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Meet Laravel 2.0 - A Beautiful PHP Framework For Web Artisans


Taylor Otwell

8 months ago · 1,400 views

I'm very happy to announce the release of Laravel 2.0 to Forrst. I've spent the past few months perfecting it, and I think you will love using it. If you are not familiar with Laravel, it is a small (think CodeIgniter) PHP framework that prides itself on elegant syntax and wonderful documentation. For example, want to redirect to a named route and flash a message to the session? No problem:

return Redirect::to_profile()->with('message', 'Welcome Back!');

Want to get the input from the previous request to re-populate a form? It's a breeze:

echo Input::old('email');

For 2.0, I've added some awesome new features, and I'll briefly mention a few here.

If you aren't familiar with Laravel, it's default routing mechanism are Sinatra style RESTful routes using Closures. They are beautiful:

'GET /' => function()
    return View::make('home.index');

However, by giving you the option of full-on controllers, you have the freedom to do things like dependency injection, as well as better filtering and templating. Get all the goodness in the documentation.

Redis support has been baked into the core, and a session and cache driver is also available. It has a very simple and elegant API very similar to that of Redisent. It's a joy to use and I'm really happy that it is finally in the core.

$names = Redis::get('names');

$values = Redis::lrange('names', 5, 15);

A very simple and beautiful IoC container has been baked into the core. Of course, your controllers are resolved through the container, allowing you to build a more testable and flexibile application.

  • Lots More

There is much more awesome new stuff in 2.0: the Blade template engine, database expressions, more session drivers, etc... To learn about it all, peruse the documentation.

I would love to hear what Forrst thinks of the framework. I've tried to make it as clean and as elegant as possible, and I hope you enjoy it!

Tagged: frameworks laravel php
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