Sam Weaver
May 20, 2003
Liberal bias
By Sam Weaver

(NOTE: This is the ninth in a series of ten essays designed to proffer my personal views and insights concerning Western worldviews and culture.)

Conservatives harp on and on about “liberal bias” in the media. Liberals deride the very concept as little more than a product of conservative paranoia. After all, aren’t most media conglomerates owned by conservative-leaning individuals or families? Moderates tend to ignore the idea, or they drift toward taking the liberals’ word for granted—if not with at least a grain of salt. Who is right? Is there even a smidgen of liberal bias in the media or is this “bias” just a product of the minds of some delusional “right-wing” conservatives?

Several years ago, I was “channel surfing” and landed on a news broadcast on a local ABC television affiliate. I listened intently to a very well-rounded depiction of events in the Middle East. Even way back then, something primal within me told me, “Wow! This does not sound like ABC News!” Instinctively, I knew that there was “something extra” about that particular news broadcast that ABC would never have expressed.

Only after the end of the segment—after those primal thoughts raced through my head—did I realize that what I had just witnessed was a local airing of the “700 Club” program. (I was neither a fan nor a viewer of the “700 Club” at that time.) What I had seen was not a product of the ABC Network. It was a product of the Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN)! I cannot honestly say that this brief experience many years ago was an “epiphany,” but I can say that it taught me at least a little bit about bias in the news.

Modern liberals obviously feel threatened by both the Fox News Channel (FNC) and talk radio. Why? Do they not venerate free speech? Oh yes, how foolish of me! Liberals demand and respect free speech as long as it is not exercised by the likes of such evil, filthy rich, bigoted white guys as Rupert Murdoch and Rush Limbaugh! While expressing (feigning?!) respect for America’s Founding Documents and for the men who composed those documents, liberals—wracked with guilt over such very legitimate concerns as slavery and the lack of suffrage for women in early America—utterly despise the fact that those men were all a bunch of wealth white guys! (More on all of that in my next essay.)

Why is it—REALLY—that liberals disdain both FNC and conservative talk radio? Why do liberals—REALLY—feel threatened? What is that “something extra” that CBN, FNC and talk radio provides that the “mainstream media” have completely neglected for decades? Succinctly, the answer to these questions can be found in the liberal tenet of relativism. Comprehensively, the answer to these questions as well as to the whole question of liberal bias in the media can be found in the gaping differences between the modern liberal and the modern conservative worldview philosophies.

Concisely, the theme of my entire series of columns and essays has been this: Modern liberalism is based upon the concept of relativism and modern conservatism is founded upon the idea of absolutism. In other words, liberalism is rooted in the word, the will and the law of man and human government. Conservatism, on the other hand, is anchored in the Word, the Will and the Law of man’s Creator.

Exhaustively, the thesis of my series involves the essentials (religion, politics, economics and science) of the two competing Western worldview philosophies (liberal vs. conservative) and attempts to argue in favor of the American (or modern conservative) worldview philosophy. Modern liberalism, I have argued, is an alien philosophy with French and German roots via Rousseau, Hegel, Marx, Nietzsche, et. al.

How often do modern media and “popular culture” express the “Big Bang ‘Theory’ and the “’Theory’ of Evolution” as a “valid” or “factual” explanation for the origin of the universe and the species of the earth? Have you seen PBS, the Discovery Channel or The Learning Channel lately? When do they not express these assumptions as absolute fact? When do they ever revere or even acknowledge God as Creator?

How many network news programs have you heard ad infinitum either promoting government action on any given series of “problems” or chastising the inaction of government for getting involved in some “injustice”? How often do modern media completely overlook the concept of individual responsibility and accountability?

When will Americans finally get fed up with shows such as “Dateline,” “60 Minutes,” and “20/20” attacking private businesses and (Oh, so subtly!) demanding federal oversight and/or outright control of those businesses? Are we so blind that we cannot see the eco/political (SOCIALISTIC) goals and ideals of these network programs?

