Saturday, August 18, 2012

Plan "B"...or is it "C"?

Well, a couple of days ago I did some crazy stuff with some chalkboard paint and an old headboard and I put a bar in my foyer, which is probably bad form.

....and while being accused of "Hooliganism" would totally rock, I'm not sure people want to look at liquor the minute they step inside the door, unless they're teachers.  So the "chalkboard bar" went down to Elizabeth's, and I needed to find something else.

It was easy.

On my trip up north this summer, I picked a few things up from my mom.  One of the things was this pine cupboard:

It's roughly the same size as the chalkboard piece, but it has doors.

Story:  My mom used to buy unfinished pieces and finish them.  For this one, she stained it and stenciled a bird on the front. I love my mom, but...
(This was back in the day, when stencils were not attractive.  Today, they are awesome.  Check out these stencils!)
So I took some of my oops paint and painted the cabinet a pale greenish gray (because there are fifty shades, after all), and gave it a light coat of dark wax.  I filled it with liquor and glasses and whatnot (heavy on the whatnot) and it looks fab!

I left inside the doors red, which was my mother's ingenious idea.  My mother might seem like a basic beige senior, but she does have a wild streak!

Here's the whole vignette--sideways, of course!
(Still haven't figured out this new laptop.)

I'm linking to Cassie's par-tay!


  1. Well, I suppose it's a little less obvious than the first bar (which I personally found nothing wrong with!) and I do love the color. The question it still handy by the front door?

  2. sideways? I think you have been drinking out of that cabinet! By the way- love that color!

  3. I love that I have to twist my head to see your pics. It adds to the funnyness. I hope you never figure out your laptop. lol
    And your mom? Sounds like a party animal.

  4. Not just teachers need such things when they hit the entry way.


  5. it's so pretty! i love the color! and we had a cabinet my mom bought unfinished, stained in a dark pine, and stenciled on.... those were the days!

  6. Perfection! Best to keep the liquor behind closed doors anyway. :)
    xo Heidi

  7. I'm not so dizzy today, I just worked out that I can turn my laptop instead of my head. I'm so good with technical stuff !
    Btw, love this piece more. You just can't go wrong with grey.