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Welcome to It is a website developed for the sole purpose of providing the Cinema6 Role Playing Game Framework to the public. Cinema6Games and the Cinema6 Role Playing Game Framework are the property of Wicked North Games, L.L.C.
J. Elliot Streeter, Wicked North Games, L.L.C., Co-Founder.
J. worked ten years in the US Military as a Network Security Analyst all while pursuing a B.S. in Computer Science and M.S. in Software Engineering, both acquired through National University in La Jolla, CA. He continues to pursue higher education, currently enrolled in graduate level courses for Education. He works today as a Software Engineer with a moderately sized application developer as well as developing the Cinema6 RPG Framework with Wicked North Games, applying crucial development knowledge to the process of creating a table top RPG, seeking optimization and usability. He enjoys spending his off time with his wife and three children, playing video games, cycling in the warmer months, and playing adventures with friends in table top role playing scenarios. He started enjoying Role Playing Games, (RPGs) at a young age, beginning with Dungeons & Dragon 1st Edition, Gamma World, and Car Wars, to name a few. As his fascination grew in RPGs, he started working to develop and adapt game mechanics that were more intuitive and easier to grasp quickly. Having developed several original works, the adaptaion and development with Wicked North Games of the Cinema6 RPG Framework is his most ambitious RPG project to date. J. expects Wicked North Games to aggresively adapt the Cinema6 RPG Framework to several Intellectual Products in the next several years.
Brett M. Pisinski, Wicked North Games, L.L.C., Co-Founder.
The main force that drives Brett is creativity. Whether it’s being applied to his day job as a Salesman, working hard to procure leads as a Freelance Graphic Designer or dabbling in the art of Homebrewing. Working in a small business environment for the past ten years has given Brett the fundamental hands-on experience in management and Salesmanship. It also allowed him the time to focus on school, graduating with an Associate’s Degree of Science in Graphic Design in May of 2008. Staying organized is key. This need for expression has also been a contributing factor when developing worlds, characters, story arcs and plotlines for roleplaying games. As it is with most gamers, the first Roleplaying Game Brett was exposed to at the age of 14 was second edition Dungeons and Dragons. The intense story for the campaign captivated the group of would-be adventurers for an entire summer. This foundation gave him the basics when acting as a character, it wasn’t soon until he was developing worlds of his own for other systems from intense gothic cities to glorious, epic space operas many stories were told over the years. This Gamemastering experience has given Brett the ability to think on his toes and to be prepared for anything, because when faced with a clever group of players, they will always come up with that one option that was never anticipated.
BrettSki Design
Nikki O'Shea, Wicked North Games, L.L.C., Lead Technical Artist and Designer
Nikki earned both an A.A.S and a B.S. in Commercial Illustration in what Long Islanders call "Upstate, NY", before moving to New Hampshire to start her own home art business. She works on multiple projects in conjunction with a variety of people including Cinema6 and The Bards Comic as well as her own artistic pursuits. She can often be found at various conventions throughout the year promoting both herself and her work and her joint ventures. Even going so far as to help staff at several of these shows. When not doing art, she is constantly being distracted by her family and her various hobbies - reading, writing, and games of all sorts: Video, card, board and RPG's! These sorts of distractions occur a lot. Nikki first got into RPG with DnD Second Edition in High school, where she had to actually hide it. She got into RPG's seriously in college when she was introduced to Whitewolf and D6 Starwars which quickly became her favorites despite how many others she was introduced to and enjoyed.
Dragon Press Graphics
The Bards Comic
Paige McKee, Wicked North Games, L.L.C., Lead Layout Artist and Designer.
Paige doesn't know what to be when she grows up. She spends to much time eating mangos and drinking tea and very little time working writing her comics.
Rich Woodall, Wicked North Games, L.L.C., Art Director.
Rich Woodall is a New Hampshire illustrator, best known for his Creator Owned, Indy Comic Hits Johnny Raygun and Zombie Bomb! He’s done work for Marvel, Dark Horse, Image Comics, Upper Deck, Topps, and Lucas Films on both the Star Wars and Indiana Jones Properties. You can see more of his work here:
Alexander Gustafson, Wicked North Games, L.L.C., Staff Illustrator.
Alex is an Illustrator, concept artist and sculptor, with an M.F.A. from the Savannah College of Art and Design. Raised in the Woods of Vermont, He spends much of his time in his studio attemping to achieve greatness. You can see more of his work and follow his exploits here:
Ray Biondi, Wicked North Games, L.L.C., Games Testing Lead, QA/QC Consultant