Widgets for your Geckoboard.

Bring the data you need to your Geckoboard with our hosted custom widgets! We offer an increasing selection of custom widgets not natively offered in Geckoboard and host them ourselves for your convenience. No code to edit, no servers to manage - just choose what widgets you want, tell us a few simple pieces of information, and we'll give you exactly what you need to add your custom widgets to your Geckoboard.

Get Started! or browse the widgets. Don't have Geckoboard? Get it!

Why GeckoFuel?

Simple It only takes about 15 seconds to configure a new custom widget.

Hosted We keep your widgets working around-the-clock so you can stay focused on the data being delivered by them.

Managed We manage the code to keep your widgets working so you don't have to.

Reliable With excellent server uptime your custom widgets will constantly be displaying your valued statistics.

Secure Every widget uses a unique address and random access key so others can't snoop on your widgets.

Affordable Try us for free as long as you would like and upgrade to unlimited widget requests for just $5 per month.