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Interton VC-4000 console

The VC-4000 (Video Computer 4000) was manufactured by Interton as early as 1974 but did not make it to the market until about 1978, selling for around 300 deutschmarks (the German currency before the Euro). It was one of the first German-made consoles and also believed to be the first console to use the Signetics 2650 processor and thus this is the main console in "Interton VC-4000 group".

This group is comprised of six sub-groups. Each sub-group has different sized cartridges and so the cartridges cannot be interchanged between sub-groups, however, if adaptors are used, all six sub-groups are interchangeable. These sub-groups are: The Interton VC-4000 sub-group, The 1292 Advanced Programmable Video System sub-group, The Database sub-group, The Television Computer System sub-group, The Video TV Game sub-group and The MPT-05 sub-group.

Grundig also made a version of the Interton VC-4000, called the Grundig Superplay Computer 4000. It is a lighter colour and has a special output socket that only allows it to be played on a Grundig TV. The Grundig Superplay Computer 4000, being directly compatible with the Interton VC-4000, is part of the Interton VC-4000 sub-group.

The Interton VC-4000 uses joysticks with analogue directional sticks and a 12-button keypad plus 2 fire buttons. There were about 40 games produced for the Interton VC-4000. Interton stopped producing consoles in 1983 as competition grew too strong.

In Australia, the Interton VC-4000 was exclusively marketed by Hanimex, who has also marketed a number of other consoles there around the late 1970s and early 1980s.

Interton VC-4000 Technical Specifications

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