These things are difficult to write. You see, everyone in the webcomics biz says “Never apologize to your audience for missing updates.” This is usually said bay the guys who actually make a living from thier comics and only miss a day, or post late. I’ve missed a month, and before that, my updates were sporadic. To say I’ve been busy at work is an understatement. Directing Tv animation is an incredibly intense experience. My average workday is a 12 hour day. There are many nights I am not home before 10. When I wake up on Saturday morning, the time when I usually do my strip, I’m drained. I sit and stare into space, sipping coffee. It’s a quiet, meditative time without actually meditating. Sometimes I sketch, sometimes I watch extras on recently purchased Bluray discs. Much of the time I just zone out…mind mind wanders, and inevitably wanders back to work problems. I run the animatics in my head, making mental edits, I visualize storyboard fixes. Directing has consumed me. Am I happy? Yes. I find the project to be exciting, rewarding and challenging. We are attempting to create a tv show on a scale and scope that has never been attempted. If we pull it off, it will be amazing. The project, as some of you know, is The How to Train your Dragon tv show for Cartoon Network. I’m directing 7 episodes in the first season, and an as yet undecided number in season 2. We are attempting to emulate the movie in scale, scope, camera style, and emotional content. This is not easy on a tv budget (hell, it wasn’t easy on the budget they had for the movie) but we are committed to trying. Truthfully, I’m having a great time and have never felt more creatively involved and engaged in an animation project in my entire career.
Unfortunately, this means updates on both strips are going two be sporadic. I’ll be on time sometimes, and I’ll be late others. I’ll try to announce new strips on twitter, Facebook and Google+. I will also attempt to be more involved in Twitter even when I don’t have a strip to post. Thank your for your patience and loyalty.