part in trolling him.
>> No. 35707
File 133457179736.jpg - (43.60KB , 306x306 , richard-branson.jpg ) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Hey there, chaps. I've just come up with a marvellous new way to troll ol' LoGatto (did you know his surname means 'lover of cats', by the way? How amusing!)

I'll get in my balloon and chart a course for Staten Island. I'll hover outside his house and shout "JUUUUUUULLAAAAAAY!! JUUUUUUULLAAAAAAY!!! HEY A-LOG, SHOW US YOUR SIX INCH FOX DICK!! JUUUUUULAAAAAY! JUUUUULAAAAY!!" through his bedroom window at him.

We could call it the Virgin Saga. It'll be smashing!
>> No. 35708

It's a lovely Idea. You can crash at my place during the siege!
>> No. 35709

Wheren't you spanish?
>> No. 35710

A bit, why?
>> No. 35711

I'm just curious. I thought you were currently residing in Spain.
>> No. 35712
File 133458109341.jpg - (95.23KB , 758x1054 , peg_pinup_by_cosbinator1-d4vvmv1.jpg ) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
A-Log has been drowning his sorrows in Skullgirls and suggestive pictures of cartoon moms on deviantArt, tears rolling down his jowly cheeks.

>> No. 35713
I used to watch Goof Troop all the time when I was a kid. Given all the Rule 34 of Peg that's been popping up over the last few years, I'm quite glad I don't remember any of it.

>> No. 35714
File 133458812153.jpg - (33.24KB , 218x300 , tress.jpg ) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

My theory is that almost any character voiced by Tress MacNeille (Gadget, Callie Briggs, Peg Pete, etc.) has the ability to rustle many a fanboy's jimmies.

She even had her own fanboy from hell stalker at one time (Google up the name Dennis "Quozl" Falk).
>> No. 35715
I'm amazed such little shit has been thrown his way, considering he'll happily throw shit at CWC.
>> No. 35716
Huh, I didn't know Tress MacNeille did her voice. Makes sense though.

I'm more partial to Grey DeLisle myself.
>> No. 35717
HI A-LOG! Thanks for letting us know which voice actors you masturbate to.
>> No. 35718
Or it could just be that most of those characters were rather sexualized, as far as cartoons go.
>> No. 35719
Hasn't it been confirmed already that A-Log would fap to anything with hips and large breasts?
>> No. 35720

Pulse is optional most likely
>> No. 35721
Well, I think you've accurately described most normal men.
>> No. 35722
File 133460253341.jpg - (117.96KB , 483x743 , RotGoH__Scarecrow_by_ChadRocco.jpg ) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Would you fuck this?

'Cause A-Log would.
>> No. 35723
I wish SpaceScreaminJohn was still around. I'd give anything to know how A-Log feels about Chris losing his virginity.
>> No. 35724
By that definition he would therefore be able to fap to CWC

...actually scratch that, he probably has by now
>> No. 35725

Nah. I live in New York City. I just have a Mexican grandmother.
>> No. 35726

So...where's the spanish part?
>> No. 35727

I just told you?

Mexicans are Spanish so thus I am a quarter Spanish.
>> No. 35728

>> No. 35729
Spanish = Spain
>> No. 35730
>implying that A-Log doesn't fap to Chris all night, erry night.
>> No. 35731
>mexicans are spanish

herp derp
>> No. 35732
Go easy on Yasmin. He's a 30 year old white guy trying to come up with a backstory for his character.
>> No. 35733
  ALogArchives keeps adding more and more videos. This one's a new one on me, though.
>> No. 35734
>Attacking an old woman after she nearly died.
Stay classy, A-Log.
>> No. 35735
File 133460783357.jpg - (2.43KB , 124x126 , 1334250864046s.jpg ) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

I hope that was a poor trolling attempt, but in case it wasn't:

Mexicans are not spanish just because they speak spanish. Are brits americans because they speak english?

Being from Spain myself I expected there'd be some truth behind your claims to be spanish, that's why I asked. If you say you're spanish, it's implied you live in Spain. But as I see, you don't, and you don't even have spanish heritage, just mexican.

That's enough /cwc/ for today, I see...buenas noches.
>> No. 35736

Umm, sorry dude just thought that counted as Mexico is a part of the Hispanosphere. Meant no disrespect
>> No. 35737
This one's even better. There's some real gems in it.

>"Not only is he giving autistics a bad name, he's giving porn a bad name."

>> No. 35738

I won't get mad over it, it's a country, not my gal-pal.
>> No. 35739
I just want to see that vid where A-Log does standup about Chris. But it's lost in the cosmos...
>> No. 35740
>Are brits americans because they speak english?
It should have been "Are Americans brits because they speak english?". Because, you know, that's where the language comes from.
>> No. 35741
File 133461001255.jpg - (145.41KB , 500x357 , I_can_feel_the_cosmos.jpg ) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Keep the faith, brother. It'll turn up one day.
>> No. 35742
  ALOG and his cheese hat . . .
>> No. 35743
  Here's the infamous one that got taken off of youtube for some reason where ALOG tries not to get aroused by Richard Kuta in diapers.
>> No. 35744
Here's probably the closest answer from A-Log we're going to get about that.
>> No. 35745
Goddamn, I just can't watch A-log videos - there isn't a single one I haven't turned off after the first few seconds. He's just so... awkward. Chris is a better public speaker than him. Everything he does is like a spoof of bad acting, only not funny at all.
>> No. 35746
  I think I found something worse than his Christmas song
>> No. 35747
File 133464050281.jpg - (36.69KB , 453x604 , Bloody Logatto.jpg ) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
ALog getting into the finger paint.
>> No. 35748
File 133464095754.jpg - (42.32KB , 453x604 , A-Log sitting on his ass.jpg ) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
ALog in his natural state
>> No. 35749
File 133464099895.jpg - (47.68KB , 453x604 , ALOG eating healthy.jpg ) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
>> No. 35750
File 133464107356.jpg - (39.81KB , 604x453 , Bloody Logatto 2.jpg ) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
DAT body language
>> No. 35751
File 133464115044.jpg - (50.06KB , 604x453 , Bloody Logatto 3.jpg ) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
The only role A-Log could play
>> No. 35752
File 133464120126.jpg - (36.23KB , 453x604 , Bloody Logatto 11.jpg ) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
>> No. 35753


You're welcome.
>> No. 35754
How old is that photo? Based on that, A-Log looks like he could be attractive if he lost weight.

I bet tons of hot, big bootied, chesty moms would be all over him. We know he is pretty popular with them already, but just imagine if he shed a few pounds!
>> No. 35755
Older women like a few extra pounds, it gives them an in with food and drink.
>> No. 35756
i also found myself unable to watch a-log videos until the wolfdork.com ones. you're really missing out if you haven't seen him try to interact with other people.
>> No. 35757
File 133466938570.jpg - (72.90KB , 720x540 , Logatto bothering Weird Al.jpg ) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
It's two years old.

Weird Al's expression says a thousand words about what a joy it is to be near A-Log
>> No. 35758
He actually did this? Saw his other two stand-ups, shits dreadful, but I can't imagine this.
>> No. 35759
File 13346842627.png - (56.66KB , 121x193 , homer teeth.png ) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
>> No. 35761
a pretty cool guytmas song?
>> No. 35762
Yep, he did.
>> No. 35763
I think that was a lot of /cwc/'s first exposure to A-Log. It was awful. He went "JUUUUUUULAAAAAY!" and everything.
>> No. 35764

Hi Jared Milton!
>> No. 35765
Lolwut? Jared Milton?

You must be one of A-Log's little spergy pals, because everybody else knows that Jared Milton's an actor.
>> No. 35766
Is A-Log playing a zombie here or something?
>> No. 35767
Jesus christ his standup is an assault on comedy itself. I'd heckle his ass even if it meant me getting kicked out. Noone deserves to listen to that shit.
>> No. 35768
  What the fuck is this? I... What?
>> No. 35770
  A-Log, looking like a giant turd, talking about getting his ass when he was a kid by everyone in his karate class. That was somehow supposed to relate to a video of a homeless guy getting beat up.
>> No. 35771

I think it's a murder mystery party?
>> No. 35772
  A-Log threatening to whack Chris with a stick.
>> No. 35773
Nice to know that people had such faith in A-Log's acting ability that they gave him the role of the corpse.
>> No. 35774
Because of the color of his shirt, I always think he's naked in this video.
>> No. 35775

>"What makes it worse- the guy was black."

Oh fuck you, A-log. Fuck. You.
>> No. 35776
File 133511782693.jpg - (75.47KB , 392x429 , Jesusnigger.jpg ) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
This is actually something that intrigues me about A-Log - his attitude towards people of other races.

A-Log is actually very racist, but in a very indirect way. He seems to believe that only white people can be racist and that just because somebody is black, they deserve preferential treatment and that, if they're not given it, things will go horribly awry so it's best to appease them.

He's commented before on how Funimation in Texas don't have a lot of black voice actors and, along with the fact that they're from the South, seems to take this as definitive proof of them being racist.

We already know that his black OCs in his Life in the '80s sitcom were terrible stereotypes, but in addition, he's actually made some really racist inferances before himself, seemingly without even realizing it.

I think it was in his reaction to Chris' blackface Mr. Popo video, he made some comment along the lines of "Why do you hate black people? Did they rape someone you know?" Seeming to imply that that's what black people do. They rape.

He's also commented before that if you make racist statements about black people you should expect them to come around to your house and respond with violence.

I suspect A-Log is actually on some level afraid of black people and thinks that if he offends them, they'll beat him up or something like that. That would make sense as a white socially awkward kid growing up in New York where saying the wrong thing in certain company (as A-Log is wont to do) could land him in trouble.
>> No. 35777
>We already know that his black OCs in his Life in the '80s sitcom were terrible stereotypes, but in addition, he's actually made some really racist inferances before himself, seemingly without even realizing it.

Hohohoho, yes, i remember that.

Here's an exert from said pilot's script:

>(the scene switches to two black kids, one male, one female, standing by a boom box playing a rap song. The first black kid is wearing a leather jacket, ADIDAS without the laces, a black backwards baseball cap, and dresses like Run DMC. He is doing some break dancing moves near his boom box. The black girl wearing a purple shirt with the words "Valley Girl", blue jeans, and white sneakers with the yellow Day-Glo socks. Her hair is done in the mushroom style of Tootie from The Facts of Life. The rap-obsessed boy is Teshawn Jones, and the black Valley Girl is Jade Althazar.)

>Jamie: (approaches Teshawn and Jade) Hey guys.

>Teshawn: (stops break dancing) Jamie! What's up, my homie! (shakes his hand and pats him on the back) How's it going, man?
>> No. 35778

''I suspect A-Log is actually on some level afraid of black people and thinks that if he offends them, they'll beat him up or something like that.''

Doubt it in all honesty, more likely worried they'd steal his computer so he can't fap to furries, write horrid fanfics, make more cwc rants.

