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theSGL Season 15 Sign Ups

Posted by ukmarkd on the 21st of September 2011 at 5:30 AM.


Frag or die

theSGL Season 15 for Counter-Strike 1.6

Following on from the announcement of details regarding season 15 for Counter-Strike 1.6 I am pleased to open sign up. Teams may now show there intention of participating in season 15 by signing up here.

At this point I would like to remind teams of the entry requirements:

*Each team must play at least 5 ladder matches to be included in season 15 this is to minimise defaults during the season. To sign up for the ladder please click here.

Important information for S15

Matches will be scheduled for Sunday starting 9th October

All games are on your own servers unless told otherwise, teams on the left hand side of the fixture will be known as the home team and will be expected to provide the server.

Reschedules are allowed however we request you arrange this with your opponent over the match comments.

Seeding will be taken from the ladder positions and online heroes participation.

Teams Applied so far:

#team-oi (Played 0 Ladder games)
Buksna Team (Played 2 Ladder games)
bwgaming (Played 0 Ladder games)
Chinggis Warriors (Played 0 Ladder games)
Coregaming (Played 2 Ladder games)
deviant. (Played 1 Ladder game)
divine-gamers (Played 2 Ladder games)
eon.darogas (Played 5 Ladder games)
fugitive (Played 2 Ladder games)
got an issue? get a tissue (Played 5 Ladder games)
INSANE5 (Played 0 Ladder games)
kALASH (Played 1 Ladder game)
like a BawS (Played 0 Ladder games)
LIVINGFIRE (Not applied for ladder)
magical (Played 0 Ladder games)
MiGHTY. (Played 3 Ladder games)
MN-GAMING (Played 0 Ladder games)
MonGolian GirLs (Not applied for ladder)
myGenuises eSport (Played 0 Ladder games)
Noodles In Pyjamas (Not applied for ladder)
OUTCLASS (Not applied for ladder)
Team Blackpoint (Played 0 Ladder games)
TitanGamers.net (Played 1 Ladder game)
Too easy for us (Played 0 Ladder games)
Venitus (Played 1 Ladder game)
[mindgames] (Played 1 Ladder game)

Full details can be found on the FAQ and Rules Sections

I would like to wish all Teams the best of luck Smile

Posted by Blizzard

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Page 1 (11 comments total)


Link to CommentMessage arch1ePosted by noarch1e from BANNED on Sep 21, 6:36.

Sgl. what a fucking joke. Blizzard top admin. Cant ban me here you cunt!


Link to CommentMessage dylan1Posted by iredylan1 from vitalsigns on Sep 21, 10:58.

blizzard ur ugly, unnaturally small and retarded. vicious combo for life!


Link to CommentMessage markdPosted by ukmarkd from UKCT Staff on Sep 21, 13:07.

Blizzard didn't post this, it's a copy from thesgl site, you pair of morons

Blizzard might not be able to ban you arch1e, but keep up with this type of posting and i will ban you Smile
dylan1 you should know better u tard.


Link to CommentMessage arch1ePosted by noarch1e from BANNED on Sep 23, 12:48.

Ban me? Who are you?


Link to CommentMessage markdPosted by ukmarkd from UKCT Staff on Sep 23, 13:35.

have a look at the staff page... thats who i am Smile


Link to CommentMessage sam8Posted by uksam8 from clanless on Sep 24, 5:05.

archie your such a nutter i bet your well hench


Link to CommentMessage arch1ePosted by noarch1e from BANNED on Sep 29, 6:40.

ukct owner....still dont know who you are, admining your heart out to a dead site nice

Modified by noarch1e on September 29, 2011, 7:35 am.


Link to CommentMessage markdPosted by ukmarkd from UKCT Staff on Sep 29, 12:30.

I was about to write a long winded post, but it would be a waste of my time, as you have shown your only here to flame.

Banned Smile


Link to CommentMessage ets-Posted by ukets- from BANNED on Sep 30, 19:35.

just to point out, i'm not here to back up arch1e, BUT u bought this site thinking ur a big boy, no one cares, fuck off markd, inabit u tragic cunt~~~ b1zzle (guess i'm Banned, life over)


Link to CommentMessage markdPosted by ukmarkd from UKCT Staff on Sep 30, 23:48.

nope i didn't buy this site, and nope i don't think I'm a big boy, what i was trying to do was revive this site, but with complete idiots like your self guess it's going to be harder than i thought.

I wonder why it's always the noobs who have been banned on thesgl site that think they can come on here and post crap, ah well you were correct about one thing !!

Banned Smile


Link to CommentMessage KungFuPosted by ukKungFu from clanless on Nov 13, 8:33.

What's the point in playing. Too many cheaty poos playing now. SGLAC is bypassed so easily now. There are also more private cheats than ever. CS 1.6 can't be taken seriously anymore. It's all about who has the larger ... better hack..

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ukChoke-KtRJul 17, 14:22

Loooooooong time idd!

ukx0-Jul 17, 12:39

HIGH GUYS! long time :)

iraCt-RJul 16, 23:44


jpwuteJul 16, 13:02

Eagles gay.

somNakaraJul 12, 6:54


ukJonSonoJul 1, 16:39

oh dear god.

plLogitJun 26, 5:59

I hope you die in Portugal in a grease fire David

braDaveKJun 23, 17:41

fuck off Logit

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