Tim Dunkin
March 15, 2011
The left owes us all an apology
By Tim Dunkin

A week doesn't go by in America without some group or another of left-wing whiners getting "offended" about something and demanding an apology. Usually, what they are demanding an apology for is something that, in and of itself, is relatively innocuous, representing a viewpoint or practice typical to the large majority of average, everyday common sense Americans who are not professional victims or Gramscian fifth-columnists. Often, the offense and subsequent demand for an apology involves events that happened long ago, and which nobody alive today had anything to do with.

As with everything else the Left does, what we actually see only scratches the surface of what they are actually intending. Do you think the Left really cares about the supposed victims of America's horribleness — the minorities, or the poor, or the Third Worlders, or whoever else? Of course they don't. These groups are merely convenient vehicles that the Left can use to try to destroy the groups who form the traditional backbone of America and American power — the largely white, largely Christian, largely traditionalist, largely conservative, capitalistic middle class. The constant harping about how "offensive" some statement of common sense conservative thought is, or how bad some demonstration of patriotism can be, is merely designed to try to suppress the expression of these very things. Further, they're designed, through constant repetition, to create both a sense of entitlement in the "offended" class, and a sense of guilt and self-hatred in the "offender" class. Our whole history, the basis of our whole culture and civilization, is to be undermined from within by the constant whining, the constant one-sided spinning of revisionist history. The Founding Fathers should only be mentioned because they were racist white male slave owners who raped their servant girls. Forget about Pearl Harbor — the real crime in the history of World War II was our internment of West Coast Japanese. Our understanding of the Cold War can stop with that horrible, horrible Joe McCarthy — no need to mention the millions who were enslaved and destroyed in the Soviet Union's brutal gulag system. Truly, the Left seeks nothing less than the complete Howard Zinnification of every American's view of his or her own country and its history — lie, spin, selectively omit, until people start believing the revision you want them to believe.

Meanwhile, we poor, longsuffering conservatives — the normal people who just work hard, pay our taxes, raise our families, and keep the country running — are demonized by the implications of these left-wing demands upon us. Because we're racist, we have to apologize for slavery, or the "genocide" against Native Americans, or what have you. Because we're hard-hearted, we have to browbeat ourselves for allowing homelessness and poverty to continue to exist, since we keep refusing to redistribute our wealth to these poor victims of obvious capitalistic greed. Because we're all just closet "Neo-Con" militarists, we have to seek absolution for the sins of desiring a strong military and the means to protect ourselves from foreign powers and Islamic terrorists. And guess what? Those of us who have the gall to refuse to play the blame game only prove how racist or hateful or evil we are by refusing to acknowledge our obvious culpability in all the world's problems. For the Left, it's a win-win situation. If you agree with the substance of their charges, you've lost. If you deny the substance of their charges, it merely shows how guilty and deluded you are — so once again, you lose.

Call me whatever you like, but I refuse to play the game. In fact, I think it's time that we started demanding some apologies of our own from the Left. It's time we turn it back on the socialists and professional victimologists, and require them to start owning up to the very real and very great evils that they are responsible for.

We could start by demanding an apology from the commies and socialists for how they have systematically enslaved entire generations of American blacks into a hopeless, dead end existence as wards of the welfare state. You want to talk about racist? How much more racist can you get, than to tell an entire race of people that they can't do anything without you, that the only way they are going to get anywhere in life is by being given scraps from the hands of condescending white liberals? The Left, by means of the "Great Society" of Lyndon Johnson, has systematically destroyed the black American family. They have plunged millions of people into a cycle of despair, perpetuated by the initiative-destroying effects of the entitlement mentality, and punctuated by the violence of crime and corruption. The Left has worked to destroy the initiative and enterprise of millions of our urban poor, keeping them in poverty and squashing any attempts to show these folks how to escape and prosper. How else can you explain the fact that white liberals and professional black race-baiters alike will demonize black Americans who succeeded against all odds — folks like Clarence Thomas, Condoleeza Rice, or Herman Cain, to name just a few — as "Oreos," "Uncle Toms," and "sellouts"? We can surely grant that slavery was a terrible crime against the black race — but was it any more so than the present day enserfment of the descendants of those slaves to a life where the only hope for many is either a welfare check, dealing drugs, or the extremely remote possibility that somebody might pay you to put a ball through a hoop? The socialists owe black Americans a huge apology for the damage they have done to their community.

