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rcon- for teamUK

Posted by esrcon- on the 29th of September 2011 at 9:55 AM

Here it goes, ive made my return, and yes i wont be playing, but this time i will be managing! I have alot of qualities that other CS managers out there dont have. For one i would know how to cope with my team going down 14:1 1st half, and then to turn it around to win 16:14 and secondly i know how to boost morale(ask spaNky). I know what its like to be under pressure, ive done done 2 tours of duty serving the Queen so i would have tons of experience on coping under pressure and seeing them through. Basically i want a new start, and it will be to manage. I will be able to pay for the team to go to the 1st LAN until sponsorship came along. I think what the UK cs needs is a good manager, like in football Alan Pardew is a good manager in my eyes. My mission statement is to manage teamUK by start of 2012, yes this may sound like a joke to you, but not to me. Ive worked with x6tence(Spains PowerHouse) back in 2004 at GameGune Lan in Bilbao. I would certainly know on how to beat Spains nation cs team, without a doubt, people who doubt me, id personally pump £20 each into your paypal accounts because im that confident that i know what to do and i know how the spanish work. I mean the last manager of teamUK didnt seem to get anywhere. Got beat off Latvia or something and Kenya i mean WTF? I have also got a 6th player, a very good friend of mine to any team i manage if needed. sioKR whos a top notch spanish hero player. Anyways Here is a list of my past teams; http://www.sk-gaming.com/member/rcon-/ . I can also get Mangiacapra, AdY, RttleSnK back into UK cs, thats how good my powers are.

hope you hear from you soon thanks


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Link to CommentPosted by ukFriza from clanless on Sep 29, 18:08.

well your a retard


Link to CommentPosted by ukartemis from clipart on Oct 7, 14:59.





Link to CommentPosted by ukjjuga from MALTA on Oct 27, 15:01.

LOL rattlesnk haahahahaaaha he died of being too fat i think


Link to CommentPosted by sluquark0r from Sikhret on Nov 3, 4:10.



Link to CommentPosted by ukKungFu from clanless on Nov 13, 8:34.

lol what a door knob.


Link to CommentPosted by ukLex from Team-Ninjah on Jan 27, 7:08.

This had me in stitches. Rcon you're an absolute idiot, spend your time more wisely i.e. looking for a job.


Link to CommentPosted by esrcon- from turboturtles on Jan 28, 14:41.

lex u faggot, your mams a faggot, your dads a faggot, ill knock you striaght out, smash ur glasses straight off your nut, u fukin got me, u fekin g0t me? mong specky cunt as for u Friza, your dad is gay, pussy faggot boy, u g0t me aswell friza? ill knock all u shit fukers out, wrap your glasses around the back of your head friza, u g0t me? friza nob ed


Link to CommentPosted by ukLex from Team-Ninjah on Feb 17, 9:34.

Management material right there.


Link to CommentPosted by ukExile from clanless on Mar 29, 8:15.

oh dear god.


Link to CommentPosted by ukx0- from clanless on Jul 17, 12:45.

rofl what a stupid cunt

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ukChoke-KtRJul 17, 14:22

Loooooooong time idd!

ukx0-Jul 17, 12:39

HIGH GUYS! long time :)

iraCt-RJul 16, 23:44


jpwuteJul 16, 13:02

Eagles gay.

somNakaraJul 12, 6:54


ukJonSonoJul 1, 16:39

oh dear god.

plLogitJun 26, 5:59

I hope you die in Portugal in a grease fire David

braDaveKJun 23, 17:41

fuck off Logit

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