14th August 2012

Lots of progress over the last week on the SW7 site,  alot of groundwork has been done and the previous seen excavations have increased in size. Also a number of blue-markers have been seen around x-sector, these are believed to be related to the SW7 project.

6th August 2012

After a period of ground clearing  here is the site in early August. A large hole has started to be excavated on the site.

Towards the back of the site, the Blackhole’s queue-line has now been cleared of all buildings and bushes as the access point to the site is expanded to allow access of increasingly large vehicles.

30th June 2012

The site looks increasing less green, as preparations for construction get underway in earnest.

16th June 2012

A large amount of rubble has started to build up on site, as work progresses on ripping up the floor of the Blackhole tent, as well as demolishing the old queue-line

29th May 2012

With the tent almost entirely removed, various backstage areas are now exposed for the first time since 1984, as is the luscious greenery of the woods which have been hidden beyond the tent.