The Left also owes us an apology for the crime that has plagued America since the late 1960s. As a direct result of the left-wing attacks on the integrity of the nuclear family unit, with the poverty they've helped to perpetuate, coupled with the soft-on-crime "midnight basketball" mentality, progressives in this country created the perfect incubator for an explosion in the crime rate. First, they destroy the one institution — the family — that provides the greatest bulwark against juvenile delinquency. Young men who grow up in a home with a strong male role model are much less likely to turn to gangs and crime — this is a proven fact. Yet, millions of young men, especially in our tightly-packed urban zones, grow up with no male guidance, other than the local gang leader. In millions more families, devices ranging from no-fault divorce to a left-wing dominated entertainment establishment that systematically denigrates fatherhood serve to delegitimize the authority of fathers in their own homes. And we wonder why unguided young men grow up to be wild and have no self-control. Couple this with grinding poverty in our inner cities that is the result of liberal social and economic policies. There is some truth to the notion that poverty causes crime, especially when that poverty exists within the sort of hopeless and senseless framework created by leftist welfare policy. When you're more or less condemned to a subsistence level existence from a welfare check, and are afforded no real opportunities to escape this scenario, easy money from drug dealing or armed robbery probably seems like a very tempting alternative. Combine all this with a leftist criminal justice system that favors "rehabilitation" (which usually doesn't happen) over punitive retribution designed to discourage recidivism, you have a system tailor made to encourage young men to take, and keep taking, the risks that can lead to reaping the rewards of criminal success. Such a system essentially gives criminals a slap on the wrist — but no real reason to try to find alternatives to the criminal lifestyle.

Hence, the Left has the blood of hundreds of thousands of murder victims, and the tears of millions of friends and family members, on its hands. The heartache and pain of the many who have been the victims of all manner of crimes lies directly at the feet of the leftists in this country. They owe us a big, big apology for this.

And let's not forget the blood of millions of unborn babies that is also on the hands of the Left. By perpetuating the lie that an unborn child is just a "featureless mass of cells," they have been complicit in the murder of these children — a greater holocaust than those of Hitler and Stalin combined. And the Left is responsible for it.

At this point, there are probably some lefties who are already warning up their keyboards to bang out a demand for an apology from me about "lowering the level of discourse." Save yourselves the trouble, since this is what I want to talk about next. The Left owes US an apology- and they can toss in an additional one for all of the hypocrisy from them that we have had to endure on the subject for years now.

They whine about "right wing hate radio" — radio that does nothing more than simply present the facts about the various leftist agendas. They spend weeks accusing Sarah Palin of being responsible for the attempted assassination of Gabrielle Giffords because of a piece of campaign literature. Yet, these are the same people who have called for Palin to be raped, killed, and even beheaded. These are the people who compare Wisconsin governor Scott Walker to Hitler because he's reining in the excesses of public sector unions. They've sent union thugs to harass Republican legislators, and hijack the Wisconsin capitol building in Madison. One of them said that Florida's Republican governor should be put up against a wall and shot. These are the folks who wrote a book fantasizing about the assassination of George W. Bush — while he was the sitting President. At various times within just the past few years, left-wingers have slashed tires, shot out windows, vandalized buildings, and physically assaulted people who disagree with them.

And they want to complain about "lowering the level of discourse"?

But it doesn't stop there — we have more bones to pick with these people. How about the fact that the reason we're paying such high prices for energy — on everything from the gas we pump to the electricity that heats our homes — is a direct result of left-wing environmental wacko influence on our nation's energy policies? For instance, our nation is currently "led" (I use the term ironically) by an administration which openly stated its intention to declare war on the coal industry in this country. Just recently, we saw that the administration declared that it would make every effort to bankrupt new coal-burning power plants. This, despite the fact that we have a supply of coal under our own land that will last us for centuries, even accounting for economic and population growth in the predictive models. We have the technologies available to burn this coal cleanly, to practically eliminate the noxious sulfates and nitrates that contribute to acid rain.

Don't forget, of course, the oil that we have untapped because Obama and his environmentalist lackies have positively stopped us from being able to access it. Did you know that the USA has nearly six times as much oil as Saudi Arabia? We have tens of billions of barrels available under the Bakken formation in North Dakota alone. We've discovered billions more in places like Texas that we thought we were tapping out. There are billions more right off our coasts, in shallow water where the danger from drilling is negligible. We can't go after this energy — but the Obama administration will give over two billion dollars to Brazil to help them develop their petroleum resources. Does anyone else see a fundamental disconnect here?

