The integrated office suite

is an intuitive word processor application with desktop publishing features. With it, you can create informative and attractive documents with ease.
is a fully-featured spreadsheet application. Use it to quickly create spreadsheets with formulas and charts, to calculate and organize your data.
is a powerful and easy to use presentation application. You can dazzle your audience with stunning slides containing images, videos, animation and more.
for diagram­ming and flowcharting
for drawing vector graphics


KOffice 2.3.3 Update

June 24th, 2011

KOffice 2.3.3 was released in March, and because its a stable release, it contains no new features; regardless, it features new bug fixes including: Able to now properly open LibreOffice documents A fix to the ┬áloss of docker visibility when closing an application on the startup.  

KOffice 2.3 RC 1

December 9th, 2010

The KOffice team is happy to announce the first release candidate of the upcoming 2.3 release of KOffice. This release only adds bugfixes from the previous beta version. With only a couple of release blockers, the final version is very close. Between 2.3 beta 4 and 2.3 RC 1 there have been 229 commits by [...]

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