And yes I don't know how to redtext I am fully aware my newfag is showing
>> No. 35779
File 133513823624.jpg - (9.91KB , 210x240 , cotton.jpg ) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Use >

to make this

>into redtext
>> No. 35780
>> No. 35781
But he does have fanfics of him having Ghetto Booty sex with Sierra and the other next door black girl.
>> No. 35782

That isn't "racism." It's being aware of your white privilege.
>> No. 35783
Agreed. Being white is awesome.
>> No. 35784
He also said Chris should go to jail for wearing blackface and refereed to the south as "where the racists live."
>> No. 35785
I grew up being the only white kid near NYC, so I can confirm this.

You say something that doesn't appease people and you're outnumbered, you run a big risk. I don't even mean that as a racist comment. Happened to my black friends if we were in a majorly white place, like my highschool.

You always run a risk and for A-Log to be a fat nerdy socially awkward white kid in an area that could most definitely had been majorly black, it makes sense.

In a way, it's kinda like he's raceshielding.
>> No. 35787
I'm not sure if he realizes he's being racist, much like Chris he doesn't really understand things and takes a cartoonish approach which involves applying popular stereotypes or cliches he remembers.
>> No. 35788
I wonder what A-Log thinks the southern US is like and how he formed his opinion. His "racist southerners" belief makes me think of him being like a generic poorly educated foreigner who only knows of the US through opinionated summaries and television.
>> No. 35789

People like A-Log seem to just parrot whatever the popular opinions phrased in a humorous, satirical tone prevail on the internet. He's talked about Barack Obama being one of the greatest things to happen to the U.S.A., but I'll bet that if we asked him who he supports in the coming election he'd say Ron Paul for no other reason than Paul's online cult.
>> No. 35791
I bet A-Log would get really love that Chris voted Obama for no reason whatsoever.
>> No. 35793
really hate*
>> No. 35794

Well, a-log wanted to do a rant on him so....only figures he didn't get the fact he's an actor. HI A-LOG!
>> No. 35795
I love that he wrote that in honor of Black History Month and didn't seem to think that it was the least bit inappropriate.
>> No. 35796
  And who could forget about this gem, at 0:19, where A-Log explains the greatest threat facing our children's futures at the moment and his 'final' solution to it...
>> No. 35797
File 133519747137.jpg - (11.58KB , 270x290 , 1431.jpg ) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Can somebody shoop A-Log's face onto this picture?
>> No. 35798
I like how A-Log's hatred of Chris makes him disagree with Chris even when agreeing with him would be to A-Log's benefit.
>> No. 35799
A-Log's hatred of Chris-chan is so irrational that Chris could be standing there talking perfect sense and A-Log would still disagree with him.
>> No. 35800
In one video he argues with Chris when he is reading medical facts from wikipedia about autism.
>> No. 35801
Sometimes, I think A-Log is actually stupider than Chris. His ignorance of how the world actually works can lead him to make statements that can only be described as bizarre.
>> No. 35802
Hard to say. For what it's worth, A-Log is better spoken than Chris and is a better writer, so he comes off as smarter. But at times, A-Log will say things that just make you wonder if he knows about much at all outside of anime and cartoon porn, like when he made the comment that Bush got booted after his second term. Maybe he just worded it that way for effect, but it makes me wonder if he really doesn't understand term limits.

Also, despite having apparently been aware of 789chan for some time, he was still confused by Anonymous being changed to Krapple and instead of trying to figure out what could be the reason for the change or who Krapple really was, he just imagined Krapple as another trolling group that had settled here and was out to get him. And then there is his obvious and very Chris-like inability to understand the purpose of websites and what people want to/don't want to hear on them. I'm sure nobody on his WWOEC hugbox would be able to (or want to) help him with his internet trolls, but he complains there anyway, in the process revealing his ignorance about the purpose of ED and implying that he thought they really were something more than just "4chan rejects". I think what takes the cake is when he implied that the ultimate goal of the trolls is his eventual death, another Chris-like fear. Could have been hyperbole, but some part of me really doubts it. Hasn't he also demonstrated that he has just as tenuous of a grasp on the difference between real people and made-up internet personas as Chris?

If anything, he is stupider than Chris in that he probably has a higher basic intelligence than CWC, but at the same time he demonstrates a Chris-like level of ignorance about many things, extremely poor decision making (slapping his real name on even his most shameful of exploits), and a similar inability (or lack of desire) to figure out basic facts before forming opinions.
>> No. 35803
He seems really similar to Chris the major difference A-log went to a school tailored to help people on the autistic spectrum.
>> No. 35804
(Continued: What really is a shame is that if Chris and his fellow autistics put their ridiculous grudges and self hatred to the side they'd see they have lots of stuff in common and could probably be friends)
>> No. 35805
That's the funny thing, though. A-Log doesn't want a friend in Chris, no matter what. A-Log receives more satisfaction, validation, and whatever else from viewing Chris as a worthless piece of shit to be hated and tormented than he ever would from having him as a friend.
>> No. 35806
>A-Log is better spoken than Chris
I dunno, man. Chris doesn't stutter as much as A-Log. Sometimes it can be quite annoying when he's trying to say something or make a wisecrack trying to be clever, only to fuck it up, try again, fuck it up again, and then, finally fucking get it right, right when the moment's gone.

A-Log wants to be this quick-witted, smart Alec-y character who always has a clever one-liner, but doesn't have the ability to.
>> No. 35807
File 133526281788.jpg - (52.55KB , 400x414 , skeptical-negress-is-skeptical.jpg ) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
The whole '4chan rejects' thing is another good example of A-Log's lack of understanding on how websites work.

He described ED as 'a load of 4chan rejects who got kicked out for being too lame'.

>Getting kicked out
>Of 4chan
>For being lame
>> No. 35808
File 13352628974.jpg - (31.52KB , 554x330 , girls laughing 08.jpg ) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
>> No. 35809
To be honest, I kind of suspect that that was A-Log attempting to calm his nerves regarding the whole ED thing.

Whether he'll admit it or not, that ED article turning up really scared him. If it didn't, he wouldn't check back there every day to see if there was anything new.

He's had access to his previously hacked YouTube account for some time now, but has yet to do anything new with it. He's not making videos, even after paying for the privilege of doing so using his mom's credit card.

His little hugbox has fallen apart, with those that haven't betrayed him outright disappearing off the Internet to avoid being trolled.

It's obvious, at least to me, that by saying those sort of things he's attempting to dismiss ED to make himself feel better.
>> No. 35810

>A-Log is better spoken than Chris and is a better writer

>> No. 35811

All the while no one has given him a taste of his own medicine making a rant about him. Moral Victory?
>> No. 35812
File Life_In_The_'80s_-_Pilot_(rewrite).txt - (4.90KB , Life In The '80s - Pilot (rewrite).txt ) Extension icon displayed, click image to open file.
I know how this is gonna sound, but after reading A-Log's script, i got this weird urge to rewrite it. Yeah, i know most of it is stolen from a Clone High episode, but i thought "eh, screw it" and did it anyway.

This is about as far as i got.
>> No. 35813
File 133527572956.jpg - (346.99KB , 625x896 , enhanced-buzz-8465-1334250956-87.jpg ) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Homor, this needs to stop. The fanfiction. You seem to either think you can improve on what lolcows make, or simply wish to see it continued. Neither of those options paints a very good picture of you...

>>Yeah, i know most of it is stolen from a Clone High episode

You did this with the fake Sonichu pages. Only then you were criticizing Chris for his lack of originality... which turned out to be your lack of originality.

>>but i thought "eh, screw it" and did it anyway.

And that's a justification several of the lolcows have used when they rip stuff off..
>> No. 35814
>but i thought "eh, screw it" and did it anyway.
>And that's a justification several of the lolcows have used when they rip stuff off.

That's also a justification for peeing in a public urinal even though you're uncomfortable, what's your point?
>> No. 35815
I personally would say that A-Log is "better" than Chris-Chan in a total sum of respects, but I'm positive from TrollShieldinJohn's correspondences with him that claiming the opposite is the surest way to penetrate his nonchalant veneer and make him seethe.

I've never thought A-Log was horrible because I actually think he's a pretty cool guy. I just think it's pitiful that he thinks that counts for anything. It's like he's bragging about being the thinnest kid in fat camp.


Alphas use urinals. Stalls are for betas.
>> No. 35816

You take a piss in a public urinal because you need to take a piss, not because it'll make you a better person for doing it
>> No. 35817
A-Log has low self-esteem, because deep down he's aware of how pathetic he is. He fixates on Chris because he wants to find someone he perceives as being more pathetic and make fun of them to feel better about himself.

The problem he has, however, is that he and Chris have so much in common and his attacking Chris for his foibles doesn't magically make A-Log's faults disappear.

You can't use the homosexual deviantry of another as a free pass for your own.
>> No. 35818
Where's all this "better person" stuff coming from?
>> No. 35819
Homor, you made what you made, some people will like it, some people will attack you for it. Let the work speak for itself and just let it go.
>> No. 35820
This conversation got weird.
>> No. 35821
Here is a fine example of A-Log's mushmouth and inability to express himself eloquently.

Listen to the opening line of this video. He's trying to say that's he's going to make another commentary about Chris-chan, but the way he phrases it makes it sound... Well...
>> No. 35822
File 133528788217.png - (141.67KB , 384x331 , owllol.png ) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
>Once again, I'm going toward my target of being Chris-chan!
Goddamn, A-Log just said what we were all thinking.
>> No. 35823
Oh god my sides
>> No. 35824
Oh fuck, I just noticed that A-Log has closed his YT account.
>> No. 35825
New video posted on ALog's Blip:

Do you often notice things that didn't happen?
>> No. 35826

Holy shit, finally a new A-Log video!
>> No. 35827
skull girls was such a disappointment

the dlc is bullshit, the roster is tiny, it plays like pocket fighter, cerebella's cheap grab super is ridiculously unbalanced, and half the features that have being fighting game standard for years (fucking no movelist?!) are on the "to be patched in later". the lauded tutorial system is also laughably basic for anyone who has ever played a fighting game. even SSF4's trials were better.

>> No. 35828

Best A-Log quote ever.
>> No. 35829

>Don't worry about downloading a virus because this is virus free

Why did he mention that?
>> No. 35830
A-log knows we're never going to stop following him, right?
>> No. 35831
>Narrator: Tonight on Life in The '80s, a very special tribute to the late entertainer Chris Farley.
>Random Voice (monotone): That's not even Chris Farley, that's Andy Kaufman!
>Narrator (monotone): Who gives a crap? They were both terrible.

This was the only funny part.

The rest sucked.
>> No. 35832
A-Log is ridiculously paranoid about viruses for some stupid reason. Never mind the fact that to my knowledge you can't get a virus on a PlayStation3.

I remember him saying that he didn't go on /cwc/ because 'he didn't want to get a virus' and on the WWOEC forum someone links to a porn site to which he asks, tentatively, "Going to that site won't give me a virus, will it?"

