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These resources were created and shared by teachers and reading coaches from many different places. Isn't it wonderful to share our hard work and creative ideas?
Please share your ideas by emailing Dr. Elder at:


Kandi Mobarakzadeh, 1st grade teacher at Lakewood, shared this organization tip. Print this file, cut out and glue each "Week at a Glance" to the front of a file folder. You can then laminate the file folders if you wish. Keep everything pertaining to that lesson in the file folder for future reference. You'll quickly be able to see what skills are covered during that week by looking at the outside of the file folder.
Kindergarten Organizer File

Letter Recognition Speed Drill Practice
Use the speed drills for literacy center practice, volunteers, or reinforcement at home.
Time the student to see how many letters he can name correctly in one minute!

(Thanks to Kelly Howard, Phenix City Elementary, for sharing her work and ideas!)

Meltdown! Letter Recognition Game
Use this letter recognition (or letter sound) game in a letter recognition or phonics literacy center, at the beginning of a small group as a letter/letter sound review, for volunteers to use with children to build letter/letter sound recognition, or print a set to send home for a fun practice game! Directions are included in the file.
(These were created from a template created by Kelly Nyman.)

Kindergarten Homework Packs
(Thank you to Dr. Cathy Williams at Tallapoosa County Schools for sharing!)

Phonological Awareness/Phonemic Awareness

Syllable Segmentation

Lesson 3 or 4
Animal Clap
(Place counters in the counters box. Place an animal card in the picture card box. Say the animal name. Clap the syllables. Place a counter in a sound box for each syllable. Count the counters. This could be an independent literacy center activity or a small group activity.)

Lesson 3 or 4
Food Clap
(Played like Animal Clap--again can be an independent literacy center activity or a small group activity.)



Kindergarten Sight Word Literacy Center Activities

Word Wall Cards
(for all kindergarten sight words)
Kindergarten Sight Word PowerPoint Show
(Thanks to Kelly Howard, Phenix City Elementary School)

Pancakes & Butter Sight Word Center

Here's a Pancake Center Recording Sheet

This file includes center directions and pancake word cards for all sight words introduced in kindergarten. Use targeted sight words and add to the pancake words as sight words are introduced in each theme. You may also print out doubles so you can make it a concentration game or print several and students will have multiple opportunities to read the word.

(Print on cardstock, cut apart, add a Dollar Store spatula and you've got a fun center! You may also want to try adding a back piece of brown butcher paper and adding a little newspaper stuffing to each pancake to get a 3-D effect.)

You will also find a capital/lowercase letter match version of this game on the Letter Recognition page.

Roll a Word!
Print on cardstock (you could use different colors for different themes to help organize). Cut out and assemble cube. The student will roll the cube and read the word to a partner. If he reads it correctly, he either writes the word or colors in the space in the correct column on his recording sheet. Alternate turns. The first player to fill a column is the winner. Play could also continue until all spaces are filled.

Popcorn Words!
Print on cardstock. Cut out each piece of popcorn and hole punch a hole in the middle left side and the middle right side. Place the popcorn pieces in a popcorn bag along with a long string or shoelace. Students will read the popcorn words and string the popcorn as they do so. A recording sheet is also included. You may want to only put out the high-frequency words you have covered to this point in class. You may also print several copies and have multiples of each word. This file contains all kindergarten sight words covered for the year, center sign with directions, and a recording sheet.

Use this sight word game in a sight word literacy center, at the beginning of a small group as a sight word review, for volunteers to use with children to build sight words, or print a set to send home for a fun sight word practice game! Directions are included in the file.
(These were created from a template created by Kelly Nyman.)

Nemo "Go Fish" Sight Word Cards
(These were created from a template shared by Kelly Nyman)

Sight Word Phrases Flashcards
Print on cardstock, cut out each card, punch out the hole in the top left corner. Then put all the cards on a ring. A title card is included to go on top. Each phrase is composed of three different Harcourt kindergarten sight words. All sight words learned in kindergarten are included in these phrases.

Read It, Glue it, Write It, Illustrate It
(Thank you, Lori Tooker, Memphis, Tennesee, for sharing this template.)
This activity features Storytown sight words in the context of a sentence.

Lesson 15
(Sentence: You look for me.)

Lesson 16
(Sentence: Do you see one?)
Lesson 17
(Sentence: What do you see?)

Lesson 18
(Sentence: Where do you look for me?)

Lesson 19
(Sentence:Look down. Look up.)
Lesson 20
(Sentence: We want to come down.)

Lesson 21
(Sentence: Who wants to come out?)

Lesson 22
(Sentence: Are they down here?)

Lesson 23
(Sentence: She wants a good one.)

Lesson 25
(Sentence: We come here and there.)
Lesson 26
(Sentence: Give me a little one.)
Lesson 27
(Sentence: Do you have that one?)

