Wealthy or Wellthy

by Stewart B. Segal, MD

Most people I know want to be "Wealthy". Wealthy means to have enough money to buy what you want, go where you want, retire! My patients have taught me that "Wealthy" is a misspelled word. Over the years I have met many financially "Wealthy" people who ranked amount the poorest people I have ever met. Confused? Let me explain.

Financial wealth without health is worthless. Without health, it’s hard to enjoy what you buy, it’s hard to go where you want to go, and the golden years lose their luster. WELLTHY should be the correct spelling and the goal you should set for yourself.

While my patients often nurture their financial retirement fund, they neglect their physical fund. Yes, we are all born with a physical fund. Most people are born with 100% of their physical assets and spend those funds wildly. Smoking, drinking, stressing and overeating are just a few ways to foolishly spend your health. As we age, our physical assets diminish and we start to feel it. We wonder why we can’t do what we used to. We get "old". We look for answers in bottles of vitamins; fad "all natural" herbal pills and diets. The one thing we don’t do is exercise.

Financial retirement funds work because we are taught to make regular deposits of money. EXERCISE is how you make deposits in your physical retirement fund. Exercise, when done appropriately, builds new muscle, blood vessels, and bone. Exercise, when done regularly, will energize you and make you feel younger, more vital. So why don’t we exercise like we should? Most of us are too busy working to earn money. We need money to fund our financial retirement funds so we can be rich, buy things, retire. It’s a vicious circle.

The moral of the story is that we need less money and more Wellth. So take the time to exercise and retire with less money and more health!


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