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Riverside during the early part of the 20th century. This is a work in progress. If you
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We have located old Telephone Directories.
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Did you know there was an elephant stampede in
Riverside on April 17,1908 Text copy and photo is
here.) The elephant leading the stampede was
named Floto. Floto was owned by the circus
Sells-Floto Circus. The incident occurred when a
Standard Oil wagon catches fire and ignites tents of
the circus. Our original reference comes from an
excerpt from 'An American Chinatown' by Wong Ho
Leun, volume one 1987, page 121, reference is sited
from Tom Patterson - 1971. Since we first added this
information we have found more information and have
now added it and linked to the additional source above.
The Chinese and Japanese residents of
Riverside were very important to the city and it's
development. Most people don't know there were
2 different Chinatown sites in Riverside. Click
HERE for some history.
Click History of our house and a new page will
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and when they lived there. We have found a
great deal of information about who lived in the
house and what they did. Click
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about changes to out house that we have made.
The 1st official Riverside Poly Football Team was established in
1916. They were the Champions that year. They were not
qualified with CIF and as a result they did not receive a pennant.
Here is the link.
Wow, business names and addresses for 1933, 1941 and 2008 on Market Street. Click on Market Street business
for 1941,
 Click here for 1933 business listing on Market Street. Click here for a business list of Market Street as
of July 2008. We have added a new list from 1933 of businesses and the business owner's name and home
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 View names of the Poly Seniors that attended Riverside Poly High School. The link will open in a new window.
The earliest Class list we have of Riverside Poly High School goes back to 1914 and the most recent is for the
Class of 1958. You can see some of the pages from the 1914 Annual
HERE. We will add them as time allows.
We will also be adding more history of the school and hopefully, some history of the Riverside Poly High School
students, staff and teachers.
 The intent of this site is to bring a different light to the history of Riverside. The common folk are rarely
discussed. History only tells the stories of those who caused significant change affecting many. What about that
common family that lived in your house? Where do now live? Where did they work? What store was at a specific
address on Main Street in downtown?
 This site has been created to help make the history of Riverside's common person more available. We hope to
bring some local history about those persons who worked at common jobs at local businesses. Not much
information has written and placed in the Internet about the common neighbor. Maybe we can be of service in
making available information on the common people who lived in the City of Riverside. We want to find out what
store was on Main Street, who owned it, where did they live, where did their children go to school. How did they
live in this city.
We found lots of information on Pioneers of Riverside. Click here.
We found some postcards of Riverside from various times. You may view them here.