Shamrock Shake Sight Word Cards
(includes all kindergarten sight words--you may wish to remove the cards for words you have not yet covered in class)

Shamrock Shake Special Cards
(Special cards just in case you want to turn the sight word cards into a game)

These were created from a template shared by Kelly Nyman

Pizza! Pizza!
(Print on cardstock. Cut pizza slices apart and store in a pizza box. Students take turns choosing a slice of pizza and reading the sentence. If they read the sentence correctly, they keep the pizza slice. The game ends when all slices have been taken. Two winners--one with the most pizza slices and one with the most pepperoni on his pizza slices! The sentences are composed of Storytown sight words and decodable words.)

Cinderella's Ball Sight Word Game
These were created from a template shared by Kelly Nyman

Memory Match Version
(One set of words features the Cinderella character and the second set of words features the mice characters.)



Crazy Cars Sight Word Game
These were created from a template shared by Kelly Nyman

Memory Match Version
(One set of words features the Lightning McQueen character and the second set of words features the Mater character.)


Roll-A-Firetruck Sight Word Game
These were created from a template shared by Kelly Nyman


Spiderman Memory Match
These were created from a template shared by Kelly Nyman

Spiderman Sight Word Flashcards
(one set of all kindergarten words)


Kindergarten Word Building and Blending Words Literacy Center Activities

Managing Word Building Activities in Storytown
(An idea shared by Shauna Juarez, Santa Maria, California)

Click here for a picture of the finished word building folder.

(Building and Blending Version)

Print the onset cube (beginning letter) on one color cardstock and the ending (word family or rime) on another color cardstock (I like to use green for onset and red for ending).
You will also find vowel and consonant cubes below. You may print the vowel cube on one color cardstock and consonant cubes on another color. Students can roll VC words by using two cubes or CVC words by rolling three cubes. The consonant cubes are printed in order of introduction in the Harcourt Storytown series.

Cut out and assemble cubes. Students toss each cube and read the resulting word to a partner. They then decide if the word is a real word or a nonsense word.
A recording sheet for these activites can be found here.
Or you may want to keep printing to a minimum by having students simply fold a piece of paper hotdog style and draw their own happy face and sad face headers.


Flip a Word!
Print on cardstock and cut out each rectangular page. Also cut on the dotted lines to make a flip book. Use a hole punch to punch out the circles and attach the pages with rings.

Lesson 21

-ed family words

Lesson 26

-un family words

Lesson 28

-ug family words



Kindergarten: Keeping Vocabulary Words in Circulation
"Royal Words"
(Print out on yellow or other color cardstock. Cut a sentence strip in half length-wise. Glue crown to center of sentence strip for headband. Allow a student to wear the "Royal Word" and to listen for and use the featured word throughout the day.)

Visual Representations of Vocabulary Words
(These were created and shared by Christina Keel, Enterprise, Alabama.
Christina posts the corresponding picture with the vocabulary word card/definition as a visual representation of the vocabulary word.
She has added the vocabulary word in small print beneath the picture in case the pictures become separated from the vocabulary word card.)

Vocabulary Instruction Cards
(Print the file on cardstock. Glue the scripted instruction to the back of the appropriate card. You will be able to follow the script without fumbling through the teacher's edition. The visual representation of each word is already printed beneath the word.)
Note: There are no cards for Review Weeks because there are no new words introduced.

Vocabulary Powerpoint Shows
(Created and shared by Darlene Morrow, Jacksonville, Alabama)

Interactive Games for the SmartBoard or Computer

Themes 1 - 3
Letter Recognition

JigLetter (match upper- and lowercase letters from Themes 1 - 3)

Letter Match (another matching game for letters introduced in Themes 1 - 3)

Themes 1 - 4
Letter Recognition


Letter Match

Themes 1 - 5
Letter Recognition


Letter Match

Themes 1 - 6
Letter Recognition


Letter Match


Other Resources

Kindergarten Skills Matrix

5-Day Small Group Plan
( UPDATE: We've revised a 2nd time!
We tweaked a plan Dr. Carolyn Keasal shared with us.
This is very general and can be adapted to fit the needs of your students.
Our basic goals are these: Have meaningful, appropriate instruction in our small groups. Have children read connected text in all small group instruction. Exhaust Storytown materials before exploring the possiblity of looking outside Storytown for texts.)

Directions for Printing Leveled Readers from Think Central in Booklet Form
(Follow these easy directions shared by Jane Whitfield, Ivalee Elementary, to create books for home practice and literacy centers so that you can save the wear and tear on your original books by using those books only in small group instruction.)

Kindergarten Lesson Plan Template

Classroom Instruction Observation Form

Managing Small Group Instruction With Storytown

Storytown Technology

Storytown Components List by Grade Levels

Storytown Phonics Progression

Harcourt Storytown Selection Guided Reading Levels
(Use this information for pulling appropriate guided reading levels from Lakewood's bookroom to supplement Harcourt. Find the guided reading level for the desired Storytown text and you will know which books from our bookroom are compatible with that level.)

Helpful Websites

Harcourt Storytown Website

Think Central (Harcourt Storytown's Technology Website)

Incredible collection of Internet links for each Storytown kindergarten theme

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