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Cajun Cryogenics Computer controlled deep cryogenic freezing process brings the temperature of an item colder than 88°K (-300°f) and holds that temperature for an extended amount of time, during which residual stress from forging is relieved. The process changes the crystalline structure of the item making it more uniform throughout.

This change in the microstructure provides for a more perfect wear surface and aids in heat dissipation. Typically the strength is increased 200-400%, although some materials have shown an increase in strength up to 1000% Bladed items like knives or saw blades also benefit from the improved microstructure; blades stay sharper longer, and loose less material when sharpening. Other benefits derived from Cryogenic treatment include even heat dissipation, this benefit is particularly good for items that undergo high temperatures like brake rotors. Rifle barrels also benefit in the same way by eliminating the “walking” effect. Industrial tools such as dies respond extremely well to this treatment, Some results exceed 1000%.

We will also treat custom items that are mailed to us from our patrons. Check out our “firearms”, “Automotive” and “Everything else” pages for additional uses benefits and information. Cajun Cryogenics will treat most anything that our customers have a need for, so give us a try. You’ll find our address, instructions, contact information and everything else you may need at the “How to get started” page. So start getting the most out of your tools, knives, firearms, golf clubs, brake rotors, bits, dies, spark plugs…or anything else you want to try.

Cajun Cryogenics also works with many local businesses to increase productivity, profits and efficiency. Woodworking shops, Machine shops, Fabrication shops, Printing companies, Tree services and many other businesses that spend a good bit of capitol replacing metal wear items are saving hundreds, and some thousands of dollars per month by processing these items. Cryogenic processing also will reduce the downtime associated with the changing and replacing parts that now last much longer. Cajun Cryogenics is happy to conduct a savings evaluation for any businesses interested in saving money and increasing efficiency at no cost to the business. We will also process test items in order for businesses to see the processes results for themselves again at no cost to the business.

Cajun Cryogenics
also works with local Firearm and gunsmith outlets as well as high performance race shops and other businesses who are interested in offering cryogenic processing to their customers. Cajun Cryogenics will pick up and deliver items to these businesses after processing. We will work out a pricing plan to suit our partners based on the needs and profit goals of each business. Feel free to contact David with any questions regarding partnership and business opportunities.

Cryo Study - Dr. Barron: "Yes, Cryogenic treatments can save you money, Here's why."

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