Pete Fisher
November 7, 2005
The Republic of Paristan
By Pete Fisher

We all know Paris is under attack from within. Cars are burnt, looting, shootings and other terror activity coming from the Muslim community.

Chirac is sitting behind his desk promising punishment for those responsible. The U.N. sits and does nothing as usual while Parisians are being tormented by people they allowed into their nation and offered them respite and freedom from Islamic governments world wide.

This entire thing began when two boys who thought they were being chased by police ended up hiding from them inside a high voltage area where they ended up electrocuted. And now with almost 5,000 cars destroyed, and people being beaten the rage is beginning to pour into the borders of Belgium and Germany.

We all know who is doing this. We all know they are Muslims, and even while the Union for Islamic Organizations of France issued a fatwah to try and stop them, the destruction continues. Eleven days of nationwide violence by Muslims against a nation that has been known to befriend them and allow them to live in harmony within French society. If these were Christians the MSM would have every minute of it in the news and making every attempt to discredit the terror and the religion.

I really have to wonder why they are so afraid to just air the fact that these are Muslims committing yet more atrocity where they have been befriended and have taken root into Western society. I have to wonder what the agenda is, or the fear they have that they refuse to report the events as they are.

France of all places, a nation that has been more friendly and accepting of them than probably any other nation with the exception of the Netherlands they are biting the hands that have fed them.

This is the problem I have been seeing for awhile and writing about. Many others have seen and written similar articles on this subject. There are many people out there who honestly believe that Islam cannot peacefully dwell with other civilizations unless they are the controlling factor. Of course I will receive email from those who will claim how Muslims have lived side by side with other religions in some areas, but they always seem to forget that they usually treat them as second class citizens and worse.

Islam cannot separate itself from government. It has to be intertwined so tightly that one simply becomes the other. It becomes difficult to see which one is controlling the other as in Iran or Saudi Arabia. But we all see how they work in unison to control the masses.

Many people predicted that with such a large Muslim population, France would reap the fruits of their friendship with Islam. Many of us wrote that in time France would have to deal with Muslim terror from the inside just as the Dutch have had to do. And here it is right now before our eyes, the violence and terror that are spawned by people whose religious culture seems to stir their emotions into action. And with 5 million Muslims there, they cannot even control the actions of the ones burning their city down.

What actions can France take that would shield them from the attack of the MSM and all the fringe Human Rights groups in Europe and abroad? Are we all getting to the point of watching Muslims destroy something every day that we care less about actions needed to control them? I hope so. Talking to them does not work. Having them try and keep their own in check is useless. What is really effective?

France deciding to remove Islam from its borders for example would be effective in controlling future incidents as this. No one criticized The Netherlands when they decided to boot the troublemakers out and tighten their scrutiny of Muslims living in their country. It is so easy to look at world statistics that show how violent crime has risen in nations where Muslims moved in, and has been perpetrated by Muslims. Sweden for example, in the town of Malmo which is inhabited by a large majority of Muslim immigrants shows a huge surge in violent crimes. Rape in this small area is 6 times that of Copenhagen, not to mention other violent crimes. France has seen violent crimes in the Muslim areas of Paris as well climb above national numbers. One would think that the MSM, the Feminists, and other rights groups would find this quite interesting. But we do not see them involved, nor do we hear about these stories in the MSM. We must resort to more obscure sources to glean this information because all we see on MSM is the riot, with little to no mention of the criminal element. So must we also resort to more unorthodox methods to rein them in? Why not?

If this is happening in France and spreading to Germany and Belgium, where else will this spread? If something like this occurred in America, so many citizens have guns and other weapons we as citizens could deal with it much faster and more effectively than Chiracs' police and armed forces. But Europe is filled with these insider terrorists who have shown this week they can riot and destroy at anytime for any perceived infraction. And it is quite evident that if they cannot even control this riot, how could they tackle a riot that spread across the entire continent simultaneously? The fact is they could not. Not without evicting every Muslim citizen and immigrant from the borders because how can one tell the difference?

They sit in the same mosques, they pray the same prayers, and they live in the same neighborhoods as Muslims who claim they would not do such things. It is reminiscent to me of the Pit bull owners whose only response when their dogs maul somebody is to say "But they never bit anyone before." And the same owners of these dogs get bit while trying to stop their dogs from killing someone.

The Islamic reply is "This is not Islam." Must Western civilization take the same actions as many towns across America when it comes to rabid animals? So many towns have eliminated the problem by eliminating the dogs. No Pit Bulls, no vicious attacks by Pit Bulls.

No Muslims, no terror actions by Muslims. The solution may be much easier than we make it out to be. And if France takes the first step, leave her alone and support her in silence, as do the majority of the world's Muslims when their own dogs bite.

© Pete Fisher

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