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The Cache Now! campaign is designed to increase the awareness and use of proxy cache on the Web.

This page is now available as an Internet Draft (draft-hamilton-cachebusting-00.txt)

Web cache offers a win/win situation for both content providers and users, yet is little used in North America.

The concept is simple - when a Web page is requested, it is saved to disk. If it is required again, the disk copy is used. This technique is used in all modern browsers such as Netscape Navigator and Internet Explorer.

In a proxy cache, users request pages from a local server instead of direct from the source. The local server gets the page, saves it on disk and forwards it to the user. Subsequent requests from other users of the cache get the saved copy, which is much faster and does not consume Internet bandwidth.

Proxy Awareness

Providers can display the Cache Now! icon to indicate that they have implemented caches or cache-friendly services, such as the following: (animated GIF) (static GIF)
How to use the Icons

Proxy Resources

Caching for Web Authors, Designers and Webmasters - Mark Nottingham (1998) Hierarchical cache schemes and Proxy resources on the Web:


Cache Now! Partners - sites which have mirrored the icons or documents.

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