My Story on Huffington Post,2012:/tag/my-story Huffington Post Lea Lane: The Unbelievable Story Of Two Women Who Married The Same Man 2012-07-09T01:38:08Z 2012-07-09T01:38:27Z Lea Lane What we couldn't possibly have known was that in addition to a love of Jane Austen and Italian pastry, we would share something else, something totally unexpected: The same husband. <p>Read more: <a href="/tag/marriage">Marriage</a>, <a href="/tag/westchester-county">Westchester County</a>, <a href="/tag/divorce">Divorce</a>, <a href="/tag/relationships">Relationships</a>, <a href="/tag/romance">Romance</a>, <a href="/tag/my-story">My Story</a>, <a href="/tag/post50">post50</a>, <a href="/tag/new-york">New York</a>, <a href="/weddings">Weddings News</a></p> Adrienne Arieff: I Traveled 9,000 Miles For IVF 2012-05-29T07:34:29Z 2012-05-29T10:21:26Z Adrienne Arieff Even though I've been on planes, trains, and automobiles to get here, the full weight of my passage and of what I hope to achieve in this journey has not quite resonated until now. <p>Read more: <a href="/tag/motherhood">Motherhood</a>, <a href="/tag/my-story">My Story</a>, <a href="/tag/fertility">Fertility</a>, <a href="/tag/surrogacy">Surrogacy</a>, <a href="/tag/infertility">Infertility</a>, <a href="/tag/ivf">Ivf</a>, <a href="/tag/fertility-treatment">Fertility Treatment</a>, <a href="/women">Women News</a></p> Nina Camp: Why I Can Only Love an Addict 2012-05-23T08:58:20Z 2012-05-22T17:51:53Z Nina Camp He didn't really abandon me, since he couldn't really have stayed. If I can't be abandoned, and I can't control or fail to control someone else's behavior, then I can start to love. <p>Read more: <a href="/tag/addiction">Addiction</a>, <a href="/tag/my-story">My-Story</a>, <a href="/tag/addiction-and-sex">Addiction and Sex</a>, <a href="/tag/love-sex">Love Sex</a>, <a href="/tag/dating-advice">Dating Advice</a>, <a href="/tag/dating">Dating</a>, <a href="/tag/love-advice">Love Advice</a>, <a href="/tag/love">Love</a>, <a href="/women">Women News</a></p> Margaret Wheeler Johnson: I Told Everyone About My Breakup -- Except Him 2012-05-21T07:19:34Z 2012-05-21T08:06:11Z Margaret Wheeler Johnson There's no reason I shouldn't tell him. She and I are seeing other people now. I'm over it. And yet I still can't bring myself to say the words. <p>Read more: <a href="/tag/modern-love">Modern Love</a>, <a href="/tag/new-york-delis">New York Delis</a>, <a href="/tag/love-sex">Love Sex</a>, <a href="/tag/dating-advice">Dating Advice</a>, <a href="/tag/bodegas">Bodegas</a>, <a href="/tag/dating">Dating</a>, <a href="/tag/love-advice">Love Advice</a>, <a href="/tag/new-york-deli">New York Deli</a>, <a href="/tag/relationship-advice">Relationship Advice</a>, <a href="/tag/my-story">My Story</a>, <a href="/tag/breaking-up">Breaking Up</a>, <a href="/tag/breakups">Breakups</a>, <a href="/tag/love">Love</a>, <a href="/tag/girlfriends">Girlfriends</a>, <a href="/women">Women News</a></p> Shannon Bradley-Colleary: Going to Therapy with my Mother 2012-05-16T19:05:06Z 2012-05-16T19:16:04Z Shannon Bradley-Colleary "Don't let your life be all about men the way mine has been," my mom said on the long distance line as I sobbed about my latest tortured love affair circa 1991. <p>Read more: <a href="/tag/mother-daughter-relationships">Mother Daughter Relationships</a>, <a href="/tag/family-healing">Family Healing</a>, <a href="/tag/abuse">Abuse</a>, <a href="/tag/children-and-divorce">Children and Divorce</a>, <a href="/tag/divorce">Divorce</a>, <a href="/tag/my-story">My Story</a>, <a href="/tag/death-of-a-spouse">Death of a Spouse</a>, <a href="/tag/stepparents">Stepparents</a>, <a href="/women">Women News</a></p> Melanie Curtin: 10 Things I Know Now That I'm Thirty 