The funniest thing is, for all A-Log's ridiculous caution regarding things like that, given his obsession for shotacon and MILFs, he's probably visited sites that are rife with viruses without even a second thought.
>> No. 35833
His sister's boyfriend helped him fix his computer once and it was full of malware and viruses.
>> No. 35834
A-Log lurks here, but he doesn't post because of the aforementioned fear of viruses.

A-Log, if you're reading right now, i'd just like to let you know that no, you can't get a virus from posting here, so feel free to do a Q&A whenever.
>> No. 35835
I'd LOVE to know A-Log's reaction to Chris losing his virginity.
>> No. 35836
That whole idea is bizarre. Logically, it doesn't even make sense. If you could get a virus from posting on /cwc/, why would people post here?
>> No. 35837
Because in a-logs mind we are super leet hax0rs who are immune to viruses?
>> No. 35838
File 133532409272.png - (105.57KB , 1349x1010 , A-Log on the Airwaves Stooges Song Contest.png ) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
I thought a logs stonecutters would talk about the three stooges competition he had. 18 votes were casted and 12 of them were mine.

>> No. 35839
He can't even communicate clearly in a little thing like this. It's a music contest but he specifically allows skits, and "You can make it about one of the individual Stooges...or all three variations!" shows an impressive level of autism.
>> No. 35840
I think that is probably about right. I imagine that A-Log probably views trolls similarly to how Chris used to view them (and maybe to some extent still does). He seemed genuinely shocked when somebody told him that ED was basically a group of epic weeners.
>> No. 35841
hi homor-log
>> No. 35842
You're gunning for an A-Log On The Airwaves T-shirt, aren't you, Introman?
>> No. 35843
Someone should call A-Log's radio show, ask him what he thinks of Chris Chan losing virginity, record the whole conversation and upload it to YT.
>> No. 35844

Does anyone seriously listen to A-Log's show? Has anyone ever called in and not trolled him?
>> No. 35845
I've tried to listen to A-Log on the Airwaves a couple of times, but it's just so awful. It's not in the least bit funny, even unintentionally.

I do think it's very amusing that he's clearly so proud of this show, despite the fact that nobody listens to it. He's always bragging about it on Facebook.
>> No. 35847
While chanting 'FOXDICK, FOXDICK, FOXDICK...'
>> No. 35848
  Knew it.
>> No. 35849
What the fuck does this even mean? This video is so baffling to me.
>> No. 35850

I think he's imitating the hobo from the beginning of East Hastings.
>> No. 35851
File 133546495577.png - (19.19KB , 476x239 , LoGatto's Career Prospects.png ) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
A-Log's not happy that an article made fun of his major.
>> No. 35852

It's not really asskissing, or brownnosing, if it bashes you, A-Log.
>> No. 35854
I think he means it in the 'kiss my ass' sense of the phrase.

Also, what was he expecting science to determine? Scientists ALWAYS think that arts subjects are useless because of the reductionist way in which they're trained to think.

Among other reasons, naturally.
>> No. 35855
Hi all of tumblr!
>> No. 35856
Hi all of Rationalwiki.
>> No. 35857

Hi Conservapedia
>> No. 35858
Most all of my studies have been centered on "harder" subjects and not art ones, but I will never understand scientists who think ill of artists. That shit is fucking hard and requires a lot of concentration, observation, time, analysis, and constant study. Anybody who thinks the arts are easy is pretty ignorant.
>> No. 35859

I think that "as determined by science" they mean "as determined by statistical analysis", ie looking at employment rates of people with different kinds of degrees.

So how's your popart project going?
>> No. 35860

Precisely my point. The study presumes that the only way to measure whether a degree is worth doing is how likely you are to have a graduate job a certain number of years after finishing it. Nothing to do with how satisfied you are in your work, how much you've gained from doing it personally, its effects on your interpersonal abilities and other elements not specific to a single job, and so on and so on. Not to mention the fact that arts jobs quite simply take longer to get into, because there aren't as many of them, they don't tend to be as profitable, and the skills involved in them don't tend to be as measurable as in scientific jobs (you either know how to do spectroscopy or you don't, whereas things like writing style are much more subjective and difficult to judge, which is why it's harder to break into the arts without both knowledge AND experience).

> So how's your popart project going?

Drama's going pretty well. Since we graduated most of my friends are now at acting school, writing professionally, starting theatre companies, that kind of thing. I've just been shortlisted for a reasonably prestigious playwriting award. Thanks for asking!
>> No. 35861

>The study presumes that the only way to measure whether a degree is worth doing is how likely you are to have a graduate job a certain number of years after finishing it.

Well, it is rather important to be able to earn money.
>> No. 35862

Well, yeah, it presumes that the most important thing to get out of a degree is employment since that's kind of most people's goal while doing a degree since most people don't enjoy being hobos. It's all well and good ~*doing what you love*~ but at the end of the day it's generally considered more important to be able to like, eat and stuff.
>> No. 35863
File 133547498258.jpg - (68.05KB , 450x450 , 387483202.jpg ) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

>drama degree

oh wow
>> No. 35864
There is a vast difference in the difficulty levels of actual scientific enquiry and playing pretend.

Sorry, Dramafag.
>> No. 35865
File 133547701092.png - (51.31KB , 489x345 , A-log skullgirls.png ) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Is A-Log getting paid to endorse Skullgirls or something? He seems to be sperging about it everywhere.

Is he involved in the game's promotion?
>> No. 35866
File 133547732248.jpg - (134.77KB , 888x500 , skullgirls-character-parasoul.jpg ) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Or it could be the fact that all the characters have mammaries.
>> No. 35867

A-Log probably just masturbates to the characters.
>> No. 35868
Don't want derail the thread by getting into a big MY SUBJECT R BETAR THEN URS argy-bargy - if anyone's desperate to we can /id/ it - but just quickly...

Important but not the whole point of a degree.

In most times when there isn't a recession it's possible for a graduate to get a low-level job that allows them to eat even if their degree's not in science. And if the degree helps them do something they love in the long run/allows them to learn about something in which they're interested then great.

How fun.
"There is a vast difference in the difficulty levels of legitimate intellectual analysis of media and messing about with bunsen burners.

Sorry, Sciencefag."

It's really not hard to do that, you know.
>> No. 35869

Sorry man, I can't hear you beyond "drama degree". That they even have degrees in that kind of bollocks boggles the mind, although I guess all the acting probably prepares you for your customer services job...
>> No. 35870
I don't really understand who you're trying to impress or what you're trying to prove. This does just go to support my original point though, that quite a lot of science-oriented people automatically dismiss anything that doesn't fall within their field as being worthless, when they literally have no idea what said courses entail and have certainly have never tried to do one. Anyway, if you want to discuss this further I'll create an /id/ thread. This has nothing to do with A-Log.
>> No. 35871

>In most times when there isn't a recession it's possible for a graduate to get a low-level job that allows them to eat even if their degree's not in science.

>When there's a recession, there is no demand for useless degrees
>Where there isn't a recession, people still would only hire you to flip burgers
>> No. 35873
Can you spergs take the Science vs Arts debate elsewhere?

I thought this thread was about laughing at his six inch fox dick?
>> No. 35874
Eh... why wouldn't they have a degree in it? Just like everything, acting/writing/art/music/whatever can be learned and there are jobs available in those fields. For some people, being good at what they love while having to scrape by on minimal salary during times that they are unable to work in their passion is much more fulfilling than making more money doing something they hate.

If you only pursue a degree and career track because you think it will make you a lot of money, you are probably destined for a life of disappointment. Unless of course the only thing that makes you happy is money, then by all means go for it. I will agree however that putting all your eggs into one basket and not getting a more job-targeted degree as well can potentially put you in a precarious spot if you are unable to find steady work in your passion.
>> No. 35875

Quite. Have started an /id/ thread for if people want to carry on talking about it.
>> No. 35876
Damn it, that was A-Log's plan all along! Get us arguing Science Vs. The Arts and we'll forget about him! He's a clever one, that crafty foxdicked bastard!
>> No. 35877
File 133548726141.jpg - (22.63KB , 480x344 , ISLAVERDE29RIP.jpg ) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
>> No. 35878
So back to A-Log. How many sexy MILF butts has that handsome devil thrust his large, throbbing penis into this month? How many people have reached orgasm to his works of erotic fanfiction? Is A-Log voicing any new anime characters lately?
>> No. 35879
ISLAVERDE29's taken the trolling really poorly.
>> No. 35880

I'm terrible at all things sciency. I work in a care home. You're just getting all hot and bothered at people criticising your useless degree and it's funny.

So... go practice your flipping motions for when the recession ends and your "skills" are back in "demand".
>> No. 35881
His life is crapn'.
>> No. 35882

<- /id/'s that way.
>> No. 35883
So, he's doing this whole thing out of fanboyism and perversion?

That's kind of tragic.
>> No. 35884
> doing this whole thing out of fanboyism and perversion?

Congratulations, you've just described most fans of almost anything.
>> No. 35885

Skullgirls seems to be made precisely with this demographic in mind made by members of this demographic.
>> No. 35886
Did his dad get sent the fapfics yet?
>> No. 35887
I hope so.

Man, I feel so out of the loop with A-Log.
>> No. 35888
File 133553493594.png - (24.00KB , 559x141 , Pricey's grudge.png ) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Pricey's still not over his grudge against Duane, it seems.
>> No. 35889
Pricey, now that we know you lurk here daily, so paranoid are you of being trolled, I'm going to give you some advice.

One of most obvious signs that somebody is a lolcow is an inability to admit that what they're doing is wrong and continuing to do keep doing it. That's why Chris-chan, the man you so despise for 'giving autism a bad name', was such a wonderful lolcow; because he didn't learn. He kept doing the same stupid shit over and over again, never seeming to realize that by doing so he was only attracting negative attention and having the trolls mock him.

I don't know what you've got against Duane, but to keep coming back to him to bitch and trying to prove yourself superior to a severely mentally handicapped person obviously means that it's obviously something deep-seated, Fruedian and kinky.
>> No. 35890

>it's obviously something deep-seated, Fruedian and kinky.

Most universal advertising slogan ever.

Also would making a video giving them a taste of their own medicine be in good taste or bad taste?
>> No. 35891
Yeah, bro, you should make that video apologizing to Duane for all the shit you've said about him.

Or maybe I'll have to come to your house and make you my uke. I'll even buy a pair of fuzzy handcuffs and we'll have so much fun together.
>> No. 35892
File 133562532045.jpg - (33.88KB , 400x400 , Big_Silly_Goose.jpg ) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
>Implying ISLAVERDE29 wouldn't fucking love that.
>> No. 35893
File 133562640740.jpg - (10.21KB , 271x242 , islaverde29.jpg ) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
>> No. 35894
Oh Pricey you sexy piece of manmeat, you.
>> No. 35895
File 133562728028.jpg - (8.41KB , 274x261 , ISLAVEDRIVE.jpg ) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
>> No. 35896
File 133562768547.jpg - (9.13KB , 288x207 , 111222isla.jpg ) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
>> No. 35897
File 133565615937.png - (21.90KB , 502x244 , Singasongofstooge Results.png ) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Oooh, the results are being announced tonight.

