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China Endorses 300 MW Ocean Energy Project

2004-11-02 00:00:00.0   |   2 Comments

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"China's economy is booming and requires many new power resources to keep its momentum going."

- Tidal Electric Chairman Peter Ullman
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In response to your article relating to tidal power I feel that I must write to tell you about my invention called Gentec venturi.

This device uses a combination of different forms of renewable energy to desalinate huge volumes of seawater and generate very cheap electricity 1000MW in a continuous process that, once started, would be difficult to stop.

A joint venture of several large companies hope to build a demonstrator plant here in Scotland early in the new year. I think that you may be interested in having the first commercial plant built in China.

Also, because the energy source is free at the point of use much lower concentrations of saline solution will be pumped back to the sea so that marine life is unlikely to be affected.

The constant electrical output means that spare electrical capacity could be used during off-peak periods to make hydrogen for fuel cells for transport in your most polluted cities.

I can be contacted by email at

Kind regards,

Andrew H Mackay

Greenheat Systems Ltd

++44 1862 892777
++44 07720 141 332 (mobile)
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Since most of China's industry is located on the East Coast, it makes good sense to use tidal power as well as any other ocean sources such as wave and open ocean currents. Ocean water cooling systems for city buildings adjacent to the ocean would also be desirable. China is using coal at over 900 million tons annually and its supply of coal is predicted to last about 40 more years.

The real problem with using coal is pollution. China needs to have air free of particulates and carbon soot, good to breath which will permit sunlight to pass through. Hundreds of miners die each year in attempts to extract coal from unsafe mines. Pressure to manufacture supplies for the rest of the world combined with AC requirements during the summer has over-burdened China's grid system.

Ocean energy projects of the type envisioned are needed.
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