2012-05-16T09:31:46Z 2012-05-16T10:10:27Z Melanie Curtin I'm not perfect, but I'm doing the right things for the right reasons. In other words, I'm 30, and I've earned it. <p>Read more: <a href="/tag/women-and-aging">Women and Aging</a>, <a href="/tag/aging">Aging</a>, <a href="/tag/turning-30">Turning 30</a>, <a href="/tag/getting-older">Getting Older</a>, <a href="/tag/growing-up">Growing Up</a>, <a href="/tag/my-story">My-Story</a>, <a href="/tag/10-things-i-know-now-that-im-thirty">10 Things I Know Now That Im Thirty</a>, <a href="/tag/10-things-i-know-now-that-im-30">10 Things I Know Now That Im 30</a>, <a href="/tag/huffington-post-10-things-i-know">Huffington Post 10 Things I Know</a>, <a href="/women">Women News</a></p> The Moment I Knew I Needed More Sleep (SUBMIT YOUR VIDEO) 2012-05-08T16:47:30Z 2012-05-09T08:27:25Z The Huffington Post News Team By now, you've probably seen our exciting new project here at HuffPost called "The Moment I Knew." <br /> <br /> It's a user-submitted video series where reader... <p>Read more: <a href="/tag/the-moment-i-knew">The Moment I Knew</a>, <a href="/tag/moment-i-knew">Moment I Knew</a>, <a href="/tag/my-story">My Story</a>, <a href="/tag/personal-health-stories">Personal Health Stories</a>, <a href="/tag/the-moment-i-knew-healthy-living">The Moment I Knew Healthy Living</a>, <a href="/tag/sleep">Sleep</a>, <a href="/healthy-living">Healthy Living News</a></p> 'I’ve Always Felt That When You Inhale, I Exhale' 2012-04-30T14:27:25Z 2012-05-01T11:08:34Z The Huffington Post News Team Jody Houston, 57, interviews her daughter, Barbara Cooper, 30.<br /> <br /> <br /> Jody Houston: You were born prematurely. The doctor came into the recovery room, a... <p>Read more: <a href="/tag/celebrate-mothers-day">Celebrate Mother&#039;s Day</a>, <a href="/tag/coping-with-illness">Coping With Illness</a>, <a href="/tag/mothers-day-2012">Mother&#039;s Day 2012</a>, <a href="/tag/mother-daughter-relationships">Mother Daughter Relationships</a>, <a href="/tag/barbara-cooper">Barbara Cooper</a>, <a href="/tag/jody-houston">Jody Houston</a>, <a href="/tag/mothers-day-pkg">Mothers-Day-Pkg</a>, <a href="/tag/my-story">My Story</a>, <a href="/tag/mother-daughter">Mother Daughter</a>, <a href="/tag/storycorps">Storycorps</a>, <a href="/tag/progeria">Progeria</a>, <a href="/tag/mom-a-celebration-of-mothers">MOM: A Celebration of Mothers</a>, <a href="/women">Women News</a></p> Lea Lane: Isolated on an Island, Dealing With Grief 2012-04-27T16:38:57Z 2012-04-27T16:39:51Z Lea Lane Alone on the cliffs of Grand Manan Island overlooking the misty Bay of Fundy, I didn't feel any lonelier than I did anywhere else. I felt peaceful. I missed my husband, but now I felt his presence more clearly in my memories. <p>Read more: <a href="/tag/bay-of-fundy">Bay of Fundy</a>, <a href="/tag/relationships">Relationships</a>, <a href="/tag/mindful-living">Mindful Living</a>, <a href="/tag/grief">Grief</a>, <a href="/tag/my-story">My Story</a>, <a href="/tag/death-and-dying">Death and Dying</a>, <a href="/tag/canada">Canada</a>, <a href="/tag/travel">Travel</a>, <a href="/tag/unplug-and-recharge">Unplug and Recharge</a>, <a href="/tag/healing">Healing</a>, <a href="/tag/new-brunswick">New Brunswick</a>, <a href="/tag/grand-manan-island">Grand Manan Island</a>, <a href="/tag/grieving">Grieving</a>, <a href="/tag/emotional-wellness">Emotional Wellness</a>, <a href="/tag/gps-soul">Gps-Soul</a>, <a href="/tag/solitude">Solitude</a>, <a href="/healthy-living">Healthy Living News</a></p> Patricia Crisafulli: Rewriting the Story of Your Life 2012-04-16T14:20:46Z 2012-04-16T14:23:15Z Patricia Crisafulli At midlife, it's time to sort through the life stories we tell, pitching out the ones that no longer fit. <p>Read