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Most Interesting Olympians' Day Jobs
1. Peter Hudnut, USA: Water Polo
Hudnut, 32, thanks a series of sports injuries for having put him on the sidelines long...
PHOTO: Peter Hudnut of the United States competes during the Men's Water Polo Preliminary Round match between Great Britain and the United States at the Water Polo Arena on August 2, 2012 in London, England.
2. Urige Buta, Norway: Marathon
To escape Norway's brutal winters, this native of Ethiopia trained underground, in...
3. Lance Brooks, USA: Discus
Runners can land valuable endorsement deals. Discus throwers, not so much. Most need to...
4. Kenki Sato, Japan: Equestrian
When not in the saddle, Sato, a Buddhist monk, sits and meditates. And boy, does he...
5. Gwen Jorgensen, USA: Triathlon
After the Olympics, Jorgensen, 26, tells the Minneapolis Star Tribune she plans to...
<a href="" title="Would you give up winnings from a game show due to taxes?">Would you give up winnings from a game show due to taxes?</a>
PHOTO: A for sale sign stands in front of a home in Miami, Florida in this 2010 file photo.
Buying may be the answer but not in all metro areas, study finds.
PHOTO: Investors are winding down the 12th year of a "lost decade", going nowhere after years of flat stocks.
The markets have gone nowhere for 12 years now, but you can move forward.
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