Feb 12

omdomeThe Allen Avenue Unitarian Universalist Church has been asked if the dome can occupy their grounds temporarily. There it will begin its next life as an outreach and educational tent for Occupy Maine. The AAUU has a social action committee that has joined Occupy Maine at several Rallys in the now 4 month long protest of social, economic and political injustice. Our group plans to maintain the dome as a place to occupy common space, to hold conversations that matter and to teach direct democracy.

Leaving the park is not easy say many of us occupiers. For some it is emotional and psychological attachement to the encampement. Many people us have homes, familes and jobs that we struggle to maintain under current social and economic conditions. Going to the camp for assemblies and community meals gave this group hope, and a much needed sense of community for hard times. For others, there is a phsycial attachment as well. Some of us will returning to life without a home, or a place to store personal belongings. Some may possibly go back on a waiting list for a housing voucher with the City of Portland. Some of us will not qualify for housing because we have jobs which keep us from qualifing for housing in the city.

We the people leaving the home of Occupy Maine seem to agree that encampment has been a rare and rich opportunity to meet others across class lines and to stand together in solidarity against a powerful and elite ruling class that continutes to undermine the function our society. We vow to contintue to practice a more just way forward, to continue to practice direct democracy until all people who suffer under the whim of the power elite know that a new world is possible. We will not lose sight of what brought us together.

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