more: <a href="/tag/creativity">Creativity</a>, <a href="/tag/emotional-healing">Emotional Healing</a>, <a href="/tag/childhood-memories">Childhood Memories</a>, <a href="/tag/inspiration">Inspiration</a>, <a href="/tag/fifty-news">Fifty News</a>, <a href="/tag/writing">Writing</a>, <a href="/tag/memories">Memories</a>, <a href="/tag/personal-narrative">Personal Narrative</a>, <a href="/tag/life-story">Life Story</a>, <a href="/tag/my-story">My-Story</a>, <a href="/fifty">Fifty News</a></p> The Moment I Knew I Was Depressed (SUBMIT YOUR VIDEO) 2012-04-19T08:31:36Z 2012-04-10T10:29:21Z The Huffington Post News Team By now, you've probably seen our exciting new project here at HuffPost called "The Moment I Knew." <br /> <br /> It's a user-submitted video series where reader... <p>Read more: <a href="/tag/the-moment-i-knew">The Moment I Knew</a>, <a href="/tag/video">Video</a>, <a href="/tag/depression">Depression</a>, <a href="/tag/mental-health">Mental Health</a>, <a href="/tag/personal-health-stories">Personal Health Stories</a>, <a href="/tag/the-moment-i-knew-healthy-living">The Moment I Knew Healthy Living</a>, <a href="/tag/moment-i-knew">Moment I Knew</a>, <a href="/tag/my-story">My Story</a>, <a href="/tag/slideexpand">Slideexpand</a>, <a href="/tag/the-moment-i-knew-i-was-depressed">The Moment I Knew I Was Depressed</a>, <a href="/healthy-living">Healthy Living News</a></p> Amanda Beard: In The Water, They Can't See You Cry 2012-04-03T14:28:49Z 2012-04-03T11:56:35Z Amanda Beard I lay there for hours trying to conceive of one thing that I could feel confident about, only to return to my list over and over and over. There was nothing special about me, nothing worth being loved. <p>Read more: <a href="/tag/amanda-beard">Amanda Beard</a>, <a href="/tag/my-story">My Story</a>, <a href="/tag/amanda-beard-memoir">Amanda Beard Memoir</a>, <a href="/tag/body-image">Body Image</a>, <a href="/tag/in-the-water-they-cant-see-you-cry">In the Water They Can&#039;t See You Cry</a>, <a href="/home">Home News</a></p> Tracy Crow: Eyes Right: The Affair That Ended My Career as a Female Marine 2012-04-02T09:13:29Z 2012-04-02T09:32:14Z Tracy Crow It was March 1987. The year Prozac made its debut. Gasoline was eighty-nine cents a gallon. Televangelist Jim Bakker had self-destructed, much the same way I had, by way of sex scandal. <p>Read more: <a href="/tag/love-sex">Love Sex</a>, <a href="/tag/female-marine">Female Marine</a>, <a href="/tag/sex-and-the-military">Sex and the Military</a>, <a href="/tag/my-story">My Story</a>, <a href="/tag/female-marine-affair">Female Marine Affair</a>, <a href="/tag/affairs-in-the-military">Affairs in the Military</a>, <a href="/tag/having-an-affair-in-the-military">Having an Affair in the Military</a>, <a href="/tag/my-story">My-Story</a>, <a href="/tag/eyes-right">Eyes Right</a>, <a href="/tag/female-marines">Female Marines</a>, <a href="/women">Women News</a></p> Melody Moezzi: Go Back to My Country? 2012-03-29T14:45:30Z 2012-03-29T14:50:55Z Melody Moezzi You never forget the first time you're told to "go back to your country." It's like being punched in the heart and stomach simultaneously. <p>Read more: <a href="/tag/islam">Islam</a>, <a href="/tag/muslim">Muslim</a>, <a href="/tag/islamophobia">Islamophobia</a>, <a href="/tag/shaima-alawadi">Shaima Alawadi</a>, <a href="/tag/shaima-alawadi-death">Shaima Alawadi Death</a>, <a href="/tag/iraq">Iraq</a>, <a href="/tag/united-states">United States</a>, <a href="/tag/my-story">My Story</a>, <a href="/tag/us">U.S.