Doug Hagin
November 16, 2004
ACLU scrooged!
By Doug Hagin

Generally speaking, I am not one to start the Christmas season too early. Frankly, I feel that our malls and retailers have gotten way out of hand when they begin decorating before Halloween. I even heard Christmas music played in several places in early November. Thanksgiving turkeys are still hoping to get a last minute reprieve and already Christmas is being rushed upon us.

Now do not mistake my meaning I love Christmas. I have ever since I was old enough to say Santa and young enough to still believe in the jolly old guy. I just feel the marketing of this wonderful holiday has gotten to be entirely over the top.

There has also been, over the last few years, another reason not to want Christmas rushed in. There has been in recent Christmas seasons seemingly never ending whining from the perpetually offended politically correct types about holiday decorations.

You know the stories by now everything from Baby Jesus, manger scenes, Santa and his reindeer, Christmas trees and Christmas carols have all been targeted by some narrow-minded people who lose their minds every time the sense the slightest mention of anything religious.

The story has too often been the same in these cases. A bleeding heart is driving to a "Save the Left-Handed Lesbian Squirrels" rally and sees a manger scene or a replica of Santa's sled being erected in the town square. Stunned they stop their Yugo, they would be driving an SUV but that would be insensitive to Mother Earth and would cause Al Gore great emotional stress, and start to shake their head in disbelief.

Concerned that this dreaded holiday display will cause the immediate and irreversible destruction of the Union and the Constitution, not to mention cause Al Gore to be distressed, they reach for their cell phone. They call the local chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union, which, of course they have on speed dial, and tell them of the impending doom.

The ACLU of course responds on a moment's notice with threats of lawsuits, which will cripple the town's economy. The town, not being in a position to fight a protracted legal battle, gives in and the ACLU and overly sensitive touchy-feely Liberals everywhere rejoice.

This year, however, that story which is too often told in America has a different ending in Cranston, Rhode Island. There the ACLU brought a suit claiming the town had erected religious displays that, say it with me everyone, "violated the separation of church and state." The town of Cranston, with the help of the Arizona-based Alliance Defense Fund, took the ACLU, which is used to winning these asinine suits, to the woodshed this time though.

A federal judge ruled that the city may continue to open such displays as long as it establishes objective criteria for allowing the public to set up such displays. In his opinion Judge William Smith, wrote that nothing in the city's public statements or in its implementation of the policy for its Christmas displays "reveals or even remotely supports an inference that a religious purpose was behind the creation of the limited public forum."

The suit, which was brought after the city of Cranston opened its City Hall's front lawn to private seasonal and holiday displays, is another example of just how intolerant the political left has become in America towards people of faith.

The people of Cranston set up the displays, both religious and secular in nature, and the city was very clear in posting a disclaimer that the displays were from private persons. The ACLU had no right to claim any Constitutional violations had occurred.

Yet they chose to attempt to push their agenda of religious bigotry onto the good folks of Cranston, Rhode Island. Instead of serving a useful purpose and looking for cases where Constitutional rights have been trampled the ACLU has chosen to pursue a course of action which itself tramples the constitutionally guaranteed religious freedoms Americans are blessed with.

The ACLU and their allies on the extremist left wing, have used their time and money to effectively persecute people of faith in recent years and this reversal to their mean-spirited campaign of intolerance is long overdue frankly.

The United States Constitution is very clear on religious freedoms. Moreover, it is very clear on the so-called separation of church and state. These actual words, of course are not in the Constitution, but the ACLU and their ilk have conveniently ignored that fact haven't they? The establishment of a state religion is what the Constitution forbids and not the Christmas decorations on a court house lawn.

Now the folks at the ACLU and those who support them are fervent in their desire not to allow any government sponsorship of religion. In fact, they have become quite adept at erasing all vestiges of religion from public mention or display.

Their desire to force people of faith to worship in silence and to never display or mention their beliefs is wrong and frankly is un-American. Oh, they might claim they are out to prevent America from becoming a theocratic nation, but in reality, they are desirous of reshaping America into a Humanist nation where religion is muted.

© Doug Hagin

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