Fingers crossed, eh, introMan?
>> No. 35898
If you win, you have to post pictures of you wearing your new A-Log on the Airwaves T-shirt with pride.
>> No. 35899
File 133570392588.png - (96.64KB , 1288x472 , So beta.png ) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
A-Log being the most beta man alive.
>> No. 35900
File 133582944136.jpg - (171.93KB , 1283x1050 , a.jpg ) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
The WWOEC complaining aboot someone raping their childhood.
>> No. 35901
You know, I usually don't care for A-Log, but I'm reading on of his fapfics.

How can you fuck up erotica? I don't know, but this guy did. Almost threw up when I saw how nasty 50DDD tits are...
>> No. 35902
>Anthony does have some time to reach over his pants pocket to take a condom. He opens it first, then checks it. When he's done checking, he puts it on.

And shit like this... why do you need to write about fucking condoms? Arrgh.
>> No. 35903
His writing is terrible, its practically all dialogue with no description of setting, emotion or sensation.

Its like reading a script to a horrible, horrible play written by an 8 year old
>> No. 35904
His earlier fapfics were written in a screenplay sort of style. The later, lulzier ones were written as if they were a narrative.

The funniest thing is, A-Log seems to think that this change heralded some improvement in his writing style.
>> No. 35905
There's irony for you.
>> No. 35906
hurrr you understand narrative go flip burgers buttmad coney lel

...I'm sorry, I missed the science/arts sperging and wanted to mock it.
>> No. 35907
File 133587893465.png - (75.62KB , 614x543 , Fanboys Away!.png ) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
>> No. 35908
A-log on 9/11

>I was in 10th grade at the time and attending the high school of my private school, Legacy High School. I recall that it was the second week of school, and I came back from Camp Ramapo for the weekend two days prior. The first I heard of the news was hearing my art teacher tell someone that the Twin Towers were blown up. I paid no mind to it, since I remembered hearing of a similar incident in 1993.
>> No. 35909
I say we cry this from the rooftops. Remember all the mock outrage over Twin Falling Towers?
>> No. 35910
Fuck I'd have been a fairly young kid at the time and not even American but the whole class was fucking shocked when we were told about it. How dense you'd have to be to just shrug it off when you were a goddman high schooler.
>> No. 35911
Ew, guess me and A-log are the same age, I was in 10th grade too. Yeah, I got like second hour or something and thry turned on the tv and everyone was stunned. Pretty crazy shit to see. I think I read articles on Something Awful the rest of class since we didn't do shit. We didn't do work in any class the rest of the day, just talked about it.
>> No. 35912
You dummies were just over-impressed because you didn't recall the similar time they exploded in 1993.
>> No. 35913
>I paid no mind to it, since I remembered hearing of a similar incident in 1993.

Yep because 6 deaths in 1993 is so similar to 2996 deaths in 2001.
>> No. 35914
I don't know what his later reaction to it was, but I guess it is understandable that he thought that way if he really didn't know all the details yet.
>> No. 35915
File 13359992363.jpg - (11.11KB , 180x208 , Robert Price Is A Meme-Spewing Faggot.jpg ) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
ISLAVERDE29 changed his Facebook picture.
>> No. 35916

>impotent manchild rage

>> No. 35917
Part of me wants to use that to make a series of unflattering comics, chronicling certain events in ISLAVERDE's life.

Getting friendzoned by MsUmlaut, discovering the Q&A on /cwc/, getting owned by Duane on YouTube...
>> No. 35918

do it
>> No. 35919
Wouldn't 'forever alone' be a better choice for Pricey?
>> No. 35920
File 133624535028.png - (18.88KB , 503x194 , a-logdemento.png ) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
A-Log's got a new song out. 'Hey Dictator!'
>> No. 35921

Dr. Demento is still broadcasting?
>> No. 35922
when you search "A-Log" on google, the first thing that comes up is his deviantart page and the rest of the results are unrelated.

When you search for "Anthony Logatto", you get a link to his facebook and a link to a humorous urban dictionary page about him. The ED page doesn't show up on the first page, which is kind of disappointing. I always liked the idea of A-Log trying to spread his name around to promote himself, only to have people who search for him immediately confronted with this ED page.
>> No. 35923
I would imagine google tries to filter out ED pages these days, for multiple reasons.
>> No. 35924
Back when ED was ED.ch, searching for 'Anthony LoGatto' would turn up his ED article as a first result.

I suspect the changeover to ED.se has screwed things up.

Still, it's only a matter of time and pageviews before that gets changed.
>> No. 35925
Oh internet!
>> No. 35926
According to ED, A-Log's article has been accessed 34,773 times. That's more than ADF-Fuensalida and more than Sonmanic.
>> No. 35927
In Albany, Oregon and North Clinton, Iowa it does.
>> No. 35928

This. .se has the pageviews carry over from .ch, but Google counts .se as a completely different site and search results treat it as a less popular, and therefore less relevant result. But eventually, as .ch did when .com died, the results will all point to the article. it's not like he's really relevant for anything else.
>> No. 35930
Surely, as more people go looking for A-Log's ED page, that will become the top result over time anyway, won't it?
>> No. 35931
File 133632134823.png - (319.93KB , 600x700 , Tails_9.png ) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
You know someone who I always thought had great lolcow potential out of A-Log's little hugbox that we hardly ever see discussed?

YoungMagicalLifeform, a.k.a. ProjectShiningStar, a.k.a. FreedomFighter742, a.k.a. DarthXConalHedgehog. He's autistic as fuck, really easily trolled and quite easy to provoke, but nothing ever came of it.
>> No. 35932

Still think there's untapped potential with A-Log imo. Making him into his worst nightmare of being the next Chris-Chan would be poetic e-justice.
>> No. 35933
The thing about A-Log is that, really, he was always the next Chris-chan. It's just only been brought into sharp focus now.
>> No. 35934
Aw, cute. It's be like a real life Tails Gets Trolled.
>> No. 35935
Found his deviantArt...

>> No. 35936
From 'Projects to be published':

>A Sonic Anime Crossover series where Sonic and his friends end up into different worlds from different franchises, Mostly with Mario, Megaman, Legend of Zelda, Kingdom Hearts, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic/Adventures, Pokemon, Didgimon, Kirby, Some Animes, etc

>My Little Pony Adventures (Title might change) takes place from Friendship is Magic into an EPIC Adventure. As one new Antagonist shows up attempted to destroy Ponyville in the wickedest way possible! (Much like Majora's Mask level)

Looking through his other stuff, there are loads of Sonic crossovers and other immpossible copyright clusterfucks of other intellectual properties. I'm always surprised that these people can hate Chris so much and yet, still be just like him.
>> No. 35937

Da tism is strong with this one
>> No. 35938
And, just like Chris and his pipe dreams of 'Sonichu: The Game' and 'Christian Chandler's Adult Chronicles', he doesn't appear to know anything about animation, video game design, scriptwriting, anything.

These are literally just Dexter's Odyssey-style imaginary projects that he's sperging over.
>> No. 35939
File 133632398764.jpg - (61.15KB , 322x252 , get-a-load-of-this-guy-cam1.jpg ) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
You ought to read his blog. There's some grade A spergin' in there.

>*Sigh* I am very disapointment in me! I've really been such a douchebag, dramawhore and a cyberbully! and because of that, DeviantART decided to IP ban me! on that note, the bad news is I can't register another account. BUT, the good news is I can still login! and if your asking me "If your IP banned, then how are you logged in?" idk how. its wierd. but thats good! I'll explain later about the IP ban though.

>I'll explain why I was acting like such a fucking dickhead. it was because I posted unessesary things about wanting to kill people. not just anybody, it was specific people. I face the darkside a lot and always feel like I want to get revenge on the world. And I'm also having issues with my ACTUAL life! yes, as 1 of my friends realized, life hits me hard! I really could explain how but then I'd be acting like an attention whore again. so I'll leave that for another time. (just without the whining and crying) I couldn't help it! it clouded my mind so I didn't think before I posted this shit! I hate getting bullied by fucktards and I also hate how 30-50 year old people always treat me like a skunk! I'm not saying its like this ALL the time! like I said, I was just hooked up to the bad things that happened to me.
>> No. 35940
>I'm boycotting Google!

Wow, I don't think I want to read this guy's journal anymore.
>> No. 35941
File 133641057820.png - (231.32KB , 400x452 , A-Log_Bitches_Don't_Know.png ) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Our little man turns 27 tomorrow, /cwc/!
>> No. 35942
I was think of jullaying up the WWOEC tomorrow. I'm not really sure how that'd work, though. What am I supposed to do, spam his fapfics? He posts that shit there himself.

I'm starting to think that A-log may never have been worth any of this in the first place. But every time I try to write him off, he just pulls me back in. jullay.
>> No. 35943
You could always do what JetJaguar did with Anthos. Go on the forum, explain what you're there for and that you're only after A-Log. Challenge A-Log to defend himself.
>> No. 35944
There are better ways to go about trolling him. I think somebody did that before and all that was happened was ding dong bannu.

Be more subtle, if you want to go the WWOEC route. Try starting a thread that would somehow draw attention to him without directly mentioning or attacking him, or otherwise call him out on his trollshielding. Like, ask about the morality of bashing others to feel better about yourself, stuff like that. Show him that even his perverted hugbox would think him an ass.
>> No. 35945
Well, I'm troll-shielding too, so I'm not sure that route would work. A-log really just needs a sweetheart and I'm not going to be able to give him one.
>> No. 35946
Best way to troll A-Log:

Learn how to draw toon porn, focus on cartoon mothers and straight shota. Gain a following from A-Log. Open up for requests. When he sends you one, accept it. Then proceed to draw his favorite drawn women pointing and laughing at his nude form while hanging all over the "studly" Chris-chan, making it very clear that it is A-Log they are laughing at while some mention how much more attractive and manly Chris is. Post it to every toon porn site you can find. Earn massive JULAY points.
>> No. 35947
Oh man, a drawfag should totally do this.
>> No. 35948
Do we have A-Log's phone number? It'd be nice if a few trolls were able to call him up and wish him a happy JUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUULAAAAAY... Uh, I mean birthday, tomorrow.
>> No. 35949
>> No. 35950
File 133643321460.jpg - (98.28KB , 521x753 , Foxdick.jpg ) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Someone ought to make A-Log a special birthday cake in the shape of an enormous foxdick.
>> No. 35951
The problem with being subtle is that A-Log and, to a certain extent, assburgerers in general, don't do subtle. One of the main elements of their disorder is the fact that in order to understand something it has to be made as obvious and black and white as possible.