</a>, <a href="/culture">Culture News</a></p> Hayley Krischer: Thinspo Blogging Continues On Everyone's Favorite Site: Pinterest 2012-03-25T16:50:25Z 2012-03-23T16:53:49Z Hayley Krischer When I was 15, I went through a bulimic episode. <p>Read more: <a href="/tag/thinspo">Thinspo</a>, <a href="/tag/anorexia">Anorexia</a>, <a href="/tag/body-image">Body Image</a>, <a href="/tag/pinterest">Pinterest</a>, <a href="/tag/eating-disorders">Eating Disorders</a>, <a href="/tag/teenage-girls">Teenage Girls</a>, <a href="/tag/my-story">My Story</a>, <a href="/tag/bulimia">Bulimia</a>, <a href="/women">Women News</a></p> Cheryl Strayed: How I Found Myself In The Wild 2012-03-20T10:35:20Z 2012-03-20T11:06:48Z Cheryl Strayed It was a world I thought would make me into the woman I knew I could become and turn me back into the girl I'd once been. A world that measured two feet wide and 2,663 miles long. <p>Read more: <a href="/tag/hiking">Hiking</a>, <a href="/tag/my-story">My Story</a>, <a href="/tag/pacific-crest-trail">Pacific Crest Trail</a>, <a href="/tag/divorce">Divorce</a>, <a href="/tag/cheryl-strayed">Cheryl Strayed</a>, <a href="/tag/books-we-love">Books We Love</a>, <a href="/tag/wilderness-trail">Wilderness Trail</a>, <a href="/tag/wild">Wild</a>, <a href="/tag/women-authentic-beauty">Women-Authentic-Beauty</a>, <a href="/tag/video">Video</a>, <a href="/women">Women News</a></p> Gila Shapiro: Something Like A Family 2012-03-19T10:37:26Z 2012-03-19T10:54:02Z Gila Shapiro At some point, I don't remember exactly when, I stopped replacing my fraying lacy underwear with new lacy underwear and instead bought packs of three or five single color elastic fit. <p>Read more: <a href="/tag/single-motherhood">Single Motherhood</a>, <a href="/tag/single-mother">Single Mother</a>, <a href="/tag/motherhood">Motherhood</a>, <a href="/tag/my-story">My Story</a>, <a href="/tag/fertility">Fertility</a>, <a href="/tag/parenting">Parenting</a>, <a href="/tag/sperm-donor">Sperm Donor</a>, <a href="/tag/baby">Baby</a>, <a href="/women">Women News</a></p> Denise Vivaldo: Why This Chef Said Women Ruin Food 2012-03-14T11:10:29Z 2012-03-14T11:27:36Z Denise Vivaldo I asked for clarification. When women have their periods, they ruin the food? Yep, that was it. <p>Read more: <a href="/tag/sandra-fluke">Sandra Fluke</a>, <a href="/tag/denise-vivaldo">Denise Vivaldo</a>, <a href="/tag/herb-caen">Herb Caen</a>, <a href="/tag/rush-limbaugh">Rush Limbaugh</a>, <a href="/tag/culinary-school">Culinary School</a>, <a href="/tag/sexism">Sexism</a>, <a href="/tag/my-story">My Story</a>, <a href="/women">Women News</a></p> Nina Camp: Why Seeing Liev Schreiber Led To A Meltdown 2012-03-11T09:40:00Z 2012-03-11T09:40:54Z Nina Camp I don't want to write about seeing Liev Schreiber in the lobby of the Mark Hotel. What should've been a fine, passing starlit moment became, with Alec there, a crisis. <p>Read more: <a href="/tag/liev-schreiber">Liev Schreiber</a>, <a href="/tag/my-story">My-Story</a>, <a href="/tag/naomi-watts">Naomi Watts</a>, <a href="/tag/love-and-relationships">Love and Relationships</a>, <a href="/tag/liev-schreiber-naomi-watts">Liev Schreiber Naomi Watts</a>, <a href="/tag/relationships">Relationships</a>, <a href="/women">Women News</a></p> The Moment I Knew I Had To Lose Weight (SUBMIT YOUR VIDEO) 2012-03-09T08:31:36Z 2012-03-09T08:32:02Z The Huffington Post News Team At HuffPost, we're kicking off an exciting new project and we'd love you to participate! It's called "The Moment I Knew," and is a user-submitted vide... <p>Read more: <a href="/tag/moment-i-knew">Moment I Knew</a>, <a href="/tag/the-moment-i-knew">The Moment I Knew</a>, <a href="/tag/my-story">My Story</a>, <a href="/tag/weight-loss">Weight Loss</a>, <a href="/tag/personal-health-stories">Personal Health Stories</a>, <a href="/tag/the-moment-i-knew-healthy-living">The Moment I Knew Healthy Living</a>, <a href="/tag/slidepollajax">Slidepollajax</a>, <a