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Do I have to respond to the American Community Survey / Puerto Rico Community Survey?
Yes. Respondents are required to answer all questions on the American Community Survey (ACS) to the best of... more
What data can I get for ZIP Code Tabulation Areas?
You can get population and housing data for ... more
American FactFinder: How do I find the population of my city, town, county, or state?
Here are two easy ways to find the population for your city, town, county, or state.    ... more
Can the U.S. Census Bureau help me find information about my family's history?
Although censuses are a source of genealogical information, the Census Bureau does not provide these data nor can we ... more
American FactFinder: How do I find all the Census Tracts in a Place?
The process to find all Census Tracts within a City, Town, or County Subdivision varies based on the dataset you are ... more
Do you have FAQs for the American Community Survey?
Thank you for asking about the U.S. Census Bureau's American Community Survey (ACS). The answers provided b... more
When will data from the 2010 census be available?
The apportionment counts will be delivered to the President within nine months of Census Day (on or before December 3... more
Where can I find historical census data on the population?
In addition to our Selected Historical ... more
American FactFinder: How do I find all blocks within a Census tract?
While the process to find all blocks within a Census tract is the same for all decennial censuses, the size and ... more
American FactFinder: How do I find a Factsheet for my city or town?
Currently, Factsheets are not available in the new American FactFinder. To recreate the data available from the legacy A... more
Can I get detailed import and export data?
Yes, we have detailed import and export data available through an ... more
I don't know which of the Census 2000 summary files I need. What are the differences?
The four summary files below for Census 2000 are among the most detailed data products available from the popula... more
American FactFinder: How do I find the 2010 population for a Zip Code Tabulation Area (ZCTA)?
A ZCTA is a generalized area representation of U.S. Postal Service (USPS) ZIP Code service areas. They represent the ... more
How will data from 2010 Census be made available?
The 2010 Census data will be disseminated mainly through American FactFinder beginning in January of 2011. Visit Amer... more
1940 Census Records
Please refer to the following resources regarding the 1940 Census. ... more
How can I get data from the American Community Survey (ACS)?
The Census Bureau publishes ACS data in tables on the ... more
Can someone help me find my Schedule B number?
Here are three options:Call the ... more
American FactFinder: Why can't I find a specific place, Census tract, metro area, ZCTA, etc.?
American FactFinder organizes data for over 11 million different geographic areas. In order to properly organize such... more
Where do I find information on the number of people in my area surveyed by the American Community Survey (ACS)?
Information on sample size, response rates, coverage rates, and item allocation rates is available on the ... more
How can I get permission to use or publish census data?
Copyright protection is not available for any work of the United States Government (Title 17 U.S.C., Section 105). ... more
American FactFinder: What are the limits for downloading tables?
Download from Search Results (without viewing table):... more
Does the U.S. Census Bureau provide data on poverty?
Our web site on Poverty provides data links to... more
How do I classify my product, locate the HS number and export commodity code for the Schedule B?
For help with import classification, you must contact your l... more
American FactFinder: How can I map my data?
In American FactFinder, you can build a map of a specific piece of data about a particular area. These maps are ... more
When is it best to use American Community Survey (ACS) 1-year, 3-year, or 5-year estimates?
You must think about the balance between currency and sample size/reliability/precision. The 1-year and 3-year e... more
What does the U.S. Census Bureau provide on ancestry?
The Census Bureau provides data on ancestry... more
American FactFinder: How do I find data for "all the counties in a state" or "all the census tracts in a state"?
Search for "all counties in a state" or "all the census tracts in a state" or similar geographies by selecting Geogra... more
How do I find my import commodity code?
How do I find my Harmonized Tariff Schedule (HTS) number?
The United States International Trade Commission allows you to ... more
Will the 2010 Census data products be the same as those released from Census 2000?
The types of products are the same. We expect to release summary files, profiles, and reports. However, the design of... more
I'm an appraiser and need to assign census tract numbers to street addresses. What do I do?
There are several online resources that are useful in associating street addresses to census tracts. The ... more
Does the U.S. Census Bureau produce data on educational attainment?
The Census Bureau provides data on educational attainment from the following sources:American C... more
Does the U.S. Census Bureau provide any data by first names and surnames?
The Census Bureau provides first and surname data that may be... more
Do you have data by single year of age?
Yes, the U.S. Census Bureau produces data by single year of age: The U.S. Census Bureau... more
What is the Automated Export System (AES) filing process?
  The Summarized AES Filing Proces... more
Can I generate my own custom tables from the U.S. Census Bureau site?
The Census Bureau provides several ... more
What does the U.S. Census Bureau produce by race and Hispanic origin?
U.S. federal government agencies must adhere to st... more
Survey of Business Owners: I need detailed industry and geographic area data from the Economic Census where do I start?
The most comprehensive and detailed industry and geographic area data come from the economic census every 5 years, for y... more
How do I know if I need a block map or a census tract outline map?
Census 2000 Census Tract Outline Maps delineate census tract boundaries within counties, as well as boundaries for po... more
American FactFinder: Why can't I easily modify my Excel download?
In American FactFinder, users can download information into Excel via a database compatible download (.csv) and a presen... more
Does the Census Bureau prepare thematic maps?
There are a number of options for getting maps. You can get ... more
How do I know who counts as a "resident" for the American Community Survey (ACS)?
The ACS uses the concept of "current residence" to determine who should be considered residents of sa... more
I received the American Community Survey (ACS) in the mail. Do I use a pencil or pen to complete the form?
Use a pen with blue or black ink, or a #2 pencil. For more information on how to respond or get hel... more
How do I get trade information (imports and exports) on a specific product?
In order to get trade information, you need to be able to correctly classify your product.  There are many ways ... more
Where can I learn about the definitions of metropolitan areas? Data for these areas?
The metropolitan area (typically a core area such as a central city along with the counties economically and socially... more
When I'm shipping something out of the U.S., do I need to know my Export Control Classification Number (ECCN)?
When exporting commodities out of the United States (or releasing technology or source code to a foreign national in ... more
Does the Census Bureau have data for religion?
The Census Bureau conducted censuses of religious bodies at 10-year intervals from 1906 through 1936. The results wer... more
How do I receive or discontinue receiving American Community Survey (ACS) email updates?
Subscribe To sign up for updates, select the "Get Email U... more
What are the responsibilities of the freight forwarders in an export transaction?
Freight forwarders are responsible for: Preparing the EEI (Electronic Export Information) recor... more
How does the U.S. Census Bureau define ratio of  income to poverty?
Some Census Bureau tables show counts of people or families, categorized by how their income compares with their pove... more
Can I compare American Community Survey (ACS) estimates to ACS data from other time periods? How about comparisons with data from Census 2000 or the 2010 Census?
Generally, you can compare American Community Survey (ACS) estimates with data from Census 2000 or 2010 Census. If yo... more