January 5, 2012

Galaxy Rangers

That's the intro to one of my favorite '80s cartoons, "Galaxy Rangers." Last year (2011), I had the incredible honor of creating designs and concepts for a potential reimagining of the series. Working on such a beloved property from my childhood was an awesome experience -- one of my highlights of 2011. :) Entertainment One has now given me permission to share some of my art from the project.

Please note: These are not necessarily final concepts. These are just a handful of the various images and stages in the design process.

At this moment, I have no additional info as to what the status of the project is, when or if it'll actually make it to TV, etc. If I hear anything new and have permission to talk about it, I'll let you all know.

Thanks again to Entertainment One! All artwork and creative property shown above is ©2011 Entertainment One Television Productions Ltd. www.entertainmentonegroup.com