All of this — as well as the needless expense that comes out of your wallet and mine — are because of the unwarranted power that environmentalists have been given over our policies in these areas. We can't drill for oil in ANWR, since a few caribou might have to move. We can't burn coal in our power plants, all because of concerns over the non-existent "danger" of global warning — the evidences for which have been shown positively to have been based upon lies and invented or distorted data.

What's ironic is that, despite their supposed zeal to "save the environment," the lefties are also responsible for the greatest environmental catastrophe in recent memory — the BP Deepwater spill. The only reason BP was drilling in mile-deep water, instead of in a couple of hundred feet of water which is much less dangerous and is what oil companies usually prefer to do, was because of the hoops that the EPA was making them jump through. Further, the reason why BP used seawater to try to prevent a high-pressure blowout instead of the more typical drilling mud that works so much better, was because of EPA "concerns" about the fact that the drilling mud can adversely affect fish located right next to the drill where the mud is being used. In other words, to save a few fish, the EPA coerced BP into a dangerous action that resulted in massive environmental destruction. While BP is not completely innocent in the whole affair, the fact remains that the environmentalist Left, with their creatures in the federal government, helped to make the Deepwater blowout a reality. They owe a lot of fisherman, crabbers, shrimpers, and tourism industry workers some huge apologies.

Beyond just the detrimental effects that the leftists have on our energy sector, there is also the more general fact that they should apologize to us for the damage they've done to the economy overall. Since coming back into power, the leftists in Congress and the Obama administration have not ceased to introduce, force through, and implement one job and economy destroying measure after another. Much of this, the average American hasn't even heard about because it comes in the forms of new regulations, fees, and restrictions originating from and enforced by the executive branch, with its various agencies, that rarely if ever come under congressional oversight. Then, there are also the many new taxes, several of which are embedded in the largely unread Obamacare monstrosity. All of this has combined to basically stunt any economic recovery we might have had. Don't let the talk of a "falling unemployment rate" fool you — the main reason it has dropped is not because massive numbers of new jobs are being added to the economy, but because so many people have gotten discouraged and stopped looking for work — and these folks no longer get figured in when calculating the U3 unemployment rate, thus artificially lowering it. So yes, the leftists own an apology to the millions of Americans who are un- or underemployed.

Finally, the Left, from the feckless and incompetent Obama administration on down, owes every single American citizen an apology for helping to make this world, in just two and a half short years, a much more dangerous place to be, not only for Americans, but for people of all nationalities. The weakness of Barack Obama — which is the result of the obtuseness of his left-wing outlook on foreign policy — has helped to make America a laughingstock the world over. And guess what? A superpower that nobody respects, much less fears, is a superpower that is going to have no end of trouble from every aggressive regional power who thinks they've got what it takes to become the new global king of the hill. And while a lot of people may think that a world without the preponderant power of the USA would be a good thing, we're in fact starting to see what it would actually be like. It's one where regimes like North Korea can feel free to threaten their neighbors; where bullies like China can make greater and greater demands on the nations around them; where regional instabilities such as we're seeing in the Middle East threaten to explode into continent-wide dislocations. Coupled with the lack of leadership is the fact that the one thing Obama does seem active about doing is driving away our allies — he's done his level best to alienate Great Britain, to stab Israel in the back, and to convince Eastern Europe that an agreement with us isn't worth the paper it's written on. Obama, and by extension the Left, since it's their worldview he espouses and their advice he is following, owes us all an apology for putting out very lives at greater risk.

Really, these are only just the tip of the iceberg. I could literally write a book about the crimes that the Left has committed, and continues to commit, against the American people (but I'll spare you for the time being). Needless to say, their raucous demands that I, and others like me, apologize for the terrible sins we've somehow committed by being patriotic, capitalistic, traditionalist Americans fall on deaf ears. We do not have anything to apologize for. They do — for quite a lot, actually. I think it's about time we start pushing back and asserting ourselves once again, instead of letting the Gramscians rewrite our history and culture at will. Let's make them backpedal and apologize, for a change.

© Tim Dunkin

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