Slavery archive sources

This guide to archives about slavery is not intended to be exhaustive. It also includes archival collections held by the Institute of Commonwealth Studies. The guide complements the archives catalogue, which includes a subject search facility.

  • Akers Family Business Papers and Transcripts, refs: MS999 and MS1014, date(s): 1766-1893 , 1913-15

Image: sale notice from the Taylor papers (ICS120) reference 14/A/38

Above: sale notice from the Taylor papers (ICS120) reference 14/A/38
  • Barbados and Leeward Islands, financial administration papers, ref: MS401, date(s): 1669-1682

  • Barbados plantation legal papers, ref: MS1134, date(s): 1741-1773

  • Castle Wemyss Estate Papers, ref: ICS101, dates(s): 1802-1845, c1990 

  • Conduct record of John Warrow, ref: MS667, date(s): 1838

A pdf version of the conduct record of John Warrow is available here.

John Warrow conduct record

Above: the conduct record of John Warrow, reference MS667
  • De Morgan family papers, ref: MS913, date(s): 1753-1975

  • International Commission of Enquiry to Liberia, ref: MS788, date(s): c1930

  • Jamaica: papers relating to politics, genealogy and slavery, refs: MS878, and MS691, date(s): ?1722-1868

  • John Lunan letter, ref: AL253, date(s): 1819 October 15

Sugar Cane Cultivation, Trinidad, ca.1830s

Above: Sugar Cane Cultivation, Trinidad, ca.1830s from Richard Bridgens, West India Scenery...from sketches taken during a voyage to, and residence of seven years in ... Trinidad (London, c.1836)
  • Moges, Alphonse Louis Théodore, Comte de Moges, ref: MS463, date(s): 1820

  • Newton family papers, ref: MS523, date(s): 1680-1920

  • P K Seaman letter, ref: AL354, date(s): 1851 June 1

  • Richard Lawson letter, ref: MS821, date(s): 1800 May 21

  • Sandbach, Tinné and Co., Liverpool, refs: MS677 and ICS70, date(s): 1807-1909

  • Slave pass, ref: MS758, date(s): 1845 March 23. A pdf version of the slave pass is available here.
  • Taylor family papers, ref: ICS120, date(s) 1760-1835 [predominantly 1770-1819]

  • West India Committee: Acquired Papers and Official Archives, refs: ICS96 and ICS97, date(s): 1750-1999

  • William Hewitt papers, ref: MS522, date(s) 1759-1790