Complete reference: Diller Aubrey, The Text History of the Bibliotheca of Pseudo-Apollodorus, TAPA 66 (1935), p.296-313 (re-edition in Diller Aubrey, Studies in Greek Manuscript Tradition, Amsterdam 1983, p. 199-216)
Summary: The author of this important paper proposes a theory which explains both the attribution of the Library to Apollodoros and the subscriptions referring to Apollodoros' Biblioth√®k√® in the Scholia Minora on Homer. These are only apparent and originally they probably referred to a genuine work of Apollodoros more or less similar to the Library. At a later date some scholar observed that many ἱστορίαι agreed closely with passages in this anonymous handbook of mythology, and therefore ascribed it to Apollodoros. In the rest of the article the medieval text history of the 'Library' is described from Photios onwards. He and his environment took much interest in it, as is clear from mss. of Plato, Ps.-Zenobios, Sophokles and Homer that can be connected with this milieu and contain scholia or quotations taken from the 'Library'. In the 12th century Tzetzes made extensive use of it and excerpted it in the Epitoma Vaticana. In later Byzantine times, however, the handbook was nearly lost - only Pediasimus is known to have used it. It survived only in the incomplete ms. R, from which O was copied when it was still intact. Diller argues, against Wagner, that O is the archetype of all other Renaissance manuscripts.
Passages Discussed:
Category: history of the text
Ancient Authors: Homerus; Homerus (scholia); Photius; Plato (scholia); Ps.-Zenobius; Sophocles (scholia); Tzetzes; Pediasimus
Mythological Names:
Author: DILLER Aubrey
Title: The Text History of the Bibliotheca of Pseudo-Apollodorus
Journal: Transacions of the American Philological Association
Journal Number: 66
Book: (re-edition: DILLER Aubrey, Studies in Greek Manuscript Tradition)
Year of publication: 1935
Place of publication: (re-edition: Amsterdam)
Pages: 296-313, (re-edition: 199-216)
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