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Wireless@SG is a wireless broadband programme developed by IDA as part of its Next Generation National Infocomm Infrastructure initiative. It is run by three local wireless operators - iCELL Network, M1 and SingTel. Users can enjoy free, both indoor and outdoor seamless wireless broadband access with speeds of up to 1 Mbps at public areas.

The targeted users of this wireless broadband network are broadly classified as "people on the move" - people who require wireless broadband access while away from their homes, schools and offices. These include students, tourists, business travellers and enterprise users such as insurance agents and real estate agents who use widely-available and wireless-enabled devices such as notebook PCs and smartphones. Once connected, users will be able to access all Internet-based services e.g. online gaming, web surfing, instant messaging, VoIP and email.

The Wireless@SG network was also enhanced in June 2009 to enable a variety of enterprise services such as advertising, location-based services, cashless payments and facility monitoring. These services have been popular with the enterprise industry and an increasing number of businesses roll out enterprise services over the Wireless@SG network yearly. Examples of enterprises that have successfully adopted Wireless@SG can be found in The Wireless Connection for Enterprises.

Accessing the Wireless@SG Network

A user is required to register for an account to connect to the Wireless@SG network through any Wi-Fi enabled device (e.g. laptop & smartphone). With this registered account, the user is able to roam within any of Wireless@SG's hotspots, regardless of the operators' network.

Existing users who wish to retrieve their Wireless@SG username and password may visit Infocomm123 portal. (

Wireless@SG is powered by the three operators: iCell, M1 and SingTel. Free public access will be available till 31 March 2013.

Coverage Areas

To access Wireless@SG, users need to be located within the respective Wireless@SG coverage areas. Users can view the latest coverage areas here.

To find out more about accessing Wireless@SG network with your device, please access our FAQ section.

For more information, please email

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