More information about the specific research projects listed here by number (for example, R3, T1, etc) can be found under Research.


Army Research Lab (ARL)

  • Greg Cirincione: Government Technical Area Lead, CNARC
  • David Dent: Government Technical Area Lead, EDIN CCRI
  • Jeffrey Hansberger: Government Technical Area Lead, SCNARC
  • Lance Kaplan: Government Technical Area Lead, INARC
  • Alexander Kott: Cooperative Agreement Manager (CAM)
  • Jerry Powell: Government Technical Area Lead, Trust CCRI
  • Brian Rivera: Government Technical Area Lead, Experimentation
  • Ananthram Swami: Government Technical Area Lead, IRC
  • Scott Shaffer: Subject Matter Expert


  • Robert G. Cole: Deputy CAM
  • Mitesh Patel: CERDEC liaison to CNARC
  • Charles (Bud) Graff: CERDEC liaison to EDIN
  • Rocio (Rosie) Bauer: CERDEC liaison to EDIN

Interdisciplinary Research Center (IRC)

Raytheon BBN Technologies (Principal Member)

  • Will Leland: Program Director
  • Prithwish Basu: Coordinator of the Evolving Dynamic Integrated Networks (EDIN) CCRI, E1, E2, R2
  • Isidro Castineyra: Center Manager and Transition Administrator, Deputy IRC Director
  • Craig Partridge: R1
  • Mike Dean: E1, R2
  • Karen Haigh: T1, E1, R1
  • Jeff Opper: Coordinator of the Trust CCRI, T2
  • Alice Leung: Co-lead project R1
  • Will Dron: R1
  • Vikas Kawadia: T1, E1, Co-lead project R2

ArtisTech (General Member)

  • John Hancock: Co-lead project R1
  • Matt Aguirre: R1

UC Riverside (General Member)

University of Delaware (General Member)

Harvard University (Sub Awardee)

Northwestern University (Sub Awardee)

RPI (Sub Awardee)

UIUC (Sub Awardee)

University of Minnesotta (Sub Awardee)

University of Massachusetts (Sub Awardee)

University of Michigan (Sub Awardee)

USC (Sub Awardee)

U. Mass (Sub Awardee)

Communications Networks Academic Research Center (CNARC)

Penn State (Principal Member)

CUNY (General Member)

UC Davis (General Member)

UC Santa Cruz (General Member)

University of Southern California (General Member)

Raytheon BBN Technologies (Sub Awardee)

NCSU (Sub Awardee)

Stanford University (Sub Awardee)

UC Riverside (Sub Awardee)

Information Networks Academic Research Center (INARC)

UIUC (Principal Member)

CUNY (General Member)

IBM (General Member)

UCSB (General Member)

CMU (Sub Awardee)

Northwestern (Sub Awardee)

PARC (Sub Awardee)

University of Michigan (Sub Awardee)

Social/Cognitive Networks Academic Research Center (SCNARC)

RPI (Principal Member)

CUNY (General Member)

IBM (General Member)

Northeastern University (General Member)

Indiana University (Sub Awardee)

MIT (Sub Awardee)

NYU (Sub Awardee)

Northwestern University (Sub Awardee)

Notre Dame (Sub Awardee)

U. Maryland (Sub Awardee)