Farm aid board members

Farm Aid's Hardworking Board and Staff

Photo: Farm Aid's board of celebrity artists and Executive Director at the 2006 press event prior to the concert. Photo by Ebet Roberts.

Farm Aid Board

  • David Anderson
  • Paul English (Treasurer)
  • Richard Fields
  • Joel Katz
  • Dave Matthews
  • John Mellencamp
  • Lana Nelson (Secretary)
  • Willie Nelson (President)
  • Mark Rothbaum
  • Evelyn Shriver
  • Neil Young

Farm Aid Staff

Carolyn mugar

Carolyn Mugar

When Willie raised close to $7 million during the first Farm Aid concert in 1985, he knew he had to find an Executive Director who could handle the task of distributing all that money. He handpicked Carolyn Mugar, an activist for many social issues, including labor, environment, toxics, literacy, and community empowerment. Being half Armenian, Carolyn started a reforestation project in Armenia. In her "spare" time, Carolyn serves on a variety of non-profit boards, and is constantly finding new hobbies. We're all convinced that Carolyn doesn't sleep at night - that's the only way we figure she could manage to do all that she does!

Glenda yoder

Glenda Yoder

Glenda grew up on a farm in Ohio. As a child, she helped her mother garden and put food by for the winter. Her chores included heading out to the pasture to find "Jerz" when milking time came around, and spinning the cream separator. Today in her backyard in Jamaica Plain, a Boston neighborhood, she's still growing food and freezing vegetables and fruits for the winter. She visits farms as often as possible, walking the fields and asking questions. From rural to urban life, good food and music still feeds her soul. Glenda is grateful for the privilege to work on behalf of family farmers, humbled by the extraordinary, creative team at Farm Aid. She's feeling very lucky!

"If your life's work can be accomplished in your lifetime, you're not thinking big enough." — Wes Jackson

Hilde steffey

Hilde Steffey

Hilde Steffey is Farm Aid's Program Director and serves as the organization's principle issue analyst and program liaison. She joined Farm Aid after spending close to a decade gaining perspective and exposure at various levels of the food system from the halls of Congress to school cafeterias, even on the seat of a tractor. Hilde has a Masters degree in agricultural science and policy from Tufts Friedman School and spent a number of years teaching about agriculture, nutrition and environmental science. Some of Hilde's earliest memories are on Grandpa Pete's farm just outside Lincoln, Nebraska, and trawling for vine-ripened tomatoes in her mom's salsa garden back home in Salt Lake City, Utah both experiences inspiring a life-long passion for food, farms and the outdoors.

Jennifer fahy

Jennifer Fahy

Jennifer, Farm Aid's Communications Director, has been with Farm Aid for more than seven years now. She loves to spread the word about good food from family farms and the important work of Farm Aid. According to Jen, the best part of her job is the intersection of people she gets to work with, from fellow staff and the Farm Aid board of directors, to farmers, activists and members of the media. Outside of the office, Jennifer is an avid cyclist, a dedicated dog-mom, and a wanna-be chef.

Caroline campbell mccormick

Caroline Campbell McCormick

Caroline is Farm Aid's Operations Director, helping to strengthen and maintain our organizational development and systems, including strategic planning, finance, and human resources. She recently joined Farm Aid, having spent over a decade in leadership roles for service-oriented, nature-based, and educational non-profit organizations. She received her master's in public policy with a concentration on sustainable community development from Tufts University's Department of Urban and Environmental Policy and Planning. Caroline is thrilled to be part of the Farm Aid community working towards a thriving family farm system and vibrant, healthy communities. Outside of work, she can be found enjoying the outdoors with her family, or playing music at local farmer's markets with her Americana band.

Photo: kari

Kari Williams

Kari is Farm Aid's Development Director. She meets with Farm Aid's donors to update them on our current initiatives and direction. Kari loves to hear what brought people into Farm Aid's world and how that connection has changed them. Growing up in Nebraska, she spent a lot of time on her grandparents' farms, swimming in cow tanks and running through corn fields. When she's not working, she's busy traveling or seeing all of her favorite bands when they come through Boston.

Cornelia hoskin

Cornelia Hoskin

Cornelia is the HOMEGROWN Shepherdess, which means she is lucky enough to be inspired every day by the passionate, creative and dedicated folks at She works to ensure that the web site and HOMEGROWN events are fun and engaging, while providing honest and practical agrarian skills for do-it-yourselfers of all kinds. Her fondest farm memories are feeding the lambs and riding the tractor on her grandfather’s farm in Marion, Iowa. Life is busy with a newborn boy in the house, but Cornelia still finds time for tending her city garden and cooking from scratch every day.


Alicia Harvie

Alicia is Farm Aid's Program Manager, where she helps develop, support, and evaluate the organization's many activities and serves as its key issues researcher and writer. Alicia was born in Exeter, New Hampshire and grew up in Downingtown, Pennsylvania, with the state's beautiful rural landscape at her fingertips. Her time exploring America's food and farm system includes work in organic food business, the non-profit world, projects on federal animal welfare policy, and a year spent interviewing farmers across the East Coast for her undergraduate thesis. Alicia is a self-titled music junkie. When not seen singing to tunes on her iPod, she is probably hiking, cooking, traveling, or sipping a mocha at one of her favorite Boston cafes.

Joel morton

Joel Morton

Joel Morton is Farm Advocate and coordinates the Farm Aid Hotline and Resource Network— call him at 1-800-FARM AID. Joel is from Iowa — one of his grandfathers was a farmer for 70 years, his mother was a farmgirl, and one of his siblings still farms in Iowa. Joel is a recovering academic. After 20 years of teaching at universities in Kansas, Iowa, and New York, he's very happy to find himself among the group of dedicated, grassroots activists at Farm Aid. About his claim to be the best popcorn maker east of the Mississippi, Joel says, "No brag, just fact."


Caroline Malcolm

Caroline wears two hats in the Farm Aid office: Program Associate, working with the Program team on food and farm issues, and on building the capacity of the Farmer Resource Network and Farm Advocate Link, and Member Services, serving as a liaison between our members and the organization. Caroline hails from rural Connecticut, where she experienced the richness of the agricultural community both at home and at the Farm Aid concerts she and her family attended each year growing up. Caroline is excited to be working with such a dedicated staff promoting and preserving family farmer agriculture and working to establish a vibrant, sustainable food system for America. In her free time, Caroline enjoys running, camping, live music, and eating her way through the Boston restaurant scene and local farmers' markets!

Matt glidden

Matt Glidden

Matt is Farm Aid's Web Marketing Manager. He spends his time making sure everything on our website is running smoothly and updating our social media with details on Farm Aid's latest efforts to get good food from family farms to plates across America. In his spare time, he loves skiing, biking, walking his dog, and traveling the world through his cookbooks.

 francisca fils-aime

Francisca Fils-Aime

Francisca, a student at Northeastern University, will be completing her second co-op as Farm Aid’s program assistant. She helps Farm Aid run smoothly by handling several behind the scene details and also contributes informational pieces to Farm Aid’s blog and website. Francisca is especially excited to report on farmers’ experiences with the ever changing agricultural scene.