To anyone and everyone who is generally moral, educated and informed, there is liberal bias in the “mainstream” media. Modern media support—even proselytize—secularism (relativism), totalitarianism (bureaucratic control), socialism (some degree of wealth re-distribution), and the dialectic method of “’scientific’ discovery” (e. g., the Big Bang “Theory” and the “Theory” of Evolution). Even moderates who are in denial of this fact need only refer to a plethora of studies and surveys beginning at least in the early 1980’s with the Lichter-Rothman Report. (See, for example, and

Liberal bias in the “mainstream media” is not only well documented, it is painfully obvious to everyone who follows the advice—the demand—of America’s Founders to be generally moral, educated and informed. Why does liberal bias exist, and how did it come to be?

Generally, the answer to this question can be found in the “progressive education” movement. (See John Dewey, William H. Kilpatrick, Harold Ordway Rugg, B. F. Skinner, George Counts, and countless others endeavored to completely transform both the course and the purpose of American education. No longer would education in The United States of America “conform to the dictates” of the likes of Noah Webster and William H. McGuffey. Never more would the foundational American religious, political, economic or scientific principles be taught to America’s youth in the public schools. These “archaic” ideas would be completely replaced with “progressive” (i. e., secular and socialistic) indoctrination.

Specifically, the answer can be found in a quote from Harold Ordway Rugg’s book, The Great Technology: Social Chaos and the Public Mind (1933). Rugg, the so-called “father of social studies” and a devout student of John Dewey, (the infamous “father of ‘progressive education’”) actually stated that he and other “progressive ‘educators’” such as his mentor, Dewey, would infiltrate “the public press, the pulpit, the platform, the movies, the radio, and the theatre” with tens of thousands of their disciples. Rugg explained that this would be accomplished via the indoctrination of America’s teachers.

The early headquarters for the implementation of this strategy was Columbia University’s Teachers College. Beginning as early as 1905, John Dewey and his “progressive” followers tightened their iron grip on both the philosophy and the curricula at Columbia.

Generations of public school teachers and administrators were “trained” (indoctrinated) at Columbia under the secular, socialistic model of the “progressive ‘educators.’” According to plan, these teachers in turn went on to “train” generations of students who would become lawyers, ministers, politicians, judges, doctors, teachers, etc.

Precisely according to plan—as outlined in Rugg’s screed—within a few generations (at least by the 1960’s), every socio-political American institution had men and women in positions of authority who plead allegiance to the “progressive” (the modern liberal) worldview idea of secularism and socialism.

(NOTE: My late great aunt was a “rebellious” student of Harold Rugg. She published a book on the subject in 1965 under the pen name of Jane Bergen titled Robots in the Classroom. A great deal of my research material on progressive education comes directly from my dear “Aunt Shep.” I thank God for her and can only imagine the grand position that she now holds in His Kingdom!)

Meanwhile, a slew of judicial decisions—beginning at least as early as 1948 with McCollum vs. Board of Education—began to rip the very foundation of God as Creator from every vestige of American public education. By 1962, (Engel vs. Vitale) and 1963 (Abington Township School District vs. Schempp), the Creator was all but totally banned from public education in America. America’s most basic principle—that human liberty comes directly from the Creator—had gradually become “forbidden fruit” in the halls of American public education.

Legislation from the bench—one of the very few things that most of America’s Founders never really foresaw—as become one of the Enemy’s most successful strategies in this War of the Worldviews. Look at Article I, Section I of the U.S. Constitution. Secularists and socialists (modern liberals) know that they could never get favorable legislation enacted through Congress. They have astutely and adroitly sought a back-door method via the courts to impose their will. A careful reading of both Article I and Article III of the U.S. Constitution clearly shows that this “back-door” method of “legislation” is absolutely unconstitutional!

