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Human Slide Show

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To entertain your holiday guests, create showstopping presentations with this quick-change version of charades. Players: 3 or more

What You Need
  • Paper
  • Pencil
  1. To get started: Assign one player to be the emcee and the others to be the "slides." Have the group choose a fairly simple, universal activity to act out, such as making dinner or playing soccer. Once the topic is decided, the slides write down a list of 5 to 7 scenes to depict it -- without discussing them with the emcee. For example, if the activity is cleaning your room, the slides might pretend to vacuum, fold laundry, or hide the whole mess in the closet.

  2. To play: With the emcee watching, the other players act out a scene from their list. The emcee uses her imagination to describe what's going on. When she's done narrating, she says "click," and the slides change to their next scene. The audience tries to guess the topic that the group is acting out.

  3. Our testers' twist: Divide players into teams of 3, each with its own emcee and topic. See if the audience can guess what each team is acting out (be sure the emcees don't give it away!). The team that earns the most correct guesses wins.

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