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FireCore #3 Team/Player List

Posted by ukblubs on the 15th of January 2012 at 2:56 AM.

FireCore #3

Location: Gamerbase Trocadero, London
Date: 3rd-4th March 2012
Check In: Group A - 10am, Group B - 3pm (teams will have 1 hour maximum to set up)
Teams: 12 Minimum
Prizes: £1,500 (1st. £900, 2nd. £400, 3rd £200 - this will increase if more than 12 teams attend)
Price: £35 per person (£10 to be paid as deposit)
Format: 2x Groups of 6, top 4 advance to brackets, single elimination BO3.

This post is basically just an idea of the teams that are going, paid, confirmed and just registered along with a list of players looking for a team.

Paid Teams:

uk ONEMOVE (NeiL_M, Jorder, MaTz, onscreen, 5)
uk FreeAgents (zaK, AaroN, Suffz, Arch1e, Kurt1s)
uk replika (symplE, suntouch, cruddi, adr, blacky)
uk NetResults (spudgun, XEp, ineo, simon, nOx)
uk EoN.darogas (dom, jsm, nytraM, nvk, shame)

Confirmed Teams:

uk Lunatics (bUm , razstar, Woodsy, Atu, Ipoh)
uk Oldkids (zync, wusKy, Ruub1es, entail, ?)
lt MiLT (kamilka, speel, aurr, edor, hSp)
uk fugutive (Wilkeh, shanky, bez, ?, ?)
uk JABZINATORS (chiquita, Jabz, iZRoD, twisted, Rose)
uk coreGaming (Rain, suo, smc, danceMag, ant)

Registered Teams:

uk Underdogs (blubs)
uk SHINYRUKEN (sade)
uk Teamclarity (DaveK)
uk CRINGE (Exile)
uk LaNteR (cater)

Players looking for teams:

uk rascalz
uk andeh
uk peri
uk redrum
uk dunneh
uk cache
uk refused
uk dudley
uk predtr
uk ghE & uk arteK

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Link to CommentMessage Ct-RPosted by iraCt-R from eom are shite on Jan 16, 4:35.

I'll speak to the lads


Link to CommentMessage truPosted by uktru from clanless on Jan 16, 13:35.

Tom come down merrrrt!!


Link to CommentMessage Ct-RPosted by iraCt-R from eom are shite on Jan 17, 2:57.

Might speak to cRueL and dzl to see if they want to get the women involved - WAGS on tour.


Link to CommentMessage madSpunKPosted by mymadSpunK from Infinity Gaming on Jan 18, 16:15.

good luck Smile


Link to CommentMessage NicPosted by nzNic from hETTIE on Jan 29, 5:34.

can i come ct-r D:


Link to CommentMessage cANTErAN0Posted by latcANTErAN0 from clanless on Jan 31, 11:30.

free for lan, highskilled msg.

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ukChoke-KtRJul 17, 14:22

Loooooooong time idd!

ukx0-Jul 17, 12:39

HIGH GUYS! long time :)

iraCt-RJul 16, 23:44


jpwuteJul 16, 13:02

Eagles gay.

somNakaraJul 12, 6:54


ukJonSonoJul 1, 16:39

oh dear god.

plLogitJun 26, 5:59

I hope you die in Portugal in a grease fire David

braDaveKJun 23, 17:41

fuck off Logit

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