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Searching for Sugar Man

Our Editor Mark Deming recently sat down for an interview with director Malik Benjalool and Rodriguez about their film, Searching For Sugar Man.

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staff picks

  • Often overlooked, 1985’s Astra is a solid arena-ready outing that builds upon Asia’s prog pop sound. Although Steve Howe had left the band, vocalist John Wetton sounds as robust as ever and Krokus guitarist Mandy Meyer adds some fiery metal-infused playing to the these driving, melodic rock anthems.
    ~ Matt Collar

  • In 1983, Trevor Rabin kidnapped Yes and forced them into London's Sarm Studios to record songs that were only five minutes long. Pick up the sweet 2004 reissue and confound other drivers by cranking the a cappella version of "Leave It" at top volume through your huge tweeters.
    ~ James Christopher Monger

  • The score of a thoroughly eccentric theater piece (check it out on YouTube) about the rout of the Spanish Armada, Shipwrecked brings together vocal and instrumental Renaissance music from Spanish, English, Irish, and Gaelic traditions in performances that are irresistibly exuberant and unabashedly quirky.
    ~ Stephen Eddins