A-Log wouldn't pick up on the hints that you were referring to him unless you directly mentioned him by name.
>> No. 35952
I'm just gonna tell everyone that he had sex with his sister.
>> No. 35953
So desperate was A-Log to lose his virginity, having learned that his most hated e-nemesis Chris-chan had lost his, that he stooped to drugging and raping his own sister.
>> No. 35954
Why would you even do that, A-log?
>> No. 35955
Happy julllaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayy, A-log!
>> No. 35956
Happy birthday, A-Log.
27 years old, still a virgin, never had a job, no house of your own, no girlfriend.

You're so much better than Chris-chan, bro.
>> No. 35957
Happy birthday. Enjoy your sister's birthday blowjobs.
>> No. 35958
>Well, I'm troll-shielding too
I hate A-Log because he gives Asspies a bad name.
>> No. 35959
I went to see if there were any updates for his birthday, but it seems A-Log has finally made his Facebook profile private.
>> No. 35960
I just downloaded the demo of that Skullgirls game A-Log's jizzing his tightie-whities for. It was shit.
>> No. 35961
Y'know, /cwc/, as much as it pains me to say it, I think this the end of the A-Log story. He's made his Facebook private, he's not done much on WWOEC and even though he's got his account back he's too much of a pussy to ever make another YouTube video ever again.

Still, it's been a fun ride, but I think it's time to say...

>> No. 35962

>> No. 35963
>> No. 35964
>> No. 35965
I declare victory over the humongous homosexual deviant. Tonight shall be a night on which we celebrate, bros.
>> No. 35966
Does he still do A-Log on the Airwaves? I tried calling in the other day to the number from the ED page on the day and time it said he did the show, but some chick answered. I heard he used to get trolled by callers frequently, anyone know if any of these were recorded or how he reacted?
>> No. 35967
I don't know if there are recordings, probably not, but he has definitely been trolled on air by prank callers, because he admitted it.
>> No. 35968
Meanwhile, ISLAVERDE29 is jacking off to videos of cows being hit by trains on YouTube.
>> No. 35969
wat? :|
>> No. 35970
I bet A-Log will be jerking off his six inch fox dick like the motherfucker fist of the north star on Mothers Day
>> No. 35971
Zoosadism is a common trait in sociopaths.
>> No. 35972
File 133694561625.jpg - (57.08KB , 453x604 , sexy.jpg ) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
It's mother's day.
>> No. 35974
Unsurprisingly, A-Log's newest favorites on deviantart have a mother's day theme...
>> No. 35975
Gross, it's a picture of Dexter's mom. Why would he even favorite that? I really hope he doesn't have sex with his mom.
>> No. 35976
>Why would he even favorite that?
Because he has no shame.
>> No. 35977

You've just put an image in my mind of A-Log hitting on his mom and getting friendzoned.
>> No. 35978

You've just put an image in my mind of A-Log hitting on his mom and getting friendzoned.
>> No. 35979
I love that one picture of A-log and his mom together, sitting at a table outside, where he's smiling in such a creepy, Norman Bates way.
>> No. 35980
File 133694710197.jpg - (62.33KB , 604x453 , sexy 3.jpg ) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
A-log knows what he likes, and he likes what he sees.
>> No. 35981
File 133694740281.jpg - (11.08KB , 286x180 , A-log Day 1.jpg ) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Now you all know what time of day A-log touches himself.
>> No. 35982
File 133694749586.jpg - (10.05KB , 223x170 , A-log Day 2.jpg ) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Everyday 3PM to 6PM.

I could dump a few more of these if you want.
>> No. 35983
Go on then, it's not like there's much going on with A-Log as it is.
>> No. 35984
I'll wait for the next A-log thread.
>> No. 35985
Why not start a new one?
>> No. 35986

A-Logs new song.
>> No. 35987

So this a-log guy is a fat white trash autistic? You'd think he'd get along with Chris a little better
>> No. 35988
File 133714721018.jpg - (10.11KB , 215x175 , A-log Day 3.jpg ) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
a-log masturbating
>> No. 35989
File 13371472477.jpg - (11.07KB , 235x178 , A-log Day 4.jpg ) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
A-log's at it again.
>> No. 35990
So A-Log visits WWOEC everyday... are we supposed to be surprised? I think you could perhaps find somewhat better cocks by monitoring his DA comments.
>> No. 35991
Am I the only one that didn't know that A-log is half Jewish?
>> No. 35992
I din't know either, and I'm one of the main guys trolling his subscribers. Doesn't make any difference to me, though.
>> No. 35993
How can you be half of a religion? Unless he means like Ashkenazi Jew or Israeli or some shit.
>> No. 35994
A-Log's mom is Jewish and his dad is Catholic. If I recall correctly, Jewishness is passed down from the mother, so A-Log is Jewish by race, despite not being practicing.
>> No. 35995
Judaism/Jewish is not a race it's a religion.
>> No. 35996
A-Log considers himself a Catholic Christian, because that's the religion his dad follows. He is probably the least Jewish Jew I've ever seen.

His mom while Jewish, is as far as I know, a non-practicing Jew. However, her being Jewish makes him a Jew by race.
>> No. 35997

The more you know!
>> No. 35998

1/2 jewish. 100% white trash.
>> No. 35999
This is why I call them 'semites of Zion' to avoid confusion and is the scientifically correct racialist term.
>> No. 36000

Cool story bro.
>> No. 36001
File 133719170666.jpg - (41.54KB , 456x599 , ZAlabama-2.jpg ) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Not really. 'White trash' generally implies low income and poor education, usually in reference to people from the South.

A-Log's not white trash. He's an upper middle class kid from New York.
>> No. 36002
File 133719178774.jpg - (16.52KB , 250x331 , no need.jpg ) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
>> No. 36003
From Staten Island, so yeah, white trash.
>> No. 36004
Having never been, what's the deal with Staten Island? Most New Yorkers seem to have a very low opinion of the place.
>> No. 36005
It's full of white trash. It's like a high rent New Jersey.
>> No. 36006
A-Log's not upper middle class either. Not living where he does.

Staten Island spawned the Jersey Shore and is the definition of white trash.
>> No. 36007
Also, Yasmin lives there with his parents.
>> No. 36008
File 133719285756.jpg - (89.04KB , 520x508 , 3900818_f520.jpg ) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
>Implying that Yasmin is a big fat white neckbeard, rather than a beauteous vision of Indian womanhood in the mould of Deepika Padukone or Aishwarya Rai.
>> No. 36009
File 13372113367.png - (74.06KB , 543x304 , PROBLEM A-LOG¿.png ) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
lolll dat face
>> No. 36010
File 133736291236.png - (59.03KB , 1282x312 , Donna Summer's Dead.png ) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
A-Log, playing the role of vulture again, making a big deal out of the death of a celebrity.
>> No. 36011
I'm surprised he did'nt mention MCA from the Beastie Boys, being jews from New York and all.
>> No. 36012
MCA's too liberal and awesome for A-Log. And besides, he probably dismisses rap as something inferior.
>> No. 36013
That's gotta be the first time in weeks that he's posted anything.
>> No. 36014
>too liberal for A-Log

Huh? I thought A-Log was very liberal.
>> No. 36015
A-Log apparently likes rap. However, he likely only claims that to endear himself to black people, of whom he is irrationally afraid.
>> No. 36016
Is this going to be the last A-log thread?
>> No. 36017
Probably not. Why would you think that?
>> No. 36018
>> No. 36019
Oh god, I am finally watching those WolfDork videos of A-Log at that anime con. God he is SO fucking weird and cring inducing interacting with other people. Like most people look likethey don't even know how to react. This shit is painful to watch.
>> No. 36020
It's not like A-log is gonna give up any new cocks, so why wouldn't you think that this would be the last A-log thread?
>> No. 36021
>> No. 36022
Of course he will. It's only a matter of time.
>> No. 36023
Fun fact:MCA was bros with the late ED sysop Sean "olddirtybtard" Casarov.
>> No. 36024
>> No. 36025
A-log is a lolcow and lolcows don't learn. Furthermore, he's really famehungry. He will inevitably produce some more cocks and /cwc/ will inevitably find it.
>> No. 36026
File 133748222746.jpg - (10.89KB , 233x177 , A-log Day 5.jpg ) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
>> No. 36027
File 133748224628.jpg - (10.64KB , 215x176 , A-log Day 6.jpg ) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
fap fap
>> No. 36028
File 133753513667.png - (418.57KB , 961x654 , a-log clone.png ) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
>> No. 36029
Bet even his clone would be like \"Not worth it\"
>> No. 36030
I was listening to True Capitalist Radio ep 226, and about halfway through Nuegristle got a twitter shoutout. Just thought I'd mention it here.
>> No. 36031

>listens to ghost

Get out you ponyfuckibg reddit user.
>> No. 36032
It's not really a reddit thing, it's more like an epic ween /b/ thing
>> No. 36033
Someone seems a bit butt bothered. I get that Ghost is a troll himself, it's just a funny show to listen to.
>> No. 36034
I've totally missed the boat on Ghost, so I don't really understand what he's about. I know that ISLAVERDE is a regular listener, though.
>> No. 36035
File 133760126733.png - (18.65KB , 585x114 , Pricaaaay on John Holmes.png ) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
I found a very odd comment on ISLAVERDE's YouTube feed. In it, he mocks John Holmes, the pornstar who died of AIDS in the 1980s.

I'm slightly baffled as to why this is. Is this just Pricey being a bitter loveshy fuck, mad that somebody else has had more sex than him?
>> No. 36036
I'm gonna guess as much
>> No. 36037
  Alog is back.
>> No. 36038
Oh my~ <3
>> No. 36039
Yeah, I saw this too. He posted a link to his new Youtube channel on the Skullgirls Facebook page. It's like he couldn't resist promoting himself.
>> No. 36040
File 133763953926.png - (12.54KB , 540x91 , without a-log.png ) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
>> No. 36041
Why is that stupid people think putting stage directions in posts is clever?
>> No. 36042
I don't know. *Hugs*
>> No. 36043
Spoke to soon.
>> No. 36044
So, who's going to be the first to visit his channel and say "HI A-LOG!"?
>> No. 36045

Holy shit, the lord of autism has come back and he's gonna defend himself in an upcoming video! Finally some delicious cocks.
>> No. 36046
"Not that I don't mind [having my vids mirrored]"

>> No. 36047
What is his new channel?
>> No. 36048
>Taking comedy classes

>Thinks Chris is going to jail

Oh A-Log!

>> No. 36049
A-Log's new channel is ottagol1985.

