Feb 12

As you may know, Occupy Maine is preparing for eviction and preserving many of its artifacts, resources and tents. We are calling on all the neighborhood and local community GAs to issue their statements of support. While the judge ruled camping was an expression of free speech, he ruled against our petition to stay. (We are still scratching are heads on that one.)


The OM encampment has been a rare and rich opportunity to meet others across class lines and to stand together in solidarity against a powerful and elite ruling class that continues to undermine the functioning of our society. As you can imagine, leaving the park is not easy. But it is part of the work.

The OM Dome was dug out of the snow on Friday night and on this morning it was rolled up and loaded on to a sedan for transport. The dome is a donation from Dick Fischbeck designer and engineer of RanDome (http://randome.info/). Today, we also disassembled the Troy Davis Memorial Library and took the books to storage and donated our signs to an art opening in Kennebunk Port (http://www.rivertreearts.org/#/irvine-art-gallery/4551456509). There are still some books remaining that need to be distributed to loving homes. I am including a few pictures with this email of today's eviction activity. There are more on the Occupy Maine facebook page (http://www.facebook.com/OccupyMaine).

Oh, this is not ending....the beginning is upon us, if not slightly behind us. We vow to continue to practice a more just way forward; to practice direct democracy until all people who suffer under the power elite know that a new world is possible. We will not lose sight of what brought us together.

If you missed it this week, in addition to dis-assembling the camp:

We gathered at Senator Snow's office to voice our concerns over the oppressive National Defense Authorization Act as part of a protest action.

We ran an ad in the Portland Press Herald yesterday, an open letter to Maine's Senators and Representatives written by Doug Bowen about corruption and the threats to democracy that they willingly engage in. At the time of this letter, over 90 people with a diverse array of political persuasions have responded with agreement, growing our movement and the power of the conversation.

We held a movie night at the Meg Perry Center. First of a series to raise funds for our TV production efforts. This week we featured The Renaissance 2.0 A video that chronicles how we are approaching the end of the current basis of western civilization—the debt-based monetary system.

We released the 3rd Occupy Maine TV program. Which aired on Friday at 1pm on Portland's CTN channel 5. You can see that online to at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7v3Rje0xI8c

Look for more outreach, more connections and more direct action from us.

In the meantime, come to our rally on Tuesday morning at 9am as we re-occupy Monument Sqaure. You know what they say in OWS, "You can't evict an idea whose time has come." Bring signs, drums and get your rabble on. General Assembly will convene at 6pm in the Square that evening as well.

Thank you for your support

In solidarity,

Occupy Maine

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