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FireCore 3: WinFakt win!

Posted by ukblubs on the 3rd of March 2012 at 7:06 AM.


FireCore 3 is now over.

Final standings:

Gold Trophy 1st. fi WinFakt - £1100
Silver Trophy 2nd. uke cMar - £550 + 12 month CS/HLTV/VoiceComm from RTL
Bronze Trophy 3rd. uk epigs - £250 + 6 month CS/HLTV/VoiceComm from RTL
4th. uk Free Agents - 3 month CS/HLTV/VoiceComm from RTL
5th-8th. lt Made in Lithuania
5th-8th. uk inyourmind
5th-8th. uk playhacK
5th-8th. uk BARBARIANS
9th-12th. uk DECERTO
9th-12th. uk underdogs
9th-12th. lt eon.darogas
9th-12th. uk coreGaming
13th-16th. uk LUNATICS
13th-16th. lt nKc!
13th-16th. uk fugitive
13th-16th. uk piglet (no show, random mix replaced them)

The top three from each group go through to the elimination stage.

Group stage:

Group A:

1st. uk inyourmind (adr, blacky, speN, suntouch, symplE)
2nd. uk BARBARIANS (dUdley, blubs, MITCHWEE, racno, rusH)
3rd. lt eon.darogas (cOPP, dOMKJE, NvK, rowix, swyp)

4th. uk LUNATICS (Atu, bUm, ipoh, raz, Woodsy)

uk inyourmind [16:03] LUNATICS uk
lt eon.darogas [10:16] BARBARIANS uk
uk inyourmind [16:14] BARBARIANS uk
lt eon.darogas [16:08] LUNATICS uk
uk inyourmind [15:15] eon.darogas lt

Group B:

1st. uk Free Agents (AaroN, arch1eb, Kurt1s, sUFFZ, zaK)
2nd. uk coreGaming (ant, danceM, Rain, suo, smc)
3rd. uk underdogs (blubs, Jilo, Friza, Jabz, Sade)

4th. lt nKc! (beleka5, Chukky, kIbIr vIbIr, Pilkis, Pliusas)

uk Free Agents [16:03] nKc! lt
uk coreGaming [16:06] underdogs uk
uk Free Agents [16:10] underdogs uk
uk coreGaming [16:00] nKc! lt
lt nKc! [00:16] underdogs uk
uk coreGaming [03:16] Free Agents uk

Group C:

1st. uke cMar (chiquita, faken, JaYc, NeiL_M, onscreen)
2nd. uk DECERTO (BUBs, entail, SHEIN, wusKy, zync)
3rd. uk playhacK (cESKI, cookeh, eirinas, gHOST, spooK)

4th. uk fugitive (bez, oateS, Rose, sHANKZ, Wilkeh)

uk DECERTO [16:02] Fugitive uk
uke cMar [16:08] playhacK uk
uk playhacK [03:16] DECERTO uk
uke cMar [16:05] Fugitive uk
uk Fugitive [03:16] playhack uk
uke cMar [16:08] DECERTO uk

Group D:

1st. fi WinFakt (allu, aslak, BASiC, H^N, lurppis)
2nd uk epigs (kENJIN, RAMPAGE, robbs, Sharpe, spK)
3rd. lt Made in Lithuania (aurr, edor, hSp, kamilka, speel)

4th. uk team-piglet (random mix)

fi WinFakt [16:01] team-piglet uk
uk epigs [16:01] Made in Lithuania lt
lt Made in Lithuania [16:01] team-piglet uk
fi WinFakt [16:08] epigs uk
uk epigs [16:06] team-piglet uk
fi WinFakt [16:05] Made in Lithuania lt

Elimination stage:

First round: (BO1)

uk inyourmind [01:00] BYE wo
uk epigs [16:02] eon.darogas lt
fi WinFakt [01:00] BYE wo
uk coreGaming [23:25] playhacK uk
uk Free Agents [01:00] BYE wo
uk DECERTO [08:16] Made in Lithuania lt
uke cMar [01:00] BYE wo
uk BARBARIANS [16:07] underdogs uk

Quarter finals: (BO1)

uk inyourmind [13:16] epigs uk
fi WinFakt [16:04] playhacK uk
uk Free Agents [16:01] Made in Lithuania lt
uke cMar [16:08] BARBARIANS uk

Semi finals: (BO1)

uk epigs [14:16] WinFakt fi
uk Free Agents [08:16] cMar uke

Third place playoff: (BO1)

uk epigs [01:00] Free Agents uk (Free Agents left)

Grand final: (BO1)

fi WinFakt [16:10] cMar uke

Well done to WinFakt!

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Link to CommentMessage SpikePosted by chrSpike from m0o on Mar 3, 8:06.

will there be any hltv or hltv demos?


Link to CommentMessage NicPosted by nzNic from hETTIE on Mar 3, 10:00.

nice to see everyone again, will pop in tomorrow.


Link to CommentMessage zaKedPosted by nozaKed from AcM on Mar 3, 12:12.

No, cus neil_m is a fucking virg


Link to CommentMessage NicPosted by nzNic from hETTIE on Mar 4, 3:46.

I hope someone has factored in that Gamerbase doesn't open till 12...


Link to CommentMessage NicPosted by nzNic from hETTIE on Mar 4, 9:54.

those epigs so strong and sexy


Link to CommentMessage chris198Posted by ukchris198 from sexytime on Mar 8, 9:51.

wow fantastic turnout! A pity a UK team couldnt win!

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ukChoke-KtRJul 17, 14:22

Loooooooong time idd!

ukx0-Jul 17, 12:39

HIGH GUYS! long time :)

iraCt-RJul 16, 23:44


jpwuteJul 16, 13:02

Eagles gay.

somNakaraJul 12, 6:54


ukJonSonoJul 1, 16:39

oh dear god.

plLogitJun 26, 5:59

I hope you die in Portugal in a grease fire David

braDaveKJun 23, 17:41

fuck off Logit

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