That's his name, backwards, and the year he was born. A very Chris-esque way of trying to be clever, while not actually being very clever at all.
>> No. 36050
Glad as fuck that he has a new channel. This is more exciting than any CWC shitsaga in the last few years.
>> No. 36051
>uses the phrase failtrolls
>intends to make videos defending himself

>> No. 36052
I love how A-Log feigns cheerful ignorance of his trolls when really, we know all too well that been morbidly obsessed with his own trolling for months.
>> No. 36053
I also note that he conspicuously neglects to mention that Chris lost his virginity... Wonder why?
>> No. 36054
  this is worth a listen
A-Log repeatedly embarrasses the fuck out of himself and is totally oblivious
>> No. 36055
It's bad but I think this might be even more embarrassing.
>> No. 36056
I love that awkward sidestep he does in the beginning of this video.
Some of the more ween among us may call Chris a manbaby, but A-Log actually looks and behaves like a large child; walking around talking about boobs carrying a Kirby plush.
>> No. 36057
File 133764862213.png - (127.04KB , 239x310 , nyeeeeeeh.png ) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Personally, I love the bit in that video where he accidentally drops his Kirby on the counter full of hentai DVDs and makes a weird "Urghnnn!" noise.

If you pause the video shortly after that, at around 2:41, he has a visible look of terror on his face. It's hilarious.
>> No. 36058
Does anyone have any experience with comedy classes?

I haven't heard of such a thing outside of the movie Borat (Although I am not an American, so it might be more common over there?) it sounds like the last place someone wanting to be a serious comedian would go to unless they wanted to make formulaic comedy.
>> No. 36059
As an American from a location near to A-Log's, all that I can think of from something like "comedy school" is someone set up a scam to catch people like A-Log for some extra cash.

If someone's enough of a sperg to think you can be taught a foolproof method of how to be funny, then they're enough of a dumbass to hand you their money to validate that.
>> No. 36060
I had lectures about comedy as part of my degree, lots of learning about theory and history and stuff - whilst you can't actually learn to be funny, you can learn about good ways to structure a sketch/film/standup act, various rules of thumb etc. It's not hard and fast of course, but there's some merit to it.
>> No. 36062
In elementary school I took a short, few weeks long clown class, where we learned very little beyond taking pies to the face and falling into these same pies. Luckily, I also took the extra juggling class offered along with it, so I was able to appreciate a greater breadth of comedic pedagogy.
There are also adult and college improv/comedy classes famous for drawing unfunny people. Maybe its more of a US thing? If we wanted to really harvest lolcows, we could open a chain of improv schools across America riddled with hidden cameras.

Also, A-Log gives comedy classtastics a bad name.
>> No. 36063
Of course you can learn to be funny, if you have the desire to. However, I think a lot of unfunny people who wish to be funny already think their shit is gold, so they are unwilling to study other comedians or work at testing out different variations of jokes to see what works and what doesn't.
>> No. 36064
I don't know if they're really all that helpful in turning people funny or anything, but there are comedy schools with famous students, etc that are considered credible... a la Second City, which spawned a lot of alumni of Saturday Night Live and of course SCTV, or the Upright Citizens Brigade school that's been going on in NY for the last decade or so.
>> No. 36065

I'm guessing comedy classes are more for writing sketches and such rather than how the lines are delivered?
>> No. 36066
Comedy as an artform is reliant upon understanding how other people think and having empathy, something that autists like A-Log cannot into.

It also doesn't help that A-Log isn't very good at speaking in general, stuttering and falling over his words all the time. You don't necessarily have to be particularly eloquent to be a good comedian, but it certainly helps if you can speak clearly and quickly.
>> No. 36067

>Comedy as an artform is reliant upon understanding how other people think and having empathy, something that autists like A-Log cannot into.

It's pretty obvious he cannot into comedy, just look at his 'Jedi Master Says What?' 'joke'.
>> No. 36068
I'm just watching out for the holy grail video of the CWC jokes.

Feels bad that nobody saved it.
>> No. 36069

The fact that we don't have it makes it infinitely more appealing than when we can actually see it for ourselves. We can imagine the hilarity of total failure rather than being disappointed in the reality of it.

Such are holy grails.
>> No. 36070
I think the other issue is A-Log's apparent inability to see (or at least acknowledge) his own flaws. One way to get better at comedy is to understand that you aren't perfect. Self-deprecation and telling potentially embarrassing stories in a confident way are two very common elements of stand-up. What else is crucial is being honest about what gets laughs and what doesn't, and being willing to change and adapt as needed. If your favorite joke doesn't get laughs, maybe you need to revise it and make it better, or perhaps scrap it entirely. Understanding your audience is also important: your average crowd doesn't care about Chris-chan, so maybe telling jokes about him to a group of strangers isn't the best idea. But if you decide to try something like that anyway, the second you see that the crowd isn't responding at all, time to move on to the next topic.

I get the feeling that A-Log might not pick up on stuff like that, especially considering his Chris-chan material.
>> No. 36071
If he still has it, A-Log could potentially endear himself to a lot of the trolls by reposting that video.
>> No. 36072
File 133771187367.png - (15.87KB , 425x354 , cc18f95b6d4322bbc2e171b796f7f234.png ) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
The only thing I could gleam, the description:

Watch as I pwn a certain punching-bag live at the Green Dolphin Lounge. This is from my usual spot at my college.
>> No. 36073
File 133771766387.jpg - (9.74KB , 210x240 , kahn.jpg ) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
>porn called "Tuna Empire"
>> No. 36074
If it is the video I think it is, all I really remember is A-Log awkwardly talking about Chris while some people sit around, probably not paying much attention at all. I'm not sure if I even sat through the whole thing, unfortunately.
>> No. 36075
I remember seeing A-Log's Chris-chan standup when it was brand new. It was awful and embarrassing.

He stole a bit about Chris drinking his own semen from Spazkid's Sonichu the Animated Series word-for-word and actually went "JUUUUUULAAAAAAY!!" at one point.

It was awful because nobody had a clue what the fuck he was talking about.
>> No. 36076
The one I can't seem to find anymore is the very first time A-Log was posted here way back. It is him doing his Chris schtick at that place with the red light. He just spergs the fuck out, even yells Julay, I think. You can overhear one guy talking about how horrible it is. It was so cringe inducing I couldn't finish it.. it was one of those videos where you actually feel embarassed for the person just watching it.
>> No. 36077
Given this boards obsession with both Chris (..maybe former obsession with Chris, anyway) and "new lolcows", I find it incredibly hard to believe that nobody, at any point, saved the infamous "Chris-chan Stand up" video.

Someones gotta have that shit.
>> No. 36078
Yeah, we are describing the same one.
I know, right?
>> No. 36079
It's that exact one apparently. I have the title, and the description, but nothing else.
>> No. 36080
MiHiVidz, if anybody has it saved, it would be you...
>> No. 36081
So, is A-log taking stand up or improv classes? Because there's a huge difference.
>> No. 36082
I saw it before it came down... it's probably pretty close to everything you imagine.

Every new lolcow has to go through a stage of "this guy isn't funny like Chris; you're an idiot for posting about him here" stage before he gets accepted as worthwhile fodder. ALog was still there when early trolls neg'd his video and he took it down, so no one saved it because ALog wasn't ALog material wasn't cocks yet.
>> No. 36083
At one point in the a woman in the audience leans over to her friend and can clearly be heard asking "What is he talking about?"
>> No. 36084
I quite like the turn this thread has taken. It's like the trolls are sat around a campfire, listening to their elders tell lolcow campfire stories, "Listen well, young trolls, and I will tell you of a time when A-Log did stand-up about Chris-chan..."
>> No. 36085
Roasting marshmallows and pickles, every now and then glancing over their shoulders because they could've sworn that they heard something coming from the bushes that sounded almost exactly like "JUUUUULAAAAY..."
>> No. 36086
I feel like I hear that same idea being expressed in half-whispers in each of his videos.
>> No. 36087
Speaking of old A-Log cocks, does ShelltoonTV still come here? For those who weren't here or don't remember the first A-Log thread (or maybe it wound up being the second?), he was a guy who posted on a MLaaTR forum that A-Log also frequented.
>> No. 36088
Does anyone know if John still lurks /cwc/? Now that A-Log is back he might have some new cocks.
>> No. 36089
If I was SpaceScreaminJohn I'd be long shot of A-Log by now.

In any case, I don't think the two are friends any more.
>> No. 36090
Of course; they all do. Every lowcow or half-semi lolcow ever mentioned here that found out about these boards still lurks here, and will continue to for a very long time. The idea that we're even allowing for the possibility that any of these people may have "gone on with their lives" is patently absurd when you remember why they got posted here to begin with.
>> No. 36091
Is lurking here not mutually inclusive with having a life?
>> No. 36092
Nigga, I will poop in your pants.
>> No. 36093

Yeah, I still occasionally lurk here. But I removed A-Log from my Skype contacts list months ago, so I don't have any cocks to share, though.
>> No. 36094
True /cwc/ patriot
>> No. 36095
can you show us your penis

neugristle did, and now hes king of /cwc/
>> No. 36096
I love it when people ask for or trick somebody in to providing nudes. It lets you know that somewhere, there is somebody who wants permanent access to the image of that person's nude body, most likely for fapping purposes.
>> No. 36097
File 133777064967.jpg - (67.10KB , 620x388 , spitting-image_2158022b.jpg ) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
I'm just going through A-Log's newest favourites on Youtube. It's kind of interesting to me because I'm a Britfag and, like Chris, A-Log likes British comedy.

A-Log's tastes are a bit more obscure than Chris', but regardless, he still seems to enjoy the crappiest, most unsophisticated, bottom of the barrel, 'LOL RANDOM ACCESS HUMOUR XD' stuff. Shit like Hale & Pace and Punt & Dennis.

He's got stuff from Spitting Image in there as well, but I'm willing to wager he doesn't understand it, because about 98% of the humour in that show was very much of the time and dates very quickly. It's nearly incomprehensible nowadays if you don't have an encyclopedic knowledge of British politicians from about thirty years ago. A-Log likely only watches it because of the funny puppets.
>> No. 36098
  He also favorited this video from fellow sperg, e199sigma. I think it's not unfair to say that A-Log still obsesses over CWC.
>> No. 36099
>latest comment
>Chris-Chan is evil.
>3 thumbs up
>> No. 36100
Coupled with his sitcom script that was a Clone High ripoff sans all the humor that might be drawn from knowing the historical context of something, I'm curious as to why autistics are so fond of references in their comedy when they apparently don't actually understand them.
>> No. 36102
See also...

>Ditto, I have Asperger Syndrome as well. I want CWC to die.
>Six thumbs up
>> No. 36103
>Chris-Chan is evil.
Hi Robb.
>> No. 36104
I dunno, I read the Spitting Image comic book when I was around thirteen, and managed to understand most of it on the basis that Thatcher = bad
>> No. 36105
>I'm curious as to why autistics are so fond of references in their comedy when they apparently don't actually understand them.

Same here. I can only come to the conclusion that most spergs genuinely don't "get" humor and think the bulk of it is being able to go "Hey... I recognize that!" instead of shit that makes them genuinely laugh.