Then came the manifestation of the power of television. Rugg himself mentioned “the public press, the pulpit, the platform, the movies, the radio, and the theatre.” He could not have anticipated the phenomenal mind-control power of the “boob tube.” In virtually every drama, sit-com, documentary, and even most network news broadcasts, the subtle message is one of relativism. Judeo-Christian, conservative, and free-enterprise ideals are mocked and ridiculed. Secularist, liberal, and socialistic ideals are subtly and artfully promoted.

It is all done in such an indirect way that only those who are generally moral, educated and informed even notice this bias. Conservatives—those who love and understand America’s founding institutions—are horrified by this bias. Liberals—secularists and socialists who either hate or cannot comprehend the idea of God, liberty and free-enterprise—applaud it as “truth.” Moderates—the “great unwashed”—simply get more and more confused.

In any culture, a well-rounded education must include every institution—religious, political, economic and scientific—upon which the culture was originally founded. Otherwise, future leaders and citizens will not be able to carry on those cultural institutions. America was founded upon the (religious) idea of a Creator and an Author of Law. The U.S.A. was established upon the (political) ideal of liberty in the form of a constitutional republic. Free-enterprise was the (economic) system that made America the industrial powerhouse that became the model if not the envy of the whole world. The empirical method of (scientific) discovery that America made possible has led to a burst of technological advancement that surpasses all recorded history.

Lurking among us are those who want to change all four of the institutions upon which America was established. They seek a “religious” ideology that is completely secular and which embodies the tenet of relativism. Those prowlers want a political system that puts them in control of your money (property), your “security,” and your well-being. They are “enlightened”! They know what is best for you far better than you could ever know!

Those lurking liberals seek an economic system that robs from the “filthy rich” and gives to the unfortunate poor. They refuse to consider how the “unfortunate poor” are robbed of all dignity and humanity in the process! They refuse to believe that the “filthy rich” could have ever reached that plateau through discipline, hard work and determination. The economic system of the modern liberal completely disregards the concept of personal responsibility and individual accountability. The economic system of socialism (redistribution of wealth in any form or to any degree) is not only a sharp slap in the face of the original American economic system of free-enterprise; it is a blatant violation of the Word and the Will of God.

(NOTE: A careful study of the New Testament Book of Acts, from Chapter 4, Verse 32 through Verse 11 of Chapter 5 reveals the futility of socialism. This passage shows clearly that the earliest Christians tried a form of communism and it ended in complete failure. I am convinced that this text was included to show us all that socialism does not work! Unfortunately, some of the early European settlers in what is now the United States of America did not at first understand the message of Acts 4:32-5:11. See, for example, and for an indication of how some of the first Europeans to set down roots in what is now American soil also learned this valuable lesson.)

Modern liberals are satisfied with the dialectic method of “’scientific’ discovery.” This method suits them just fine because all of that pesky—if not overwhelming—evidence of both a Supernatural Creator and a fairly recent Creation tends to shatter their whole worldview philosophy! The scads of empirical evidence that point to a recent Creation and a universal Flood are all conveniently swept under the proverbial rug.

Liberal bias is not only prevalent; it is rampant in America and in all of Western society. Relativism, secularism and socialism exist in our churches, synagogues, temples and mosques. Liberalism is even still widespread in our political (executive, legislative and—especially—our judicial) institutions. Relativistic, secularist and socialistic philosophy reign over our media and our schools. God, righteousness, responsibility and accountability (and certainly, any thought of absolutism!) have been all but absolutely prohibited in American schools and American politics.

Liberal bias is a fact! Liberal tenets dominate Western society and permeate American culture. Does this mean that the War of the Worldviews has been won by the liberals? Should conservatives just accept that old axiom, “If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em”? Are we all to become moderates, seeking some “happy medium”—some “’ideal’ center”?

ABSOLUTELY NOT!! There is no compromise between good and evil! There is no “happy medium” between liberty and tyranny! Conservatism means liberty. Liberalism seeks license. License leads to anarchy. Anarchy always leads to tyranny. “Moderate ideology” is utter confusion. Confusion is the state of anarchy. You can see where this goes! Anarchy always leads to tyranny!

© Sam Weaver

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