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A few of the teams that are participating in this years 32nd World Gliding Championship have team websites, some with blogs. Check out our Teams and Pilots webpage and look on the bottom right of each Team's listing for a link to their site. Australia, South Africa and France have already begun posting about their trips to the US and flying at Uvalde in preparation for the competition.
In just a little over a week the first contest practice days will start. Pilots from Australia, South Africa, Denmark, Poland, and Italy are already on the field as their sailplanes show up in containers shiped from all parts of the globe. The weather has been on the wet side for a few days but most of the US is in a 'heat-wave' which in Uvalde TX USA is a good thing for sailplane pilots.
Four documents have been added to the Turnpoint/Controlpoint, Airspace and Landingpoint page. Three of the documents deal with google earth shots of potential landingpoints (A-F, G-R, & S-Z). They have been split up to reduce download size issues and should be used for informational purposes only. Another important document describing and mapping the Military Operations Area's around the competition airspace has also been added. There are quite a few active MOA's in Texas that all pilots should become familiar with.
Two more new supplemental documents have been placed on the website. The Airport Procedure document (filed under the Turnpoints and Airspace page) covering many things such as glider tie down and trailer parking, pets (allowed in certain areas), restroom availability, water access, smoking, etc. The next document is the Ground Movement Plan (filed under the Documents page) with pictures of where vehicles can be placed during the five phases of the day (staging, griding, launching, post-launching and recovery operations). All attendees of the contest should become familiar with these documents. You can download the Airport Procedure PDF here, and the Ground Movement Plan PDF here.
Two new documents have been placed on the website. The Official Control Point (Rev 7) list (filed under the Turnpoints and Airspace page) with pictures of all the turnpoints and the Flight Log Procedures Document Rev 0 (filed under the Documents page). All captains and pilots are asked to take the time before the contest to be familiar with and understand these documents. You can download the Control Point PDF here, and the Flight Log Procedures PDF here.

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Saturday, August 8th, 2010

blue-open Michael Sommer
6834 Points
red-18-m Zbigniew Nieradka
6279 Points
green-15m Stefano Ghiorzo
Diana 2
5959 Points
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Containers with sailplanes are finding their way to Garner Field, TX. Teams Denmark, Poland & Italy are unpacking today.
Uvalde Glide Wraps Up - The warm up to the 2012 Worlds concludes. See you next year!

Team Bulletins

The entry fees for the WGC 2012 are $975 per pilot, $75 per tow/launch and $25 per self-launch. All payments should be made in US
For those that wish to enter before the on-line system is up, you can email the contest director with your

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