Like retarded parrots, if you will.
>> No. 36106
File 133777297195.jpg - (28.66KB , 300x300 , pirate-and-parrot.jpg ) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Yarr, what's that, Polly? Ye've drawn me another cursed Sonic recolor? Why, ye spergious little rat-with-wings! I ought to keelhaul ye and make ye walk the plank!
>> No. 36107
Maybe A-Log thinks that liking obscure, foreign, and rather unfunny or bland to the average person (including him, probably) comedy makes him refined and with good taste in humor, like how some people think that true film critics only like old foreign films that bore most people to tears.
>> No. 36108
Like Cole Smithey?
>> No. 36109
I used to hang with the commentaryfags, and most of them think that this guy is a huge homosexual deviant.
>> No. 36110
All commentaryfags are colossal homosexual deviants.
>> No. 36111
I think his point is that he is a homosexual deviant among homosexual deviants. King homosexual deviant, if you will, but not in a good way.
>> No. 36112

I think most of the commentaryfags only started to think A-Log is a homosexual deviant after his ED page went up. Before A-Log came to /cwc/'s attention he seemed to have a bunch of fans and friends in the commentary community. Before us, it seems almost no one ever called out A-Log on his homosexual deviancy.
>> No. 36113
Ironic. A-Log has become to commentaryfags what Chris was to him, a tool for trollshielding.
>> No. 36114
I am looking forward to trollception where he criticizes people criticizing his chris criticization videos.
>> No. 36115
I've thought for a long time that the sort of people that make YouTube commentaries are the Internet version of those little shitweasel kids that used to hang around with the bullies at school and laugh at their jokes so that they wouldn't get picked on.

They seem to operate on the same principle.
>> No. 36116
Someone should make commentaries on A-Log's commentaries.
>> No. 36117
Which would shit his pants and do nothing but prove they're no better than he is.
>> No. 36118
that was a joke, they have them where i come from
>> No. 36119
Anything new from A-Log yet?
>> No. 36120
  This isn't new, but this channel is for animations based on A-Log's fan fiction!
>> No. 36121
The art is fine.
>> No. 36122
Probably because A-Log had nothing to do with it besides writing it.
>> No. 36123

Why oh why would someone spend wasted time animating the tripe A-Log produces, surely they could do better?
>> No. 36124


>And yep, it's a homage to the great but sadly cancelled Nick show, My Life As A Teenage Robot (we're big fans of the show and I also did some fan arts for the MLAATR's official blog)

Yeah, one of the things that A-Log has written fapfic about.
>> No. 36125
It's kind of tragic, in a way, as the animator clearly has talent and A-Log will inevitably shit all over his work by lending his derpy, jowly voice over to it.
>> No. 36126
Wait a sec, when were these videos made? This is an old project, right? Now, presumably, since there's no end product - no actual finished cartoon - that must mean that it was cancelled or abandoned for some reason.

Are you a bad enough dude to track down the animator and ask him about his time with A-Log?
>> No. 36127

He hasn't updated in 3 years, so, it looks as if he escaped that project.

It is a good thing, too, since even though he can animate, it seems too derivative of works like Samurai Jack.
>> No. 36128
Actually, funny you say that. I'm considering tracking down these people and asking them what happened to this project. Maybe A-Log was too annoying to work with.
>> No. 36129
Goddamnit stop this shit the word "inception" refers to the creation of an idea , the plot of the film Inception was to plant an idea in someones head. Inception is not a word that describes so
Ething within somethig

>> No. 36130
Who cares. Discuss A-Log. Not shitty movies.
>> No. 36131
As much as I love Stewart Lee, that's one of his most overquoted lines.
>> No. 36132
And zero fucks were given that day.

I can't believe he's going to try to criticise his critiques, never change a-log
>> No. 36133
  My friend and I just played a drinking game with this video. A shot every time A-log says "right" or "basically" or anyone plays a sound clip. We got to 19:31. One bottle. We want to know your results!
>> No. 36134
Hello "789chan"ners. I found my son dead, lying next to his computer. The doctor told he had had violent liver cirrhosis. On his computer we found this video open, and this site.
>> No. 36135
Heh heh, ya know somethin'? He DOES say 'basically' a lot.
>> No. 36136
>> No. 36137
He's not a real hamster.
>> No. 36138
I'd have to imagine he commissioned it or was otherwise online (or real life) friends with the guy who did the animation. I think somebody finding a fanfic and thinking "Hey, I want to spend hours and hours animating this!" is pretty rare, especially a non-porn one.
>> No. 36139
  Pikachu0z gives us all an update on his commentaries and his Internet sissyfight with Ampharos95.
>> No. 36140
File 133820514633.png - (100.42KB , 516x618 , a-log's favourites.png ) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
A-log's newest favourites. All the usual suspects, no surprises.
>> No. 36141
you're thank me later
>> No. 36142
File 133822666087.png - (45.65KB , 660x477 , Julay.png ) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
He mad.
>> No. 36143
Is it me or does A-log seem like he would fit perfectly with the rest of the spergs on TGWTG?
>> No. 36144
Welp, looks to me like A-Log has just declared open season on himself for a good JULAAAAAYing.
>> No. 36145
The first annual Everyone Julay A-Log Day?
>> No. 36146
link to where I can find this?
>> No. 36147
A-Log's deviantart page.
>> No. 36148

Alright, which one of you is this julaying homosexual deviant http://arpaat.deviantart.com/
>> No. 36149

Wow, that dude is one homosexual deviant.

I mean, how spergy do you have to be going around "epin trollin" your FB friends and putting on deviantart like you accomplished something.
>> No. 36150
He used to have almost 30 Chris fics before he deleted them. Talk about 'tism.
>> No. 36151
sounds more like a fetish
>> No. 36152

did you save them?

i want to read
>> No. 36153
File 133825485617.jpg - (24.99KB , 659x563 , a.jpg ) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Would anyone dare look past all those minuses?
>> No. 36154
Dude, it's deviantart. They don't allow anything beyond certain types of nudity. If anything on there turns your stomach or otherwise distresses you, then you should probably just avoid the internet entirely.
>> No. 36155
File 133825919921.png - (288.44KB , 396x335 , oooh panty shot.png ) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
A-Log is a part of this game's core demographic: naive suckers that do not know any better and are drawn in by the cartoonishly big breasted and short skirt wearing character designs. Personally, I much prefer Street Fighter over the juvenile drivel that is SkullGirls.
>> No. 36156

>implying skullgirls is for casual players

the game DOES suck, but honestly that is a straight up retarded opinion. the game doesn't even have an in-game movelist and canceling into airdashes is a huge part of the combo system.

have you even played a fighting game? dont become a-alog while hating on a-log.
>> No. 36157
I do not believe I mentioned the gameplay at all. But thank you very much in cautioning me not to emulate the man who is the main topic of this thread. Does A-Log not also project certain opinions into the mouth of his dissenters?
>> No. 36158
File 13382610179.jpg - (25.94KB , 250x352 , 250px-Doa4cover.jpg ) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

i assumed by "naive suckers" you meant scrubs who usually avoid fighting games, which i think don't comprise much of the target demographic, at least in terms of gameplay mechanics. even street fighter has questionable bits of nudity (thanks for letting us see makoto's training bra, capcom, i really needed that to get the full SF4 experience).

pic related, its a game spergs can flock to without having to worry about getting good.
>> No. 36159
File 13382613176.jpg - (620.77KB , 1000x836 , we super saiyan now bro.jpg ) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Perhaps I am only being too critical of the aesthetic choices of SkullGirls. It is true that I did not play the game for long and I did find the character designs somewhat unappealing. Unlike Street Fighter.

I will give the game a second chance.
>> No. 36160

i know that feel. they just try too hard with the breasts. and the roster is pretty small. but try playing around with ms. fortune or cerebella, you can do some surprisingly complex combos without too many 1-2 frame links. i just kept reminding myself i only paid 15 bucks, and i eventually got into it.

fyghtan gaems 4 lyfe nigga
>> No. 36161
All I really need is Street Fighter II' Turbo Hyper Fighting.
>> No. 36162
File 133826474786.jpg - (7.70KB , 259x258 , derrrrr.jpg ) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix was enjoyable.
>> No. 36163
File 133827227430.jpg - (7.61KB , 514x72 , a.jpg ) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
TerranceBogard, GeorgieBoy9998, GreggMays64 and TehPearlhead seem to have a nice little A-log related circle jerk going, now don't they?
>> No. 36164

/cwc/ is to A-log what A-log is to Chris.
>> No. 36165
Hi GeorgieBoy9998!

make us another one of your hilarious a-log skits/parodies!
>> No. 36166
That would be true if /cwc/ users actually made video commentaries about his wretched videos.
>> No. 36167
File 133828250064.png - (24.94KB , 480x245 , Anthony LoGatto.png ) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
>> No. 36168
File 133828266238.jpg - (47.75KB , 720x540 , the log familly.jpg ) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
>> No. 36169
>> No. 36170
He looks like JR from Dallas.

>A-Log, A-Log, he's a really bad guy/
>Who wants to have sex with his 'ma
>> No. 36171
Where do lolcows find these terrible shirts?
>> No. 36172
File 133828461728.jpg - (19.87KB , 243x384 , archer-in-bed-fx.jpg ) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
So Chris and Anna or in the "Danger Zone" now?
>> No. 36173
>> No. 36175
File 133828584934.jpg - (45.95KB , 632x361 , a.jpg ) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
so apparently inuboy's still around.
>> No. 36176
>Dear Trollbusters; I, a half-jew, got JULAY'D by a Nazi today. Please send me some more cream for my aching bottom, some smoked cheese and rule 34 of Marge Simpson.
>> No. 36177
Does this mean he's pussying out on his video defending himself, now? What a dumbass. Does he not realize that the trolls are never going to stop bothering him?
>> No. 36178
I LOVE that A-Log's jimmies are so rustled by someone typing "JULAAAAAY!!" on his dA that he updated his status about it so that EVERYBODY HE KNOWS will see it and know about it.

It's so hilariously pathetic and totally disproportionate to the effort of trolling put in. He really is the new Chris-chan!
>> No. 36179
>shit and jacket
I lol'd
>> No. 36180
I understand Bob better than this...
>> No. 36181
File 133830095962.jpg - (12.84KB , 266x319 , boss-hogg.jpg ) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Funny, I was thinking Boss Hogg from Dukes Of Hazzard.
>> No. 36182
He certainly is. Here's his Youtube account.
>> No. 36183
  Our pal, A-Log, pissing all over Sacha Baron Cohen's career.
>> No. 36184
Oh man that was one awful Borat accent plus he is repeating material for some reason, I guess it's hard work keeping this top quality comedy fresh.
>> No. 36185
For a guy who claims to love comedy so much he sure does try his best to kill it
>> No. 36186
Oh hai Islaverde29. Still letting the trolls prevent you from uploading videos?
>> No. 36187
File 133835003168.png - (6.47KB , 585x131 , Evilstar posted this on A-Log's channel.png ) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Looks like my girlfriend is going to spend tomorrow in a really, really, really good mood.
>> No. 36189
>Report this troll to Youtube staff, even though I can reliably say that they won't do anything about it, ultimately making even bothering to do so pointless.
Sperg logic!
>> No. 36190
  A-Log recently subscribed to another commentator: http://www.youtube.com/user/supergodzilla12
>> No. 36191
A-log also subscribed to:

(Yet another commentator and a horsefucker who uses one of the characters in his commentaries)
>> No. 36192
Some sick fuck thought this would be a great gift for A-Log. Nigga don't know that A-Log isn't a pedofork.