href="/healthy-living">Healthy Living News</a></p> Her Story: Tell Us About A Woman Who Changed Your Life 2012-03-07T15:47:21Z 2012-03-07T15:47:21Z The Huffington Post News Team March is Women's History Month, a month filled with conferences, broadcasts and speeches remembering women who paved the way for the rest of us. It's ... <p>Read more: <a href="/tag/motherhood-stories">Motherhood Stories</a>, <a href="/tag/my-story">My Story</a>, <a href="/tag/celebrating-women">Celebrating Women</a>, <a href="/tag/my-story">My-Story</a>, <a href="/tag/international-womens-day">International Women&#039;s Day</a>, <a href="/tag/womens-stories">Women&#039;s Stories</a>, <a href="/tag/international-womens-day-2012">International Women&#039;s Day 2012</a>, <a href="/women">Women News</a></p> WATCH: The Joys And Health Benefits Of Living Alone 2012-03-07T11:31:18Z 2012-03-07T12:43:13Z The Huffington Post News Team A growing number of people live alone. In fact, single living is one of the most common types of "families" -- along with childless couples -- Ann Cur... <p>Read more: <a href="/tag/video">Video</a>, <a href="/tag/the-today-show">The Today Show</a>, <a href="/tag/personal-health-stories">Personal Health Stories</a>, <a href="/tag/live-alone">Live Alone</a>, <a href="/tag/personal-health">Personal Health</a>, <a href="/tag/today-show">Today Show</a>, <a href="/tag/living-alone">Living Alone</a>, <a href="/tag/my-story">My-Story</a>, <a href="/tag/how-to-live-alone">How to Live Alone</a>, <a href="/healthy-living">Healthy Living News</a></p> Laura Schocker: Why I Love Living Alone 2012-03-07T06:19:34Z 2012-03-07T06:19:43Z Laura Schocker Living alone gets a bad rap in our society. But before you let the stats keep you up in bed (alone) at night, consider this: With the right lifestyle and support network, there are actually some great health benefits to living alone. <p>Read more: <a href="/tag/slidepollajax">Slidepollajax</a>, <a href="/tag/living-alone">Living Alone</a>, <a href="/tag/my-story">My Story</a>, <a href="/tag/why-i-love-living-alone">Why I Love Living Alone</a>, <a href="/tag/going-solo">Going Solo</a>, <a href="/tag/living-alone-health">Living Alone Health</a>, <a href="/healthy-living">Healthy Living News</a></p> Jessica Pearce Rotondi: What's In A Bra (Besides The Obvious)? 2012-02-24T15:55:58Z 2012-02-24T18:46:59Z Jessica Pearce Rotondi Bras are a way for women to try on different versions of themselves. <p>Read more: <a href="/tag/push-up-bras">Push-Up Bras</a>, <a href="/tag/british-women">British Women</a>, <a href="/tag/sexy-bras">Sexy Bras</a>, <a href="/tag/puberty">Puberty</a>, <a href="/tag/adolescence">Adolescence</a>, <a href="/tag/british-study">British Study</a>, <a href="/tag/sweatshop">Sweatshop</a>, <a href="/tag/first-bra">First Bra</a>, <a href="/tag/training-bras">Training Bras</a>, <a href="/tag/my-story">My Story</a>, <a href="/women">Women News</a></p> Lori Fradkin: Why I Still Love The Oscars 2012-02-24T16:52:20Z 2012-02-24T17:50:44Z Lori Fradkin The thing about watching the Academy Awards is it's only partially about watching the awards. Ask them what I served at my party and they will answer without hesitation. Cupcakes. <p>Read more: <a href="/tag/neil-patrick-harris">Neil Patrick Harris</a>, <a href="/tag/oscars-2012">Oscars 2012</a>, <a href="/tag/films">Films</a>, <a href="/tag/oscars">Oscars</a>, <a href="/tag/colin-firth">Colin Firth</a>, <a href="/tag/my-story">My-Story</a>, <a href="/tag/academy-awards-2012">Academy Awards 2012</a>, <a href="/tag/love-the-oscars">Love the Oscars</a>, <a href="/tag/movies">Movies</a>, <a href="/tag/academy-awards">Academy Awards</a>, <a href="/tag/slidepollajax">Slidepollajax</a>, <a href="/women">Women News</a></p>