>> No. 36193
>> No. 36195
File 133839597674.jpg - (20.15KB , 288x290 , hitler smiling 2.jpg ) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
Julay. A-Log raged about me in his rants during AlogIsAHueghomosexual deviant days, thought it'd be fair to remember an old friend.
>> No. 36196
Except, y'know, A-Log IS a pedofork. He loves him some straight shota. The proof is on the WWOEC forums.
>> No. 36197
Also, for somebody who claims never to watch shota or loli porn, he seems to know an awful lot about hentai series that revolve around those fetishes.
>> No. 36198
In A-Logic, straight shota is different. Why? As far as I can tell, his response is just because. I think somebody said that he said something about jacking off to the woman and not the kid, which makes no sense. He also seems to think that loli is illegal, but based on his actions, thinks that shota isn't.

While neither is currently illegal, he seems to not realize that if one were to become illegal, they would both be illegal.
>> No. 36199
I'd actually like to hear A-Log discuss this entire issue and see how he actually interprets it. Well, actually I'd be fascinated to know how A-Log views a lot of things. He seems to have very odd, Chris-like assumptions about how the world actually works.

If only he'd do a Q&A video like Chris did in the early days!
>> No. 36200
You're gay.
>> No. 36201
Do you suppose A-Log would think differently about gay shota?
>> No. 36202
You've never watched his commentary on the yaoi hentai he did with his nakama? Isn't that shit pretty much the same?
>> No. 36203
He claims to not like it, but was apparently willing to watch it for some reaction type video or something (I think he watched Boku no Piko, a gay shota movie). One can only assume that this means he thinks that gay shota is OK, despite his mentions of loli being pedo and illegal. I think he just doesn't have an interest in loli, so he draws the line there for his "I might schwack it to little boys fucking grown women, but least I'm not pedo who jacks off to little girls fucking men!" thing. He fails to realize that his claim is no different than saying "Sure, I'm a coke dealer, but at least I don't sell crack!".
>> No. 36204
Or, "Sure, I'm a fat, socially awkward, unemployed, single manchild still living with my parents, but at least I'm not Chris-chan!"

This school of thought seems to underline everything A-Log ever does. "I'm OK, because there's always someone worse than me!"
>> No. 36205
>> No. 36207
It really does. Instead of working out, developing skills, making friends, etc, he finds it easier to just seek out people who he thinks are worse than he is. I think a lot of people do this on a subconscious level, but rarely do they express such sentiments and it is even rarer that they try using them to bolster their YouTube career or make friends through sharing collective "At least I'm not..."'s.
>> No. 36208
It's an odd thing, to be sure.

I wonder why someone would do that from a psychiatric point of view. The psychology of lolcows really intrigues me.
>> No. 36209
Laziness, Arrogance, Narcissism?
>> No. 36210
Is there a special term or expression for this way of thinking? English is not my first language?
>> No. 36212
In troll circles it's known as troll shielding but I think it's just a form of scapegoating - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Scapegoating#At_the_individual_level

>A medical definition of scapegoating is:[2]

>"Process in which the mechanisms of projection or displacement are utilised in focusing feelings of aggression, hostility, frustration, etc., upon another individual or group; the amount of blame being unwarranted."

>Scapegoating is a tactic often employed to characterize an entire group of individuals according to the unethical or immoral conduct of a small number of individuals belonging to that group, also known as guilt by association. (Stereotyping)
>> No. 36213

>Projection: Unwanted thoughts and feelings can be unconsciously projected onto another who becomes a scapegoat for one's own problems.
>> No. 36214
It's kind of funny, isn't it? A-Log wanted to educate people that not all autistics are fat, stupid, unemployed perverts like Chris-chan WHILE BEING a fat, stupid, unemployed pervert like Chris-chan.
>> No. 36215
>> No. 36216
Georgieboy, do you do requests?

I'd like to see a video that's just a clip of A-Log going "JUUULAY! JUUULAY!!" from that one commentary he did.
>> No. 36217
The one thing worse than being A-Log is fapping to A-Log.
>> No. 36218
Just for you, my anonymous friend!
>> No. 36219
File 133849695163.jpg - (22.55KB , 399x265 , Negresses Crying Tears Of Joy.jpg ) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
It's... So perfect. A-Log singing the song of our people.
>> No. 36220

All rise for the national anthem.
>> No. 36221
File 13385467156.jpg - (10.21KB , 250x250 , 1332579085318.jpg ) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

>> No. 36222
File 133857073165.gif - (765.85KB , 180x228 , bEm1l.gif ) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
>> No. 36223
On a dark and stormy night, the Alog when sitting in his room commentating a really shitty lolcow "and the why this lolcow is butt munching piles of ass balls fuck" the Alog threw the lolcow down at the floor. alright said the Alog as he pooped and drank beer at the samm time what should i commentate next? suddenly the ADF knoked on Alogs door and the Alog went up to answer it and it was his enemy the ADF hello he smild you dont know me but i am the ADF what the fuckin ass ballshit do you want nigger said the Alog angerly what i want? what i want is for u to commentate ME! as he ripped off his shirt to revel his muesly abs
oh **** no! cried aolg as he tried to get awy but the ADF grabed him and stated rapping him he kept rapping him really hard but then he stopped rapping him and stated raping him. shit piss **** balls! scramed the Alog but no-one heard him nick bate unknown autobot u guys take the front i got this bitch comanded the ADF and unknown autobot and nick bate were rapped before so they started raing him as well but there was no hole 4 nick bate so he got a nife and then used to to slice Alog's balls off, it only got a quarter the way but it managed to cut many arteries was blood sprayin everwhere nick bate kept cutting and fapping at the same time his fingers plunging into each and evry cut he eventully gav up and made a single verticl slice dwn da mddle nd Alog now had two peniss nd i thnk he screemed wit joy but blood went eerywere but the Alog was tird of beng rapped so he went to sleep and then woke up when Chris came in oh my god chris is that you yes it is Alog wow your so sexy chris can i feel your coke yes yu can Alog but not you adf your a fag the ADF then cried and then went to go fap
as chris chan got out his cokc it was reveld to be about as big as a football field now get ready for it "oh fuk! said teh adf as he held his dik an squitled it inta niggers n shit yes yes yes nd thn pixiteri cam long an sed o ho hoe, u've ben very noty adf and ADF screamed an tried to avoid rapping but he got rapd a pixiteri was liek wat r u gay u fag ill kill you now and then he got out a samurai sword and slowly shoved it into his colon it slowly whent in as poop came ot lol ADF scremed and cam at teh sem tam and then Alog and sexy chris cam
in all his 5 urethras Alog needed 2 4 his split dik


>> No. 36224
  A-Log's Youtube favorites never fail to take us to the creepy areas of Youtube. Here's part 1 of a 4 part video were some mushmouth basement dweller tells us what Disney characters he wants to have sex with.

>From what I can tell, this is better than Guptill's list, I can tell you that much. At least your list is informative.
>ALogTV 1 year ago

Anybody else notice how completely arbitrary A-Log's dislike of Guptill89 is?

The thing Guptill got all the negative attention for was making a top 10 countdown of what he thought were the most attractive female characters in the Sonic franchise. This made him the subject of countless Youtube commentaries, rants and that kind of crap. A-Log even wrote a script for one of his own, as yet unmade videos against him.

Not defending Guptill89, but his opinion was one A-Log happened to share. In fact, in a lot of ways, A-Log is worse. Guptill only said he thought they were hot, he didn't write explicit furry fapfiction about giving them a six inch foxdicking.
>> No. 36225
But you forget A-log is A-log so whatever he does is alright but if someone else does the same thing its horrible.
>> No. 36226
I believe that A-Log is actually genuinely incapable of introspection and self-criticism. I don't know if this is some kind of subconscious defense mechanism to protect his self-esteem, a result of the coddling he might have received from his mom growing up being a 'special' child who could do no wrong, or if it's simply just a case of him being too dumb to realize, but he literally cannot see similarities between himself and other people and is unable to draw parallels between them. It's an impossible feat for him.
>> No. 36227
Can we vote for all 3?
>> No. 36228

I'd bet on the ego thing, but I think he's aware of it. To what extent I couldn't say, but he at least seems vaguely aware of what a nob he is. That series of videos of him at that anime expo showed him floundering, waaay out of his comfort zone, and being well aware that he didn't have the handle on the situations as he would like to have had.

He probably thinks they were a few minor hiccups as opposed to the major spaghettastrophe it actually was, but he at least seemed like he had a slight sense of being aware he was out of his element.
>> No. 36229

Wow...that video is painful. Why are there so many long pauses? I'm almost tempted to download the video and just edit them out. It'd be a start.
>> No. 36230
The list of similarities between A-Log and Chris has been taken down from his ED page, I notice.
>> No. 36231
Put it back there. Julay.
>> No. 36232
If you can make it through his podcast, A-Log does an interview with Peacock from Skullgirls in his new radio show.
>> No. 36233
What's Alog's channel? I feel like wasting some time.
>> No. 36234
I guess he is a fan of Archie Sonic comics:

>Anthony LoGatto: From what I can tell, I think Knux is using one of Julie-Su's electronic quills as a form of antenna. Hence the annoyed look.

Why do lolcows read this terrible comic?
>> No. 36235
His new one is ottagol1985
His name, spelled backwards, and the year he was born.

His old one is ALogTV, but he never goes on there any more I don't know.
>> No. 36236
I remember reading somewhere that Sonic is the most read comic in the English language.

Spergs gonna sperg, I guess.
>> No. 36237
Oh Lawd, I hadn't even watched that video. Jesus Christ, that kid.

This is who reads Sonic comics, people. This right here.
>> No. 36238
That just doesn't sound right, I mean more than any DC, Marvel or even Disney comic?

It's kind of hard to believe.
>> No. 36239
File 133882616747.jpg - (123.50KB , 615x817 , suna_than_later_by_aeolus06-d51teti.jpg ) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
>I've never given tanukis a try before...
>A-Log 2 days ago
>> No. 36240
I'm listening to it now. A-Log's interviewing technique is really stilted and unnatural sounding, it took me a while to figure out that Peacock's voice actress was actually there and he wasn't just playing audio clips and talking to himself.

Also, Peacock's voice is really irritating and makes her sound like Harley Quinn's braindamaged little sister.
>> No. 36241
I thought the channel was "Anthony Logatto?"
>> No. 36242
Towards the end of the interview, A-Log keeps pestering her, asking her if she has a Facebook or a website or if there's anyway people can contact her. She doesn't outright tell him to fuck off, she just kind of laughs and says that she's hardly ever on Facebook nowadays, but there's a lovely implication of "Yeah, I don't wanna talk to you any more."
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